Practical Computing - March 1980, Volume 3, Issue 3

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Publication Date : March 1980

Publication Contents :

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10 Sinclair ZX80 - Britain's first complete computer kit [Advert]
13 Zenith Data Systems [Advert]
Advert includes Z89 Series Microcomputer, Z11A Series 16-bit computer, WH14 Serial Printer and Z19 'Intelligent' Video Terminal
15 Butel-Comco Athena [Advert]
27 Rair Black Box Microcomputer [Advert]
colour advertisment
45 Editorial [Article]
Peter Laurie
All work and no play
47 Rolls-Royce among calculators here [News Item]
Release of Hewlett Packard HP 85
47 Football-crazy! [News Item]
Social scientist Roger Codwell suggests that England could win the World Cup again if footballers were helped with a computer by analysing players' movements.
47 A brilliant notion (though we say it ourselves) [News Item]
Looking at the ways of linking computers together in the future - by satellite, by telephone line, by glass-fibre, and by television.
49 Handy debug tool for novices [News Item]
A new design, debug and development tool, the Microsystem Designer, is now available in the UK.
49 Corvus gets back-up [News Item]
Back-up storage for the 8-inch Winchester technology Corvus disc drives has been announced.
49 Double-density discs on the way [News Item]
Rumour has it that several firms will be offering double-density 8-inch discs, 20-30MB hard discs and 80-character VDUs by the summer of this year.
49 Complete off-the-shelf applications systems [News Item]
Complete off-the-shelf application systems based on firmware modules will be the next and most significant development in the microprocessor world according to the latest report in Infotech's State of the Art series, Microcomputer Software.
49 'Million jobs in four years' - industry minister [News Item]
The debate on the impact of microprocessors on employment.
54 Tandy steps into a new class [Review]
Ron Geere
Ron Geere spends a day checking out the Tandy TRS-80 and finds the Model II is a giant step forward.
56 MSI micro nibbles at the mini market [Review]
Jim Wood
Jim Wood reviews the MSI System 7, which with a 10MB hard disc becomes the System 10.
60 Here's looking at you, kid [Article]
Duncan Scot
Industry bleats about the shortage of programmers and yet it can be a hard slog for the newcomer to find a first job. In this article Duncan Scot looks at training schemes, talks to the students and find out what qualifications make up for lack of experience.
65 How to keep the pirates at bay [Article]
Peter Sommer
Peter Sommer explains how, in the absence of clear rules on computer copyright, you must arm yourself for the fight or be jolly well rogered.
70 Cyberkids [Article]
Andrew Walker
Fiction. In an educational situation, all robots are equal...
73 St. Valentine's Day match-up [Article]
Our schools correspondent sends us this account of something really useful for the computer to do...
74 In pastures phosphor-green... [Type-In Listing]
Bob Merry
Bob Merry plays at shepherds with Sheepdog Trial, a game against the clock programmed for the PET
78 Superbrain [Advert]
80 ACT Series 800 [Advert]
82 Man-machine clanks into step [Article]
Mark Witowski
Mark Witkowski of the AI Laboratory at Queen Mary College looks at the principles of robotics design and discusses some ways in which amateurs can learn from the pros.
91 The Games Master [Article]
George Blank
George Blank discusses the rationale of game playing and argues that computer games can teach essential human skills.
93 Put some bounce into that games writing! [Article]
S.J. Baker
S.J. Baker describes some neat tricks for making balls bounce on the computer screen. His listings are for the TRS-80, but the same principles will apply to any memory-mapped display.
96 Get an armlock on machine code [Article]
David Peckett
David Peckett begins a series on writing Assembly Language. Over the next few months David will deal in parallel with both the 8080A and the 6502.
109 Book Reviews [Review]
Peter Sommer
Books reviewed: 'The Viewdata Revolution' by Sam Fredida and Rex Malik; 'The Electronic Bookstall' by Rex Winsbury; 'Third International On-line Information Meeting, December 1979, Proceedings'; 'Teletext and Viewdata' by Steve A. Money.
110 Get some more space into those North Star programs [Type-In Listing]
A routine to tidy North Star BASIC
113 A systematic approach to program design [Article]
Nick Hampshire
This article is a shortened version of the introductory chapter of a new book 'A Handbook of PET Sub-routines' written by Nick Hampshire. This book is a library of sub-routines written for the PET but of interest to anyone running a version of Microsoft Basic.
117 Buyers' Guide [Article]
The Buyers' Guide is a summary of low-cost computers available in this country.
148 Glossary [Article]
Continuing the terminological gamut with P, Q & R

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