Practical Computing - January 1981, Volume 4, Issue 1

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Publication Date : January 1981

Publication Contents :

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5 Cromemco Z-2H Computer System [Advert]
6 Tandy TRS-80 [Advert]
Double-page advert. TRS-80 Model I Microcomputer, TRS-80 Model II Microcomputer, TRS-80 Model I CPUs
8 Nanocomputer NBZ80 [Advert]
Double-page advert.
10 Micro-C at Currys [Advert]
Double-page advert.
12 Sharp MZ-80 Computer System, now with CP/M [Advert]
Double-page advert.
20 Millbank System 10 [Advert]
31 Fortronic F500 [Advert]
33 Industrial Micro Systems Series 5000 [Advert]
41 Editorial [Article]
Peter Laurie
The advancing frontier.
42 Feedback [Article]
User's letters.
43 Butel Athena [Advert]
45 Gambiet '80 - The World's No.1 Microcomputer Chess Programme [Advert]
46 Four models in Rair Black Box III range [News Item]
A new range of British-built microcomputers has been launched including one with an integral 5.25-inch Winchester disc system.
46 News of Cobol and Coral 66 [News Item]
Cobol and Coral 66 are now available for the Apple for the first time.
46 PC-3200 leads the Sharp attack on business computer market [News Item]
Sharp has now produced a new computer, the PC-3200, designed, and aimed at the business market.
46 Megastore 8in. drive [News Item]
Vlasak Electronics has produced some 8-inch drives specifically for the Apple. The Megastore is supplied for plug-in-and-go use with Apple increasing its on-line storage capacity to 1MB.
47 MUSE opens advice centre for teachers [News Item]
MUSE, Microcomputer Users in Secondary Education, has started a national information and advice centre for teachers using small computers in schools.
47 4K RAM for Aim 65 [News Item]
AIM 65 users can obtain a 4K RAM extension in addition to the 4K already available, a 4K EPROM socket with switchable address, an additional VIA giving 16 I/O lines in addition to the 16 already available and a Eurocard connector all by removing the 6502 chip from its socket and plugging in the Eurocard-sized CUBIT card into the exposed socket and then replacing the 6502 chip on the CUBIT.
47 New Gemini 801s have RAM-held programmable character sets [Advert]
A new UK microcomputer company, Gemini Microcomputers, has been founded by John Marshall, ex-managing director of Nascom. The Gemini range of microcomputers includes three models, the basic 801, and two versions of this, the 801A and 801B.
47 Versawriter makes full use of Apple graphics facility [News Item]
One of the most popular features of the Apple has been its graphics facilities but it has often proved expensive and cumbersome to make full use of them. A new product from the Stated and now available from Apple dealers should help solve the problem. The Versawriter is a simple version of the Apple graphics tablet. The software supplied gives the user a range of commands and special shapes for use in drawings.
48 Hewlett-Packard HP-85 [Advert]
49 Comart Communicator may help stem tide of foreign imports [News Item]
The latest microcomputer to be announced is from one of the strongest microcomputing groups in Britain - Comart. Its new Communicator CP-100 has been built round many of the standards which have emerged in the microcomputing industry; a Z-80A chip, S-100 bus and CP/M.
49 New Pasca 640 system [News Item]
Another Japanese computer is to be launched on to the UK market. The Pasca 640 is a Z-80A based system with 64K of RAM, twin 8-inch floppies and a screen built into an integral unit and is sold for the competitive price of 3,300.
49 Most micros bought for business in UK, Europe's top market [News Item]
Desk-top and personal computers are finding their way into the business and professional community, with their original markets in science education and the home sliding into second place according to a study of the European market by the International Data Corporation of London.
49 CP/M-86 for Intel micros [News Item]
Digital Research, which developed the widely-used CP/M operating system has announced CP/M-86, an operating system for Intel 8086/8088-based microcomputers.
50 Vision-80 keeps electronic eye on your security operations [News Item]
A software and hardware package called Vision-80 that makes an ordinary TV camera into an almost universal input device for a micro has been announced by Southdata.
50 New scheme for shares [News Item]
Young high-technology companies in search of venture capital and who are unwilling or unable to approach the Stock Exchange new Unlisted Securities' Market can now try turning to the over-the-counter market in shares.
50 Inexpensive fibre optics [News Item]
For a long time fibre optics have had the air of solutions no-one could afford to problems nobody could quite formulate. However, the Japanese have stepped in and removed the difficulties.
50 Apple II digital synthesiser can mimic musical instruments [News Item]
A new digital music synthesiser, The Music System, has been introduced for the Apple II computer by a US company and is now available in the UK from Microsense.
50 Model 100 graphics plotter has wide range of hardware interfaces and software drives [Advert]
A versatile graphics plotter using A4 paper with an 0.004 inch step has been introduced by Hal Computers and is available for 550.
50 Aim, Sym video control [News Item]
A video controller board for the Aim, Sym and Kim range of microcomputers has been released by Portable Micro systems of Brackley.
52 Acorn Atom [Advert]
54 315K Disk Unit to Plug Directly Into Your Sorcerer [Advert]
Liveport Data Products - FDM 180 Disk Unit
55 Still no clear precedent in software copyright cases [News Item]
We look at the latest developments in the nebulous area of software copyright.
57 WordPro 4 with 8032 Pet can rival dedicated WP systems [Review]
Nick Hampshire
Nick Hampshire's view of the word-processing package from Professional Software.
60 Speed and clear commands combined in SCDS PetDOS [Review]
Andrew & David Trott
A complete disc-operating system and assembler for Pet reviewed by Andrew and David Trott.
64 Sord M223 mark II's strong suit is design and compactness [Review]
David Martland
The M223 mark II from Japan put through its paces.
66 Personalised system giving flexibility and reliability is SBC-100's best role [Review]
Andrew Stephenson
An evaluation by Andrew Stephenson of the Z-80 computer
68 Thinking big in a world where smallness matters [Article]
Peter Laurie
Chips in the submicron age - Peter Laurie on how microprocessors are made and how the wondermachines of the 1990s will be powered.
76 Sharper competitive edge for computerised estate agency [Article]
Martin Hayman
Estate agent on a micro.
79 Zilog's new microcomputer range [Advert]
80 Sinclair ZX80 - Britain's best selling personal computer [Advert]
New 16K-byte RAM pack now available. Double-page, colour advert.
83 Incorporating a control-key function into your programs [Article]
Jonathan Dick
Jonathan Dick presents two programs - one in Basic, the other in assembler, which use the run-stop key as a control key to generate control characters.
84 Poor-quality maths software causes irreparable damage [Article]
M.P. Thorne
Education: MP Thorne looks at the quality of maths packages
86 How to format invoices and letters printed from screen [Type-In Listing]
Rex L. Tingley
Programs for the Commodore printer.
93 Serial-printer drive routine for Tandy TRS-80 [Article]
Ian Sinclair
How to put the Tandy on-line
96 Execution speed is crucial for realistic mobile displays [Type-In Listing]
G.J. Marshall
Displays on memory-mapped screens.
102 3D noughts and crosses in 2K [Type-In Listing]
W.N. James
Three-dimensional games.
104 Using Hamming distance as basis for self-correcting code [Article]
John & Timothy Lee
John and Timothy Lee discuss error detection and correction.
106 Representing game positions [Article]
Mark Joseph
Intelligent Design: Mark Joseph explains the ways in which game positions may be represented.
109 Z-80 Zodiac [Article]
For all users of systems based on the Z-80 chip.
111 ZX-80 Line-up [Article]
Page dedicated to the ZX-80.
114 Tandy Forum [Article]
Devoted to the TRS-80 - news and user's tips, queries and comments.
118 Rair Black Box Microcomputer [Advert]
119 6502 Special [Article]
The 6502 Special is dedicated to the exchange of information between 6502 users.
121 Apple Pie [Article]
Ideas, hints and comments for Apple users.
122 Pet Corner [Article]
News and user's tips, queries and comments.
125 Micromouse [Article]
Page dedicated to anything that moves.
126 Book Reviews [Review]
'Programming the Z-8000' by Richard Mateosian, 'Living with the micro' by Martin Banks, 'Computers and micro processors made simple' by G.H. Olsen and I. Burdess, 'Programming micro-computers with sample programs' by Stanley J. Evans
129 What happens during an interrupt [Article]
David Peckett
David Peckett looks at interrupts and their uses.
136 Buyers' Guide - Microcomputers [Article]
148 Son of Hexadecimal Kid [Article]
Richard Forsyth
Fiction. A parable in eight virtual pages.
211 'Tuscan' from Transam [Advert]

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