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10 Greatest Games II  Gremlin  Cassette Boxed 
100% Dynamite   (4 games)  Ocean  Cassette Boxed After burner.Fire hazard, Wee Le Mans, Double dragon.
4 Quattro Adventure (4 games) Codemasters Cassette cased Vampire, Ghost hunters, Super Robin Hood, Dizzy.
4 Quattro Arcade    (4 games) Codemasters Cassette cased pinball simulator,3D starfighter,Grand prix 2, fruit machine simulator.
4 Quattro Combat   (4 games) Codemasters Cassette cased Death stalker.SAS combat sim.,Ninja massacre, Arcade flight sim.
4 Quattro Power (4 games)  Codemasters Cassette cased Moto X,Twin Turbo V8, Street fighter, Bionic Commando.
6Pak Hit Pack Cassette cased Eagles nest.light force, ace, batty.lnt Karate A,lnt karate B.shockway rider
AA Birthday Gift Pack -   Cassette cased Shinobi
AA Xmas Cassette -    Cassette cased Total Eclipse
AA Xmas Cassette -    Cassette cased The Untouchables
Ace 2 Gamebusters    Cassette cased 
Ace of Aces Kixx    Cassette cased 
Agent XII Mastertronic    Cassette cased 
Airwolf 2 Elite (encore)    Cassette cased 
Alex Higgins World Snooker Gem (Amsoft)  Cassette cased 
Alpine Games   Atlantis  Cassette cased 
Amazing Amstrad Omnibus  Interface  Cassette cased 27 small programs
Amsrad Action   (2 games) - Cassette cased Lost Caves, Space Froggy + demo.
Amstrad Action      Cover Cassette - Cassette cased No1 April 1991
Amstrad Action Cover     Cassette - Cassette cased No 2 May 1991
Amstrad Action Cover     Cassette - Cassette cased No 3 June 1991
Amstrad Action Cover     Cassette - Cassette cased No 4 July 1991
Amstrad Action Cover     Cassette - Cassette cased No 5 August 1991
Amstrad Action Cover     Cassette - Cassette cased No 6 September 1991
Amstrad Action Cover     Cassette - Cassette cased No 7 October 1991
Amstrad Action Cover     Cassette - Cassette cased No 8 November 1991
Amstrad Action Cover     Cassette - Cassette cased No 9 December 1991
Amstrad Action Cover     Cassette - Cassette cased No 10 January 1992
Amstrad Action Cover     Cassette - Cassette cased No 11 February 1992
Amstrad Action Cover     Cassette - Cassette cased No 12 March 1992
Amstrad Action Cover     Cassette - Cassette cased No 13 April 1992
Amstrad Action Cover     Cassette - Cassette cased No 14 May 1992
Amstrad Action Cover     Cassette - Cassette cased No 15 June 1992
Amstrad Action Cover     Cassette - Cassette cased No 16 July 1992
Amstrad Action Cover     Cassette - Cassette cased No 17 August 1992
Amstrad Action Cover     Cassette - Cassette cased No 18 September 1992
Amstrad Action Cover     Cassette - Cassette cased No 22 January 1993
Amstrad Action Cover     Cassette - Cassette cased No 23 February 1993 2 off
Amstrad Action Cover     Cassette - Cassette cased No 24 March 1993
Amstrad Action Cover     Cassette - Cassette cased No 25 April 1993
Amstrad Action Cover     Cassette - Cassette cased No 26 May 1993
Amstrad Action Cover     Cassette - Cassette cased No 26 August 1993
AMX ART   Database  Cassette cased also AmX Mouse (but no mouse) + disc
ATV    Codemasters Cassette cased 
Badlands    Tengen  Cassette cased 
Bank   Switch software Datel Electronics Cassette cased Utility following memory upgrade to CPC464
Bib Cassette head cleaner -   Cassette cased 
Bomb Fusion Mastertronic   Cassette cased Spectrum on reverse
Bruce Lee Americana   Cassette cased 
Bubble Bobble The Hit Squad   Cassette cased 
Climb it    Tynesoft  Cassette cased 
Colossus Chess 4   CDS  Cassette cased 
Conflicts    PSS  Cassette Boxed 
Deep    US Gold  Cassette Boxed 
Die Alien Slime   Mastertronic Cassette cased 
Easi-Amsword   Juniper (Amsoft) Cassette cased 
Exolon    Hewson  Cassette Boxed 
Fantasy World Dizzy  CodeMasters Cassette cased 
Fire Zone PSS     Cassette Boxed 
Football Manager   Addictive  Cassette Boxed 
Forgotten Worlds   Kixx  Cassette cased 
Formula Grand Prix  Alternative software Cassette cased 
Giants    US Gold  Cassette Boxed Rolling thunder.Gauntlet II, 720deg,Outrun, California games
Harrier Attack   Durrell (Amsoft) Cassette cased 
Heavy Metal   Access  Cassette Boxed 
Heroes of the Lance  Kixx  Cassette cased 
Indy    US Gold  Cassette Boxed 
Kikstart 2   Mastertronic Cassette cased 
Laser Squad   Blade  Cassette Boxed 
LED Storm   Capcom  Cassette Boxed 
Lords of Chaos   Blade  Cassette Boxed
Los Angeles SWAT  Entertainment USA Cassette cased
Megamix    (4 games)  Ocean  Cassette Boxed       Operation wolf.the real ghostbusters, Barbarian II, Dragon Ninja.
Midnight Resistance  Ocean  Cassette cased
Mini Office   Database  Cassette cased
Multimix (3 games)   Kixx  Cassette cased       Street fighter, Bionic commando, 1943.
Munch it    Tynesoft  Cassette cased
Myth    System 3 Cassette Boxed
Operation Gun Ship  Codemasters Cassette cased
Overlander   Elite (encore) Cassette cased
Radius    Players  Cassette cased
Red Arrows   Database software Cassette cased       larger case
Robocop    Ocean  Cassette Boxed
Roland Ahoy   Computersmith (Amsoft) Cassette cased
Rooster Run   Samurai  Cassette cased
Saboteur    Elite (encore) Cassette cased
Shark    Players  Cassette cased
Smiley + Computing w t   Amstrad  Cassette cased       Vol 1 No 1 (cover cassette)
Special Action   (5 games)  Ocean  Cassette Boxed       Driller.the vindicator.SDI, Captain Blood, Daley Thompson...
Spitfire    Elite (encore) Cassette cased
Strider    US Gold  Cassette Boxed
Strider    Kixx  Cassette cased
Super Off Road   Virgin  Cassette Boxed
Super Stunt Man   Codemasters Cassette cased
SuperGran   Tynesoft  Cassette cased
Supreme Challenge  Beau Jolly Cassette Boxed       elite, starglider,Tetris,Ace II, The Sentinel
Technician Ted   Hewson  Cassette cased
The Newzealand Story  The Hit Squad Cassette cased
The Tengen Trilogy   Domark  Cassette Boxed       Cyberball.Klax, Escape. Spectrum on reverse.
Thunder Blade   Kixx  Cassette cased
Turrican    Kixx  Cassette cased
Venom    Gremlin  Cassette Boxed
Vulcan - the Tunisian Campaign R T Smith Cassette Boxed       Instructions for spectrum - same.
War Hawk   Firebird  Cassette cased
Welcome to Amsoft Demo  Amsoft  Cassette cased
Wheels of Fire     (4 games)  Domark  Cassette Boxed       Turbo Outrun, chase HQ, Hard drivin'.Powerdrift.
WoIf pack   Blue Ribbon Cassette cased 
Amstrad Games Disc 1  Amsoft  Disc uncased doors of doom, hunchback II, Supertest 2, Roland in Time, Nomad, hunchback I.
Amstrad Games Disc 2  Amsoft  Disc uncased Qabbalah.the prize, supertest day 2, Tuba Ruba, World series baseball, shape & sound
Amstrad Games Disc 3  Amsoft  Disc uncased Monopoly, Cluedo, Scalextric, Scrabble.
Amstrad Games Disc 4  Amsoft  Disc uncased Trivial Pursuit.
AMX Mouse   Digital Research Disc cased no mouse though.
Blood wych   Image  Disc cased 
CP/M 2,2 System & Utilities  Digital Research Disc cased 
CP/M Plus System & Utilities Digital Research Disc cased 
Disk 50 -   Disc  cased 50 small programs
Extra Extra (Stop press)  Database  Disc Boxed 2 discs
General Military Simulator  SPM  Disc uncased with instructions
Mini Office II   Database  Disc Boxed book of instructions
Red Heat    Ocean  Disc cased 
Stop Press   Database  Disc cased 
Brunword    Elite Brunning software Disk Boxed 


Platform : Amstrad CPC464
Format :
Publisher :
Authors :
Date : Unknown
Product Code :




This exhibit has a reference ID of CH3045. Please quote this reference ID in any communication with the Centre for Computing History.
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