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Acorn R140

"The Acorn R140 workstation represents a major price breakthrough for UNIX systems. Acorn has exploited the performance of its award-winning 32-bit RISC processor to produce the first in a series of personal workstations running the UNIX operating system at a price below that of any comparable product.

The RISC processor designed and developed in the UK by Acorn Computers Limited is an outstanding example of pioneering technology leading to radical cost savings. By launching the R140 workstation Acorn has transformed the economics of making UNIX available to users in all fields.

Combining processing power, windowing and graphics, inbuilt data storage and standard UNIX software, the Acorn R140 workstation supplies low-cost desktop power to the user whilst maintaining full connectivity with other workstations, PCs and multi-user systems." extract from Acorn publicity document - see http://chrisacorns.computinghistory.org.uk/docs/Acorn/Brochures/Acorn_APP214_AcornR140Workstation.pdf

ARM (Acorn RISC Machine) 32-bit Reduced Instruction Set
Computer processor.
4 Mbytes RAM, 512 Kbytes ROM
60 Mbytes (unformatted) internal hard disc
1 Mbyte (unformatted) internal 3.5" floppy.disc drive
Four expansion slots
103 key `enhanced PC' style keyboard
3-button mouse
Serial interface port
Parallel interface port
Ultra-high resolution monochrome
1152 X 900 pixel graphics
144 X 45 or 96 X 32 characters
High resolution colour, gray-scale or monochrome
640 X 480 X 4 bits per pixel giving 16 from a palette of 4096
possible colours
80 X 20, 80 x 24 and 80 X 30 characters
Text applications
80 X 20, 80 x 24 and 80 X 30 characters

It was launched in June 1989 and cost £3500.00 retail.

We are extremenly grateful to Laurence Van Someren of Aleph One Ltd - http://www.aleph1.co.uk/ for donating this machine together with many other Acorn computers and associated books and manuals
Our unit has a serial no of AKB21 000048

Manufacturer: Acorn
Date: June 1989

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Acorn R140 Manuals:

Item Manufacturer Date
Acorn R140 Operations Guide Acorn 1988

Magazines RELATED to Acorn R140 in our Library

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PC World Focus March 1989 Number 1 Mar 1989
Acorn - Higher Education News 2 - Summer 1989 Acorn Computers Limited May 1989
Acorn - Healthcare News 5 - September 1989 Acorn Computers Limited Sep 1989
Acorn - Education News 6 - June 1989 Acorn Computers Limited Sep 1989
Acorn News - PC Show Newsletter - Sep/Oct 1989 Acorn Computers Limited 27 Sep 1989
Acorn User - December 1989 3 Jun 2009

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Acorn DeskLite Prototype Acorn Computers June 1998

This exhibit has a reference ID of CH3639. Please quote this reference ID in any communication with the Centre for Computing History.


Acorn R140

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