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63012 Section D - American Tour Report, May and June 1947 Document  Jun 1947 
63070 Raytheon Computers Document  21 Dec 1950 
63994 Correspondence regarding visits, May-June 1961 Document  15 May 1961 
EDSAC ran its first programs Event  6 May 1949 
Ferranti Atlas Basic Language (ABL) Manual  1 Jun 1962 
UCCL Cambridge 370/165 Users Guide Manual  Dec 1978 
A Child's Guide to the BBC Micro Book  18 Aug 1983 
A Child's Guide to the ZX Spectrum Book  1983 
A First Course in Information Technology Book  1989 
A Glossary of Computing Terms - An Introdcution (Fifth Edition) Book  1987 
Acorn Cambridge Illustrated Dictionary Book  1986 
Alan Curtis Person  Unknown 
An Introduction To Logical Design Of Digital Circuits (Cambridge Computer Science Texts) Book  22 Nov 1972 
Andy Hopper Person  1953 
Apple iMac G3/350 (Slot Loading - Blueberry) Computer  5 Oct 1999 
Apple iMac G3/DV (Slot Loading - Dalmation) Computer  5 Oct 1999 
Apple iMac G3/DV (Slot Loading - Graphite) Computer  5 Oct 1999 
Astronomy with your Personal Computer Book  1988 
Basic Use of thee Cambridge 370/165 Manual  Nov 1975 
BCPL: The Language and its Compiler Book  1981 
Beatrice Worsley Person  Unknown 
Box - 557 - Nascom-1 Parts Please Select  Unknown 
Box 033 - Various documents as per description Storage Box  Unknown 
Box 043 - ULCC University of London Computer Centre Newsletters Storage Box  Unknown 
Box 044 - ULCC University of London Computer Centre Documents Storage Box  Unknown 
Box 053 - ULCC Manuals & Paperwork - Algol Storage Box  Unknown 
Box 087 - Manuals and documents from Chris Whytehead Storage Box  Unknown 
Box 210 - Sinclair User Magazines Storage Box  Unknown 
Box 289 - Active book & Acorn Documentation Storage Box  Unknown 
Box 291 - Symbian Documentation Storage Box  Unknown 
Box 393 - PC Software and Books Storage Box  Unknown 
Box 579 -Various University newsletters, other manuals etc. Storage Box  Unknown 
Box 580 -Various Technical Publications, brochures etc Storage Box  Unknown 
Box 591 - Technical and other similar documents as per description Storage Box  Unknown 
Box 651 - Various documents Storage Box  Unknown 
Box 652 - Various documents Storage Box  Unknown 
Box 737 - various documents Storage Box  Unknown 
Box 751 - various documents Storage Box  31 Jan 2014 
Box 818 - various documents/brochures Storage Box  Unknown 
Box 838 - various documents /manuals Storage Box  Unknown 
Box 847 - various documents/manuals Storage Box  Unknown 
Box 902 - Various Brochures and Documents Storage Box  Unknown 
Cambridge Computing: The First 75 Years Book  30 Apr 2013 
Cambridge International Dictionary of English Software - Educational  2001 
Cambridge Phoenix Newcomer's Guide Book  May 1985 
Cambridge University Botanic Garden Attraction  Unknown 
Cambridge University Computer Society - Databus - Issue 13, March 1989 Magazine  Mar 1989 
Cambridge University Computer Society - Databus - Issue 15, April 1991 Magazine  Apr 1991 
Cambridge University Computer Society - Databus - Michaelmas 1998 Magazine  1998 
Cambridge University Computer Society - Miscellaneous Documentation Document  Unknown 
Charles Babbage Person  Unknown 
Colin Tully Person  1936 
Commodore PET 2001-32N Computer  Jun 1978 
Commodore PET 3016 Computer  1977 
Compiling display file from a data structure Manual  Feb 1968 
Computer Systems Reliability Book  31 Jul 1979 
Creative Computer Graphics Book  1984 
Cynthia Reid: Commentary Article  May 2020 
David Braben Person  Unknown 
David Wheeler Person  1927 
Digital DEC 3000/600 Computer  13 Oct 1993 
Dolch 286-Pack Portable Computer Computer  1987 
Doron Swade Person  Unknown 
Doug Comish: Interview Article  6 Dec 2011 
Douglas Hartree Person  Unknown 
Eben Upton - Life Before Raspberry Pi Media  25 Feb 2016 
EDSAC II Computer  1958 
EDSAC performed its first calculations Event  6 May 1949 
Educational Computing - March 1988 Magazine  Mar 1988 
Electronic Dreams - How 1980s Britain Learned to Love the Computer Book  2016 
Ernest Lenaerts Person  1910 
Explore our LEO Computers Collection Article  Unknown 
Faster Than Thought: A Symposium on Digital Computing Machines 1953 Book  1953 
Features of the Ferranti Atlas Computer Manual  May 1961 
Ferranti Company  Unknown 
Ferranti Atlas Computer Computer  1961 
Ferranti Atlas Magnetic Tape Provisional Instruction Code Mk.4 Manual  1 Jun 1962 
Ferranti Atlas Provisional Extracode Functions Manual  Sep 1961 
Ferranti Atlas Provisional Programming Manual Manual  Jan 1963 
Four Figure Tables Manual  1965 
Fourier Series and Transforms Software  1983 
Fun Mathematics on your Microcomputer Book  Unknown 
George Booth Person  Unknown 
GLAM Digital Lunch Blog Post  28 Feb 2020 
Harlan E. Anderson Person  Unknown 
Hermann Hauser Person  Unknown 
Hermann Hauser Born Event  23 Oct 1948 
Ian Porteous Person  Unknown 
IBM 129 Key Punch Computer  1971 
IBM System 370 Control Panel Computer  1970 
IBM ThinkPad R30 2656 Computer  2001 
IEEE Annals of the History of Computing - April-June 2004 Magazine  2004 
Illustrating Basic (A Simple Programming Language) Book  1977 
Illustrating BBC Basic Book  1986 
Illustrating Fortran (The Portable Variety) Book  1982 
Illustrating Pascal Book  1988 
Illustrating Super-BASIC on the Sinclair QL Book  1985 
In 1936, at Cambridge Alan Turing invented the principle of the modern computer Event  1936 
Institute of Astronomy - Scientific computing in the 60s Media  Unknown 

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