Practical Computing - December 1981, Volume 4, Issue 12

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Publication Date : December 1981

Publication Contents :

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9 Rader Single Board Computer [Advert]
10 [Advert]
16 British Genius Microcomputer [Advert]
29 The Millbank System 10 - The Heavy-duty Micro-computer [Advert]
41 Editorial [Article]
Peter Laurie
Welcome the big boys.
43 Feedback [Article]
User's letters covering topics including recursion, bones of contention and ZX-80 Inkey routine.
46 Facit trio designed to keep options open [News Item]
The new DTC computer system from Facit is available in three versions, the Facit 6511, Facit 6510 and Facit 6520.
46 France looks to the future [News Item]
Francois Mitterand, the President of France, has announced his intention to open a world centre for informatics development in Paris.
46 Simple payroll for ZX-81 [News Item]
A simple payroll program designed for use by a small company has been developed by Hilderbay Ltd for use with the Sinclair ZX-81 microcomputer, together with the 16K RAM pack and printer.
46 Birmingham's launch-pad [News Item]
Birmingham City Council is creating a multi-million pound partnership as a launch-pad for high-technology industries in the city.
47 Wider scope with Pascal [News Item]
Taking advantage of the power of Portable Pascal, IBC's network and resource-analysis program can cope with projects of up to 30,000 activities.
47 Olympia fields its strong desk-top team [News Item]
Olympia is the latest of the big office-equipment suppliers to weigh in as a manufacturer of desk-top micrcomputers. The range of the microcomputers, known as Boss, which come with both software and hardware, provides for most business uses.
47 Scientist can digitise [News Item]
A new precision analogue-to-digital converter is capable of taking the typical signals a scientist would display on a strip-chart recorder, digitise them and send them to a microcomputer.
47 Putting non-expert in the driving-seat [News Item]
The PMJH controller is a device which provides extensive control facilities for combinational and sequential timing as well as arithmetic operation using Tiny Basic.
47 Uncommitted logic at an engaging price [News Item]
Marconi Electronic Devices Ltd has recently opened a very smart new facility near Lincoln for the manufacture of microchips.
49 Alpha Plus reveals Pet's true characters [News Item]
Alpha Plus is a character generator for the Commodore Pet range of microcomputers.
49 Word-processing link for CP/M systems [News Item]
Word processor users can merge records created with the Compsoft DMS system with standard letters created by the Spellbinder of WordStar word-processing packages.
49 Lid's role in great Apple cover-up [News Item]
Applelock, a locking lid for the Apple computer eliminates the danger of prying hands removing or fiddling with the machine's cards.
49 Any software to declare? [News Item]
Software packages that are approved by HM Customs and Excise for VAT purposes are now available on any CP/M or MP/M computers and most VDUs and printers.
50 Zilog adds on-chip Basic to its processor family [News Item]
The latest addition to the world-famous Zilog Z-8 range of microprocessors is the Z-8671. This is the standard Z-8601 microcomputer chip but with an on-chip Basic and a debug/monitor.
50 Time for bus systems [News Item]
The National Semiconductor MM-58174 is a CMOS circuit which functions as a real-time clock and calendar in bus-orientated microprocessor systems.
50 Modem price talks sense [News Item]
A low-cost, direct-connect Modem for microcomputers has been announced by Spreebond Ltd and is compatible with any micro using the RS-232 interface, and adaptor kits are available for the Pet and all the Tandy models.
50 Government says no to data-protection scheme [News Item]
The Government has rejected the idea of an independent data-protection authority, but is to publish a White Paper setting out its proposals on the subject.
53 Revolution of the Rodime disc [Article]
Malcolm Dudson
The new 5.25-inch Rodime hard disc.
55 The Great Standards Hunt [Article]
Martin Hayman
The problems of standards for broadcasting software.
56 NEC PC-8001B [Review]
Howard Pilgrim, Peter Wood
The new personal computer from the giant NEC.
60 Comal-based Piccolo blows wind of change [Review]
Bill Bennett
The new system from Denmark, evaluated by Bill Bennett.
62 Tailoring the package - and the price [Review]
Peter Wood
Compsoft's Data Management System has now been re-written to run on CP/M 2.2 systems.
67 Analysing data [Review]
Owen Bishop
Two new sets of statistics programs are compared.
70 Teaching a computer to learn from your mistakes [Article]
Edward James
Edward James shows how one can develop programs which will tolerate errors.
75 Live Wire [Article]
David Mentz
77 Tourists on-line to Edith [Article]
Martin Hayman
Martin Hayman looks at how the Swansea Tourist Information Centre was drawn into the world of computers.
80 Finding your bearings with Pet graphics [Article]
Two programs using the principles of three-figure bearings.
85 Standard marks [Article]
Ian Mercer
A simple program to compare students' work.
87 Race Night [Type-In Listing]
Eric Parr
An evening's entertainment with this game program.
90 NEC PC 8000 Personal Computer [Advert]
Double-page, colour advert.
93 12 Days of Christmas [Article]
Join in our computerised refrain for Christmas.
94 Simple Petpro puts thought into words [Article]
Ian Birnbaum
Ian Birnbaum presents Petpro.
97 Sinclair ZX81 Personal Computer [Advert]
Four-page, colour advert.
101 Justifying Genie [Article]
Tina Billett
Tina Billett's word processor for the Video Genie.
106 Rair Black Box 3/30 Microcomputer [Advert]
109 Assembler programs [Article]
Mike Gross Niklaus
Mike Gross Niklaus explains some of the mysteries.
113 Commodore VIC20 [Advert]
114 Comart Communicator [Advert]
115 Acorn Atom [Advert]
117 The question of perfect answers [Article]
Boris Allan
The controversial Boris Allan runs through some of the more philosophical problems involved in writing bug-free programs.
119 The TI-99/4A - The Home Computer worthy of the name [Advert]
121 First time on earth - Sharp MZ-80B [Advert]
125 Z-80 Zodiac [Article]
For all users of systems based on the Z-80 chip.
128 6502 Special [Article]
The 6502 Special is dedicated to the exchange of information between 6502 users.
131 Put some colour into your personal computing with the new OKI if800 [Advert]
133 Tandy Forum [Article]
Devoted to the TRS-80 - news and user's tips, queries and comments.
135 ZX-80/81 Line-up [Article]
Page dedicated to the ZX-80 and ZX-81.
141 Pet Corner [Article]
News and user's tips, queries and comments.
144 Micromouse [Article]
Nick Smith
Page dedicated to anything that moves.
150 Puzzle [Article]
Knight's gambit.
151 Book Reviews [Review]
'An introduction to computer programming and data structures using Macro-11' by Harry R Lewis, 'Personal Computers Handbook' by Walter H Buchsbaum, 'Apple Basic for business for the Apple II' by Parker and Stewart.
154 Maze-making subroutines [Article]
Wynford & Jane James
Part three and a maze-making subroutine.
160 Automatic shape generation [Type-In Listing]
Roger Cullis
The second part of Roger Cullis' Apple graphics series.
167 Buyers' Guide - Printers [Article]
181 Son of Hexadecimal Kid [Article]
Richard Forsyth
237 Tuscan - the all-British microcomputer [Advert]

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