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Tatung Einstein

It looks like the acorn bbc cos it has keys. The design was originated in the R&D labs of Tatung (Formally Decca R & T) in Clayton, Bradford West Yorkshire. How do I know?? cos one or two of the mechanical design drawings have my initials on them. The machine ran "Crystal Basic" operating system and was unique at the time for having to load an operating system disk everytime you switched on and had the vast memory of ---- 126K. The 3" discs, although double sided, had to be physically turned over and this created a stir when I was going to do this in a later other manufacture machine having a 3 1/2" disc.

   Best two games, "Chuckie egg", was a lot faster than the Beeb, and "Roland in space" both platform games but Roland had unbelivable quality graphics for the date of the machine.

Regards   Ian.


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