An Open Letter to the Twitterverse

Ah, you're here ... thank you,

If you're a fellow Twitterer then you're not here for us to tell you how simply amazing Twitter is as a communication and networking platform.

But it is! And as much as we are a computer museum and understand the technicalities of how it all works, it never fails to astound me that we have this amazing facility and how this was simply not possible just a few years ago!

Through Twitter we have acquired some vital contacts, donations of important artefacts, financial donations and obviously some fantastic publicity.

From a single tweet picked up by @neildavidson we have gained the hugely valued sponsorship of Red Gate Software (@redgate) and ARM (@ARMCommunity)

... but to build a first class Computing History Museum is expensive, and we need more money to make it a reality.

Remember, it's not just a stuffy museum with beige boxes in glass cabinets, we want to build an essentially interactive display that allows you to play with the machines, experience technology as it was and re-live the social changes that computers have ushered in. Our past displays at the Gadget Show Live will give you an idea of how we want it to be ... watch the video here

So here's my idea ...

Charlie Sheen on TwitterThe "Charlie Sheen" Business Model :-)
If @charliesheen can attract 1.5 million followers in a couple of days, do you think The Centre for Computing History could raise £1.5 million solely from the twitter community? Wouldn't that be simply amazing?

Please help us make this happen, it would be the first physical museum to be built with the help from the direct support of a virtual community!
Can a virtual online community create a real life computer museum?
As of right now (10:14am Sunday 6th March 2011) we have £20 kindly donated to the museum by @project76_tv and £50 from @totallytechy. We need £1,500,000 (yes, you did read that correctly) so that's just £1 each from another 1,499,930 other twitterers or less if you can afford a bit more! :-)

Don't Have PayPal - Use the DDoC Facility @ Totally Techy
Money Raised So Far : £1502.95
Mission Started : 10:14 - 06/03/2011            Last Updated : 22:42 - 11/07/2011

By the way, it's my Birthday today ... This would make the most amazing present!
(The money goes to The Centre for Computing History, not me, just to be clear :-)

Wouldn't it be great to know you were a part of this? Please donate whatever you can ...

... and don't forget, for this to work we need to get the message out there ... blog about it, send a link to the press, tweet it again, facebook it, print it out and put it up on the wall of the office canteen (old school social marketing still works!)

Oh yes, and follow us on twitter (if you're not already)

Thank you

Jason Fitzpatrick
Chief Geek - The Centre for Computing History
Registered Charity No. 1130071

The museum vision brochure is available to download as a PDF document. Please click on the image to the right to view it in your browser. [ 4.2Mb ]

Thank You to Our Corporate Sponsors :

If YOU have donated tell everyone on our message board below ...

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