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Olivetti PC1 Prodest


This is an XT clone, Its specification is similar to the Amstrad PC20 (aka Sinclair PC200) or Schneider Euro PC:

System unit contains motherboard, keyboard, power supply and floppy drives.

512k RAM.
CPU: NEC V40 (80188-compatible).
One or two floppy drives.
XT-style keyboard (82 keys).
Integrated CGA-compatible video. Allegedly can output to TV or monitor.
ORIGIN Italy 1988
KEYBOARD   Full-stroke 82 keys with 10 functions keys and numeric keypad
CPU   Nec V40
SPEED   4.77 / 8 MHz
CO-PROCESSOR   Yamaha custom chip
RAM   512 KB (up to 640 KB)
TEXT MODES   40 x 25 / 80 x 25
GRAPHIC MODES   CGA graphic modes : 320 x 200 / 640 x 200
SIZE / WEIGHT   39(W) x 31(D) x 9(H) cm.
I/O PORTS   Centronics, RGB monitor and TV, RS232, Mouse, Audio, Floppy disk, Expansion connector
BUILT IN MEDIA   1 or 2 x 3.5'' 720 KB FDD
POWER SUPPLY   Built-in power supply unit
PRICE   $639 - £399

Our unit has the twin floppy drives and has a serial number of 0351867 and was very kindly donated by Mike Kirby

More information on th pC1 can be found at


Manufacturer: Olivetti
Date: 1988

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This exhibit has a reference ID of CH15452. Please quote this reference ID in any communication with the Centre for Computing History.


Olivetti PC1 Prodest

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