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8080/Z80 Assembly Language Book  1981 
A Design Handbook for Commercial Systems Book  Unknown 
A guide to ALGOL programming Book  1962 
A Guide to COBOL Programming Book  1963 
A Guide to COBOL Programming - Second Edition Book  1963 
A Guide To Fortran IV Programming Book  1965 
A History of International Research Networking the People Who Made It Happen Book  2010 
A Practical Guide to Algol 68 Book  1975 
A Primer for Phigs Book  1991 
Advanced TRS-80 Level II Basic Book  1981 
Adventure into BBC Basic Book  1984 
Adventures into BBC Basic Software  1984 
Algorithms in SNOBOL4 Book  1976 
APL An Interactive Approach Book  Unknown 
APL An Interactive Approach Book  Unknown 
APL In Practice Book  1977 
APL Management Problems with Answers and "Kit of Tools" Book  1984 
Apple Basic Data File Programming Book  1982 
Atari Basic Book  1979 
Atari Basic XL Edition Book  1985 
Atari Sound and Graphics Book  1984 
BASIC Book  1978 
BASIC for Home Computers - A Self-Teaching Guide Book  1978 
BASIC Programming Book  1980 
Box 671 - Various documents Storage Box  Unknown 
Box 807 - Books & Manuals to be archived Storage Box  Unknown 
Cobol 85 for Programmers Book  15 Mar 1989 
COBOL Programming Book  Unknown 
Communication control in computer networks Book  1980 
Compiler Construction For Digital Computers Book  1971 
Computer and Job-shop Scheduling Theory Book  Feb 1976 
Computer Approximations Book  Unknown 
Computer Communications Book  1975 
Computer composition using PAGE-1. Book  1972 
Conversational Computers Book  1968 
CP/M for the IBM: Using CP/M-86 Book  Jan 1983 
Crashproof your BBC Book  1 Jan 1984 
Dan Bricklin Person  1951 
Data Base: Structured Techniques for Design, Performance, and Management Book  Nov 1980 
Deltak - Basic COBOL Coding Techniques Manual  1983 
Digital Communications programming on the IBM PC Book  Unknown 
Digital Computer Programming Book  Mar 1957 
Digital System Design with Large Scale Integration Bit-slice Logic Book  21 May 1980 
Digital Systems Design with LSI Bit-Slice Logic Book  1980 
Dinosaur Discovery Software  1985 
From ENIAC to UNIVAC : Appraisal of the Eckert-Mauchly Computers Book  1 Jun 1981 
GPSS Primer Book  1972 
Graphs and Charts on the BBC Microcomputer Book  Jan 1983 
Guide To Fortran IV Programming Book  1972 
Hard Drive - Bill Gates and the Making of the Microsoft Empire Book  1992 
Instructors Manual Introduction to APL and Computer Programming Book  12 Jan 1976 
Introduction to Programming and Problem Solving with PASCAL Book  26 Apr 1978 
Learning an Applying APL Book  1984 
Mac OS X Tiger for Dummies Book  2005 
Management Problem-Solving with APL Book  Unknown 
Mathematical Methods for Digital Computers Volume 1 Book  Apr 1967 
Mathematical Methods for Digital Computers Volume 1I Book  Jul 1968 
Mavis Hinds Person  1929 
Microprocessor sourcebook Book  1986 
Micros in Mathematics Education - Mechanics 2 - Projectile Motion Software - Educational  1985 
Micros in Mathematics Education - Mechanics 7 - Vectors Software - Educational  1985 
Overdrive: Bill Gates and the Race to Control Cyberspace Book  1997 
Pascal Programming Book  15 Oct 1980 
Problem-solving on the TRS-80 Pocket Computer Book  1982 
Programming Principles in Computer Graphics Book  Unknown 
Programming the IBM System 360 Book  Apr 1967 
Raft-Away River Software - Game  1985 
Raspberry Pi User Guide Book  2012 
Simulation Using GPSS Book  1974 
Software Practice & Experience 1.0 Vol 24 S3 Software  1994 
Software Reliability: Principles and Practices Book  22 Sep 1976 
Structured Programming in PL./C Book  Jan 1973 
System Design for Computer Applications Book  1963 
System/370 Job Control Language - Second Edition Book  1987 
The Anaysis of Information Systems Book  1966 
The Interactive Science Laboratory Software  1986 
The Supermen: The Story of Seymour Cray and the Technical Wizards Behind the Supercomputer Book  Jan 1997 
The Telecommuters Book  1987 
The Virtual Reality Programmer's Kit Book  1994 
Thinking Recursively Book  1986 
Understanding Digital Computers Book  Jan 1971 
Using BBC Basic Book  1983 
Using CP/M (Self-teaching Guides) Book  Nov 1980 
Wiley Publishing Space Invaders Poster Promotional Item  Unknown 
WordStar and CP-M Made Easy Book  1983 
Writing Interactive Compilers and Interpreters Book  1979 

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