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Computing Books published by Melbourne House

The following is a list of Computing Books published by Melbourne House in the Centre for Computing History collection. It is not an exhaustive list of and other books may have been published. If you have a book that you would like to donate to our collection, please view our donations page.

There are 21 Computing Books published by Melbourne House in our collection :
Order By : Title - Release Date - Publisher
6502 Reference Guide Date: 1985 6502 Reference Guide

This book is intended for users and prospective users of 6502 based microcomputers who already have some machine code programming and wish to extend their knowledge to write and modify programs.

Publisher: Melbourne House
Author: Alan Tully

Advanced Spectrum Machine Language Date: 1984 Advanced Spectrum Machine Language

Advanced Spectrum Machine Language

This book is a collection of ready-made machine language routines that show how to archieve spectacular effects on the Spectrum. Most of the routines are aimed at creating visual displays that are at the frontiers of Spectrum's capabilities. The routines include features that have never been published before, such as: Full Screen Horizon ! Lets you change the colour of the border and screen at any point, and move this horizon at will ! Interrupts Driven Sprite Animation ! Animate objects with perfectly flicker-free movement by pixels ! High Resolution Colour ! Create an area on the Spectrum with eight times the normal Spectrum's Colour Resolution! Create images over all of the screen area, including all regions of the border !

This book is for programmers with some experience in machine language programming. All the routines are listed in labelled assembly language and the techniques and principles involved are fully explained. Other routines included in this book are PRINT, PLOTTING, DRAWNING and KEYBOARD SCAN. The routines are all of professional quality and do no involve any calls to the ROM. This means that the speed of your machine language programs can be dramatically increased using these routines.

Publisher: Melbourne House
Author: David Webb
Platform: ZX Spectrum

BBC software projects Date: 1984 BBC software projects

Dewey Decimal Class 001.64/24
Library of Congress QA76.8.B35
Number of pages 88

ID Numbers
Open Library OL17353000M
OCLC/WorldCat 12585248 

Publisher: Melbourne House
Author: Rudolf Smit.
Platform: BBC Micro

Commodore 64 - Games Book Date: 1983 Commodore 64 - Games Book

A 192 page book containing the code for 30 different games. Dedicated to the authors 'Mom and dad'. 

ISBN: 0-86161-125-X

Publisher: Melbourne House
Author: Clifford & Mark Ramshaw
Platform: Commodore 64

Commodore 64 Games Book, Book 2 Date: 1984 Commodore 64 Games Book, Book 2

Phillip Williams
Published September 1984 by Melbourne House .
Format Paperback
Number of pages 205
ID Numbers
Open Library OL11665042M
ISBN 10 0861611780
ISBN 13 9780861611782
OCLC/WorldCat 12586220
Library Thing 4570698

Publisher: Melbourne House
Author: Phillip Williams
Platform: Commodore 64

Commodore 64 Sound & Graphics Date: 1984 Commodore 64 Sound & Graphics

Publisher: Melbourne House
Author: Peter Falconer
Platform: Commodore 64

Commodore Exposed Date: 1984 Commodore Exposed

Publisher: Melbourne House
Author: Bruce Bayley
Platform: Commodore 64

Enter the Dragon Date: 1983 Enter the Dragon

A collection of programs for the Dragon 32
ISBN : 0 86161 114 4

Publisher: Melbourne House
Author: Colin Carter
Platform: Dragon 32

Learning With Adventure Programs (signed by the Author) Date: 1984 Learning With Adventure Programs (signed by the Author)

Learning With Adventure Programs is a book written by Rosetta McLeaod and published by Melbourne House in 1984. In this book MacLeaod discusses the use of adventure games for teaching.

This copy is signed by the author.

Publisher: Melbourne House
Author: Rosetta McLeaod

Meteoric Programming Date: 1983 Meteoric Programming


Your Oric-1 is about to become Meteoric.

Now you can achieve Meteoric software performance from your micro with this collection of 30 dynamic programs, designed specifically for the Oric-1 home computer.

ISBN 0 86161 1241

Publisher: Melbourne House
Author: John Vander Reyden

Not Only 30 Programs for the Sinclair ZX81 ... Date: 1981 Not Only 30 Programs for the Sinclair ZX81 ...

30 programs for the Sinclair ZX81. Each explained with programming hints and space saving techniques.

Publisher: Melbourne House

Platform: Sinclair ZX81

Ready Made Machine Language Routines for the Amstrad CPC464/664 Date: Unknown Ready Made Machine Language Routines for the Amstrad CPC464/664

Give your Amstrad the power and speed of machine language without actually having to learn machine language programming

Publisher: Melbourne House
Author: Joe Pritchard
Platform: Amstrad CPC464

Software Projects Spectrum Date: Unknown Software Projects Spectrum

Publisher: Melbourne House
Author: Rudolf Smit
Platform: ZX Spectrum

Spectrum Hardware Manual Date: 1983 Spectrum Hardware Manual

by Adrian C. Dickens.

Published 1983 by Melbourne House in Leighton Buzzard . 
Dewey Decimal Class 001.64/04
Library of Congress QA76.8.S625
Number of pages 112
ID Numbers
Open Library OL20625750M
ISBN 10 0861611152
Donated by Dr Legge Smith

Publisher: Melbourne House
Author: Adrian C. Dickens
Platform: Spectrum

Spectrum Machine Language For The Absolute Beginner Date: 1982 Spectrum Machine Language For The Absolute Beginner

If you are frustrated by the limitations of BASIC and want to write faster, more powerful, space-saving programs or subroutines, the Spectrum Machine Language For The Absolute Beginner is the book for you.

Even with no previous experience of computer languages, you will be able to discover the ease and power of the Spectrum's own language. Each chapter includes specific examples of machine language applications which can be demonstrated and used on your Spectrum as well as a self-test questionnaire.

At the end of the book, all this is brought together in an entire machine language program - from design right through to the complete listing of an existing, original arcade game.

Publisher: Melbourne House
Author: William Tang
Platform: ZX Spectrum

Spectrum Shadow ROM Disassembly Date: 1985 Spectrum Shadow ROM Disassembly

Publisher: Melbourne House
Author: Gianluca Carri
Platform: ZX Spectrum

Super Charge Your Spectrum Date: 1983 Super Charge Your Spectrum

"Now without any additional effort, you can overcome the limitations of BASIC and give your Spectrum real power-faster programs, more powerful graphic commands, realistic explosions, fast screen scrolling, great sounds and much more! This book will help you to develop programs of professional quality- not only will your programs look better, run faster, and be more spectacular- but you will also be able to develop them in a fraction of the time you would expect it to take. One of the most spectacular examples of extending the Spectrum is a routine that allows you to reproduce your voice and play it back from within your own programs! No knowledge of machine language is required, as all the routines have been fully written and can be directly entered into your Spectrum. The routines in this book will also allow you to renumber your BASIC programs (including all GOTOs and GOSUBs!), deletes lines, and trace BASIC programs by showing the line number of each line as it executes. David Webb also includes the most discussion of all the Spectrum's system variables yet published. If you are already familair with machine language, then this book will be an invaluable aid to writing your own programs- here are over 50 ready-made and debugged routines, with clear and detailed comment, that use the full power of the Spectrum Z80A and its special features. So whether you are a beginner Spectrum user or an experienced programmer, Supercharge your Spectrum is a book you cannot be without."

Publisher: Melbourne House
Author: David Webb
Platform: ZX Spectrum

The Complete Spectrum ROM Disassembly Date: 1983 The Complete Spectrum ROM Disassembly

Publisher: Melbourne House
Author: Dr Ian Logan, Dr Frank O'Hara

Understanding Your Spectrum - Basic and Machine Code Programming Date: 1983 Understanding Your Spectrum - Basic and Machine Code Programming

Dr. Ian Logan is widely acknowledged as the leading authority on Sinclair computers. In this book, he gives you a complete overview of the way the Spectrum operates, both for BASIC and machine language programming, including numerous demonstration programs. In Dr. Logan's word Understanding Your Spectrum has three main aims: to explain, in simple terms, how the Spectrum works; to teach Z80 machine code from the first principles; and to give details of monitor entry points, so that efficient programs can be written. A special section of the ROM operating system will give you insight into the Spectrum and provide you with information on how to use many of the routines present in the ROM in your own programming/ This book is a must if you are serious about programming the Spectrum.

Publisher: Melbourne House
Author: Ian Logan
Platform: ZX Spectrum

VIC 20 Exposed Date: Unknown VIC 20 Exposed

Now you can understand all the mysteries of your VIC 20, without having to struggle through its complex user's guide.

VIC 20 Exposed gives an in-depth explanation of the entire VIC 20 system in a clear and easy to follow manner. With this book, every VIC 20 owner will be able to understand how this versatile home computer actually works.

Every function and programming variable is carefully explained, and with the aid of the many demonstration programs, this book will teach you how totake full advantage of all the VIC 20's impressive capabilities. You'll soon be achieving effects more spectacular than you believed possible from a standard VIC 20.

VIC 20 Exposed even contains a special section that gives an excellent insight into every aspect of the VIC 20's hardware operation.

Because this book is designed to take you through the VIC 20's entire operation from beginning to end, VIC 20 Exposed is an essential aid to every VIC 20 owner, from first time computer users right up to the serious programmer.

Publisher: Melbourne House
Author: John Vander Reyden
Platform: Commodore VIC-20

Z80 Reference Guide Date: 1984 Z80 Reference Guide

The Z80 Reference Guide is an essential book for programmers involved in Z80 machine language programming.

The well laid out format of this book will make it clearer for readers to understand the capabilities of the Z80 instruction set.

Many of the instructions which operate on all of the registers have been grouped together, placing all of the opcodes on the one page for easier reference.

All the opcodes are HEX and decimal, making machine language programs for BASIC programmers easier to implement.

The book serves as a quick and informative reference manual.

The effect each instruction has on the status register has been clearly presented for easy reference.

The Z80 Reference Guide is an indispensable book for anyone interested in learning machine language programming skills.

Publisher: Melbourne House
Author: Alan Tully
Platform: Z80

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