DB013 - Archimedes Educational Software, Clip Art, Fonts

Archimedes Music and Educational Software from 4mation, Sherston Software, 10 out of 10, and fonts and clip art disks.
Hyperbook Authoring System
Twentieth Century History Sourcebook
Geographical Issues #1
Sherlock - Speech Disc
Sherlock - Work Disc
ScreenTurtle RISC OSV 2 & 3 (x2)
Desktop ScreenTurtle Program Disc
Desktop ScreenTurtle Resource Disc
SEMERC Risc PC Discs 1-7
SEMERC Risc PC + CD Discs 1-5
Just Pictures - I Can
Semerc Pictures for Projects DEMO Disc
Semerc Le Monde à Moi
Semerc Pictogram v.1.0
Semerc MiniKeys
Semerc SheetWise
Semerc fuzzbuzz the Clan Disk 1 & 2
Semerc fuzzbuzz level 1 Disks 1 & 2
Semerc Switch On Travel
Clipboard, BlackCat Software
First Page disks 1 & 2
Valiant Turtle Software
Numbertime - Adventures in Numberland, Logotron & BBC
Look & Read Spywatch - Logotron & BBC
Advantage - Logoman Logotron
Landmarks - RAIN FOREST - Longman Logotron & BBC
Junior PinPoint
Landmark PinPoint Datafiles "Looking at the World"
"Hazelnut" The Times Tables 2 x plus utilities disk 1
Pen & Think Painter Plus
Dominica A Small Caribbean Island - Development Education in Dorset
Playdays 'screenshots'
Soft Teach LOCAL STUDIES Data Disc, School Site Licence
Soft Teach LOCAL STUDIES 1.0
Soft Teach Weather Watch 1.24
Bearwords2 ERIC Archimedes Network
Browser ERIC
National Special Needs Software Unit, Archimedes Touch Explorer Plus
Brilliant Computing
  • Touch Games 1 v 1.96
  • Touch Games 2 Disk A (corrected to B?)
  • Touch Games 2 Disk B
  • Switch On Zoo
  • Smart Alix Girl
  • Smart Alex Boy
  • Beetles
  • Tunes for Beetles
Anglia Television
  • Keynote Data (Resource) Disc British Isles Version January 1992
  • Keynote Data (Resource) Disc British Isles Version September 1993
  • Keynote Version 1.0 (20 Nov 1992)
  • Keynote Version 2.05 (31st January 1993)
  • ITV Schools KEY
  • A Multimedia Resource Disc - In Tudor Times !Inventory module Aug 1993
  • A Multimedia Resource Disc - The Earth in Space !Seasons module Jul 1993 (2 disks)
  • A Key Plus Datafile - In Tudor Times 1.0a Datafiles and Clip Art November 1993
  • A Key Plus Datafile - The Earth in Space Jul 1993 for use with KEYNOTE or KEY PLUS (2 disks)
  • Keycount Resource Disc 1.0 March 1993
  • Keycount Version 1.03 (5th April 1993)
Archimedes Electromusic Research Arpeggio Music System Rhythmbox II
Archimedes Electromusic Research Arpeggio Music System Sound Engineer
Junior Sibelius! Demo disk
Sonor Sampling Software Version 1.04
Oak Recorder 3 Sound Sampling Software
Mozart Digital Audio Support Disc Version 1.0
ESP Midi Synth Plus 2.00 Oct 97 Disc 1
ESP Midi Synth Plus 2.01 Oct 97 Discs 2-4
Sibelius 7 Mini-update 3.05d
Sibelius 7 Disc 1
4mation Clockwise
4mation Darryl the Dragon Disc 1 (key disc)
4mation Darryl the Dragon Disc 1 Site Licence
4mation Darryl the Dragon Disc 2
Sherston Software
  • A Sherston Naughty Story - Edwina's Energetic Elephant x3 (key disk)
  • Toby the Troublesome Tractor
  • Doris the Dotty Dog
  • Tina's Terrible Trumpet x2
  • Terry's Tricky Trainers
  • Billy the Bothersome Bully
  • Plantwise Demo Disc
  • Animated Numbers
  • !HELP Companion Disc
  • Mission:Control Crystal Rain Forest 2 Discs 0-3 (4 disks)
  • Crystal Rain Forest 2 Demo Disc
  • Splash discs 1 & 2
  • Recall discs 1 & 2
  • !DRAW_HELP Discs 1 & 2 (fonts and clip art, respectively)
  • !HELP RISC OS 3 Tutorial Disc
  • The Oxford Talking Infant Atlas - Europe and the British Isles
  • The Oxford Talking Infant Atlas - The Earth in Space
  • The Oxford Talking Infant Atlas - The World
10 out of 10
  • Tables
  • French
  • Essential Maths
  • Maths Number
Extra Fonts, Logoman Logotron 1991
Typestudio work disc & program disc
Font Designer v0.15 APLsoft 1988
Font Directory Pro
Skyfall Fonts 1a, 1b, and so on until 10a (19 discs)
Electronic Font Foundry, SO12, Monk
Electronic Font Foundry Script #1454
Electronic Font Foundry Decorative #1454
Electronic Font Foundry Outline Fonts & Publishing Resources
Electronic Font Foundry Publishing Systems Support Disk August 1993
isV Font Pack 277 Disk 4, 1994
Monotype Typefaces disks 1-6
Just Pictures Percussion Instruments
Clip Art Pack #1-1
Clip Art Pack #1-2
Clip Art Pack #1-3
Clip Art Pack #3-1
Clip Art Pack #3-2
Clip Art Pack #3-3
Clip Art Pack #6-1
Clip Art Pack #6-2
Clip Art Pack #6-3
Picture It! Animation Disk
Picture It! Buildings
Picture It! Ships
Picture It! Map-Maker
Picture It! Christmas
Picture It! Master disk
Picture It! Birds (different label)
Task Force Clip Art Conversion software for Acorn RISC OS Systems
80 Impression Borders, Old English Tile Designs (c) Fabis Computing 1994
Drawfile Symbol Collection disk1 & disk3
Impression Publisher DEC_dATA Resource Disc
DEC_dATA Catalogue disc - The Unique 'Select a Clip Art File'
DEC_dATA Steam Trains Clip Art Resource Disc
Southern Printers Draw Format Line Art Disk 1, 2 & 3
Publish Art CD Supplement (3?)
Midnight Graphics Midnight Tracer
Midnight Graphics Clip Art Discs 1-5
Midnight Graphics Clips 2 Discs 1-5
ClickART Education Image Pack Disks 1-9

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