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1973 [Detail]
 4th January More HP 2100As for Makro UK stores
 11th January Potters diskette challenge to IBM
 18th January Lloyd's New Cash Point
 18th January The first order for 1903T
 25th January First East Europe 4/72 goes to Poland
 February 1973 R2E releases the Micral N
 1st February Rank Xerox
 1st February Rank Xerox 530 mini launched
 8th February Honeywell MULTICS package
 8th February More VM power launched by IBM
 8th February ESRO plan ousts IBM
 8th February Vocom has great datacom potential
 15th February PO switches to Crossbar
 15th February Dual 1904S for Social Security
 15th February Century 251 comes to Britain
 15th February 1106-based system for Italian courts
 22nd February DEC graphic-11 - New digital system released
 22nd February Massey Ferguson plan to replace 370/145 with 360/65
 1st March Xerox Alto personal computer is developed at Xerox PARC
 1st March Storm over EEC order with IBM
 1st March NCR 280
 1st March Plessey shares in 5.5m ATC order
 1st March Marconi system for the army
 1st March Common Market to have 370/145
 8th March Launch of B700
 8th March Burroughs fills out range with B700
 8th March 2030A launched by Honeywell
 15th March 9m weather centre to be established at Shinfield Park, Reading
 22nd March Univac announces the new 9480
 22nd March Introduction of IBM's 370/115 in US and Canada
 29th March London boroughs communications network completed
 12th April Amdahl plans to corner large scale market
 12th April 1906A to be installed at Royal Armament Research and Development Establishment
 12th April Memorex scores two firsts with MRX/40
 19th April First government software deal for L-A
 26th April ICL launch 2903
 26th April Sintrom launches cartridge memory
 29th April Memorex in bid for big Soviet contract
 3rd May Logica to sell ARPA know-how
 3rd May ICL studies giant array system
 3rd May Wang 2200 makes UK debut this month
 10th May Triad Computing Systems
 10th May LSI mini for under 500 from CAI
 17th May New Honeywell 6000 - widen market search
 17th May Univac goes for European real time
 17th May Science Research Council order two 370/145's
 17th May Honeywell 6025 boosts lower end of range
 17th May Singer wins major PoS orders from Woolworths, Debenhams
 22nd May Bob Metcalfe invents Ethernet
 24th May Ferranti - Plessey
 31st May Xerox moves in Swedish market
 31st May New SLAM language analogue modelling
 7th June Hotel group first with IBM system
 7th June SB Electronic Systems Ltd introduce a low cost alphanumeric bar-code reader
 14th June Ferranti launches IS7 system with new Argus 700s
 14th June Argus 700 series launched by Ferranti
 21st June ICL Key-Edit 1000
 21st June On-line link to serve Commons
 21st June ICL launch Key-Edit 100
 28th June ICL Grid 77
 28th June Hitachi and Singer enter joint adventure
 5th July Prime 300 launch
 12th July IBM launches new banking system
 19th July Model 15 fills gap in IBM range
 19th July Biggest Czech order for ICL System 4/72
 19th July Stock Exchange contracts for Logica
 19th July Canada-UK time sharing link opens
 25th July UK connects to ARPANET
 26th July Argos open first 'catalogue showrooms'
 26th July Aberdeen Disco leadsthe worls
 28th July ICL to get first Grid 77 order
 28th July Kalle Infotec Ltd enter the office information processing equipment market
 9th August ICL and Ferranti
 9th August British Airways Board place contracts worth nearly 2m with ICL and Ferranti
 9th August Plessey get 1m Post Office order
 9th August IBM launch new model of System 7
 16th August 1.5m Compcard order for inquiry system
 23rd August ICL adds 7900 to range controllers
 23rd August Argus 700E
 23rd August IBM moves into PoS with 3650 units
 23rd August BP to install 2.8m Univac 1110 system
 30th August British Airways Board order for 2 IBM 370/168 queried by House of Commons
 30th August Pertec Printer P7330
 30th August Burroughs launches new cash dispenser
 6th September Wyly Corporation reports profits of $771,000 for the first half of 1973
 6th September Central Electricity Generating Board doubles data transmission rates to 9,600 bits per second
 6th September International Mathematical and Statistical Libraries release Library 2 Edition 3 for Univac 1100 series
 6th September Control Data Corporation (CDC) releases 667 and 669 magnetic tape transports
 6th September Green Shield Trading Stamp orders second NCR Century 200 for automated stock control
 6th September Boots the Chemist upgrades to IBM 370/145 computers
 6th September Britain exports more computing equipment than it imports
 6th September ICL P3 and P4
 6th September Nixdorf Computer 880/45
 6th September NATO computer-based air defence system goes into full operation
 6th September CDC installs 6600 link to the Hague
 13th September Cyber wins 1.5m orders
 13th September 3m European PoS order for Singer
 13th September Micro APL machine from Canadian firm
 13th September Am-Ex now looks at credit card terminals
 13th September GEC moves into the cash card market
 13th September First mini-system launched by Digital
 20th September IBM to pay Telex damages of $352m
 20th September Dataskil/Sogeti link on software projects
 20th September EMI looks to voice data input market
 20th September Post Office opts for GEC Mark II
 20th September Spacer links CSD to PRISM system
 27th September Call 370 comes to UK from CDC
 27th September Interdata launch two mega-mini systems
 27th September 2903 bids for bigger market
 11th October New Range centre for CCA
 11th October RAF supply system goes live
 18th October 1906S at centre of German complex
 18th October Glasgow schools in 1m CAI project
 18th October Datakeep for security
 18th October Inspec tests Marconi ultrafiche
 19th October Atanasoff declared official inventor of the computer
 25th October Sanders Data System announce 8040
 25th October Network link for CAD Centre's 1904A
 25th October Univac Series 90 challenges IBM
 25th October Hospital Boards go for 1903Ts
 1st November Logabax 2600
 1st November Melcom system based on Digico 16V
 1st November Serpukhov buys RRE Algol 68 compiler
 1st November IBM launches 3660 PoS system in the US
 1st November Big H6060 for STC database
 8th November Olivetti wins big PO VRC order
 8th November UK TOPS know-how to be sold in US
 8th November Iris 45s worth 1m ordered from CII
 8th November Reservations system for Sealink
 15th November IBM in Nigeria
 15th November Olivetti P652
 15th November BOC size doubled by Datasolve take-over
 15th November Europe's MADAP system goes live
 15th November H2030A launched in UK
 15th November Olivetti launch P652 micrcomputer
 22nd November DEC takes up the OEM challenge
 22nd November Link-Miles and Redifon Flight Simulation win Concorde flight simulator contract
 22nd November Nimrod contract won by Ferranti
 29th November EEC Industry plans
 29th November NCR Century 75
 29th November ICL-based system at Islington
 29th November NCR Century 75 available in UK
 29th November BAC buys Marconi Elliott's new ATE units
 6th December Logica weather watch contract
 6th December Weather Watch contract for Logica
 6th December BOC expands again and buys Sanaco
 6th December Burroughs launch conversion aid range
 13th December Scottish Bureau, Systems Consultants Ltd take over Conversational Software Ltd
 13th December Wall's Ice Cream to get 1903T
 13th December Apeco launches Series 400 in Britain
 20th December Barclays places order for 12 Cyber 1000
 20th December Real time simulation with Pacer-600
 20th December NMW orders Ferranti terminal network

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