Intel are primarily a manufacturer of microprocessors.


Intellec 8

Intellec 8
Intellec-8 microcomputer CPU: 8008 - Manufacturer: Intel Original Price: $2398 - Original Date: 1973 These machines were not sold to the general public This historic machine and its companion, th...

Manufacturer : Intel
Type : Computer

Intel SDK 85 - System Design Kit

Intel SDK 85 - System Design Kit
Every time Intel bought a new microprocessor to market, they would release a development kit with it, this kit was for developing the 8085 processor.

Manufacturer : Intel
Type : Computer

Intel desktop unit

Intel desktop unit
Intel desktop unit with emulation clips extension Further information to follow.

Manufacturer : Intel
Type : Computer

Intel Intellec MDS-800 Development System

Intel Intellec MDS-800 Development System
January 1979
The Intellec Microcomputer Development Systems (MDS) were complete computers intended for the development of Intel microcomputer based products.

Manufacturer : Intel
Type : Computer

Intel MDS 80 - Microcomputer Development System

Intel MDS 80 - Microcomputer Development System
The Intel MDS 80 system was a computer system primarily used to design other computer systems with MDS standing for Microcomputer Development System.

Manufacturer : Intel
Type : Computer

Date Event
1936 In 1936, at Cambridge Alan Turing invented the principle of the modern computer
Dec 1943 The Colossus Mark 1 computer is delivered to Bletchley Park
1963 Douglas Engelbart Invents the Mouse
1965 Moore's Law coined
18 Jul 1968 Robert Noyce and Gordon Moore found Intel Corporation
1969 Intel announces a 1 kilobit RAM chip
1 May 1969 AMD Advanced Micro Devices is founded
15 Nov 1971 Intel Launches the First Microprocessor - The 4004
15 Nov 1971 Intel Introduces the World's First EPROM
Apr 1972 The Intel 8008 was introduced
1973 Gary Kildall writes CP/M
1973 IMSAI is founded. In 1973
1973 The Micral was the earliest commercial, non-kit personal computer
1974 The Z-80, 8 bit processor is designed by Zilog Corp
Apr 1974 introduction of Intel 8080 2MHz microprocessor
1975 CP/M operating system finished
1 Jan 1975 MITS Altair launched on the cover of Popular Electronics magazine
4 Mar 1976 Intel introduce SBC-80/10 "computer on a card"
Apr 1976 Apple 1 Released
1981 Space Shuttle uses Intel 8086 and RCA 1802
12 Aug 1981 Introduction of IBM 5150 Personal Computer
13 Aug 1981 IBM announced that it was launching a personal computer using an Intel 8088
1982 Japanese Government Sets Out its 'Fifth Generation' Project
1 Feb 1982 Introduction of Intel 80286 at 6 MHz, with 134,000 transistors
1983 UK Government Launches the Alvey Programme
1984 Creation of Dell Computer Corporation by Michael Dell
Aug 1984 Introduction of IBM PC/AT based on Intel 80286
Oct 1985 Introduction of Intel 386
30 Sep 1988 IBM announces 3 millionth PS/2 personal computer
27 Apr 1989 ICL introduces DRS model 40 and 45
22 Mar 1993 Intel Ships "Pentium" Chip"
3 Aug 1993 Introduction of Apple Newton PDA
3 May 1997 IBM's Deep Blue Beats Gary Kasparov at Chess
May 1998 Introduction of Apple iMac
1 Jun 2000 Intel ES7000 server from Unisys introduced
6 Oct 2017 Presentation: Suw Charman-Anderson (Founder Ada Lovelace Day) - 06 October 2017
10 Oct 2018 Give IT a Go Panel Debate - Women in Computing: Her Story 10th October 2018




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