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Item Type Date
History in the Making! Blog Post  9 Aug 2019 
IBM Data Centre Course Notes Manual  Jan 1961 
IBM Systems Journal Vol 3 No 2 & £ 1964 Document  1964 
IBM 1400 Series Promotional Item  1965 
IBM 1401 Data Processing System Bulletins Manual  1961 
IBM 1401 Data Processing System Reference Manual October 1960 Manual  Oct 1960 
IBM 1620 for Research & Engineering Promotional Item  1959 
IBM 7070 7074 Data Processing Systems Promotional Item  1964 
IBM 7090 Data Processing Share 7090 9PAC Manual  1961 
IBM 7090 Data Processing System Reference Manual Manual  Feb 1961 
IBM 7090/7094 IBSYS O.S. Input/Output control System Manual  1964 
IBM 7090/7094 IBSYS O.S. System Monitor Manual  1964 
IBM Formal Development of correct Algorithms Document  Dec 1971 
IBM Fortran General Information Manual Manual  Dec 1961 
IBM General Information Manual COBOL Manual  1961 
IBM NPL Technical Report Document  Dec 1964 
IBM World Of Numbers Promotional Item  1958 
Information Processing 68, Proceedings of IFIP Congress 1968 Document  Aug 1968 
Information Systems Development for Managers Book  Unknown 
Inside Compuserve Book  Jul 1994 
International Tracts in Computer Science and Technology and Their Application Book  1964 
Introduction to computer science and data processing Book  Unknown 
Introduction to Programming: PDP-8 Family Computers Book  1968 
Jupiter Ace Computer  1 Jan 1982 
Jupiter Ace Computer  1 Jan 1982 
Jupiter Ace Computer  1 Jan 1982 
Jupiter Ace in replacement Camputers Lynx Case Computer  1983 
Jupiter Cantab Company  1982 
Kingson Pocket Calculator Calculator  1965 
Leon Bagrit Person  Unknown 
Logos Spacing Document  28 Jul 1986 
Machine Dependent BCPL Manual Manual  Sep 1978 
Management of Change. The role of Information Book  1970 
Matrix Iterative Analysis Book  1962 
Memories - A Personal History of a Cambridge Concern Article  Unknown 
Metier Artemis Computer  1979 
Modular One User Manual Manual  1969 
New Alphabet Promotional Item  1967 
Official Definition of Coral 66 Manual  1976 
Open Computing's Best UNIX Tips Ever Book  1994 
OPUS the GEC Computers Multi-access system Manual  1976 
OS6 An Operating System for a small Computer Book  May 1972 
Outline A.R.G.S Specifcation Manual  Jun 1979 
Overload - Issue 22 - October 1997 Magazine  Oct 1997 
Overload - Issue 28 - October 1998 Magazine  Oct 1998 
Paper Tape Collection (BCPL) Peripheral  Unknown 
Pascal/MT+ Manual  1980 
PDP-10 System Reference Manual Manual  1968 
PDP-7 Users Handbook Manual  Jun 1965 
PDP-9 & 9/L Instruction List Manual  Oct 1968 
Performance and Evaluation of Lisp Systems Book  1985 
Phenomenal Phenomena HP Video Media  Unknown 
Practical Computing - January 1979 Magazine  Jan 1979 
Primos Internal Structure O.S. Notes Manual  1972 
Problems of Cybernetics iV Book  Jan 1963 
Programmer's Guide to the EGA and VGA Cards Book  1990 
Programmer's Reference Guide for the Commodore Plus/4 Book  1 Dec 1985 
Richard - Viva Computer Drop In Shop Media  Unknown 
Richard Braithwaite coined the phrase ‘computer’. Event  1613 
Richard Scarry's Busiest Neighborhood Disc Ever! Software - Game  1991 
Richard Stallman Person  Unknown 
Richard Wakefield Associates Promotional Item  1975 
Ring Structure processor for a small computer Manual  Jul 1967 
SDS Sigma 5 Computer Reference Manual Manual  Sep 1968 
SDS Sigma 5/7 Batch Processing Monitor Reference Manual Manual  1969 
SDS Sigma 5/7 Batch Time-Sharing Processing Monitor Reference Manual Manual  Feb 1969 
SDS Sigma 5/7 Reference Manual Manual  Feb 1969 
SDS Sigma Symbol & Meta-Symbol Reference Manual Manual  Apr 1966 
Sigma 7 Software - Game  1987 
Simmons, John Richardson Mainwaring Article  2005 
Sinclair ZX Spectrum Computer - Early Issue Computer  23 Apr 1982 
Sinclair ZX Spectrum Console Computer  1982 
Sinclair ZX Spectrum Console Computer  1982 
Sinclair ZX Spectrum Prototype Computer  1981 
Software Engineering Book  1969 
Structured programming and problem-solving with PASCAL Book  1978 
Structured programming and problem-solving with PASCAL Book  1978 
Texas Instruments introduced Speak & Spell Event  1978 
Texas Instruments TI-990 Computer System Computer  1975 
The Age of Automation Book  1965 
The arithmetic of computers Book  1962 
The BCPL Programming Manual (GEC 4080) Manual  Sep 1975 
The Commodore 16 Games Book Book  Jan 1985 
The Commodore 64 ROMs revealed Book  1985 
The Compiler Compiler Manual  1963 
The Complete Sega Solutions Book  1991 
The Ferranti Mercury Autocode System Manual  May 1959 
The IBM Data Centre Promotional Item  1964 
The IBM Personal Computer from the Inside Out Book  1984 
The Journal of Typographic Research Document  1967 
The programming language LISP; its operation and applications. Book  Mar 1964 
The Story of ATLAS a Computer Book  Mar 1973 
TI DX980 Operating System Promotional Item  Feb 1975 
TI Model 980 Assembly Language programmers Reference Manual Manual  1975 
Tycom Microframe Brochure Promotional Item  1983 
Understanding and Writing Compilers Book  1979 
Univac 1107 Sleuth II Programmers Guide Manual  Oct 1962 
Univac 1108 Simula Programmers Reference Manual  1967 
Univac 1108 System Description Manual  1964 

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