Practical Computing - May 1982, Volume 5, Issue 5

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Publication Date : May 1982

Publication Contents :

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41 Editorial [Article]
Peter Laurie
Hit any key to continue?
43 Feedback [Article]
Reader's letters covering topics including Pet networks, the future for Prestel, structured languages.
46 BDC-600 operates in the Unix tradition [News Item]
The Bleasdale BDC-600 is the first British computer specifically designed for Unix-style operating systems. The BDC-600 is a big micro capable of performing any task traditionally associated with minicomputers.
46 Making light of airfreight [News Item]
Airman Six is an airfreight management system for the Apple II computer. The program can handle most airfreight tasks, including the printing of waybills, daybooks, back-referencing files, consolidations, and a number of other functions.
46 How to give a Pet a change of character [News Item]
Alpha Plus is a character generator for Commodore Pet microcomputers which inserts easily into the present character-generator ROM socket.
47 Education at all levels [News Item]
Educational micro users both sides of the border will be interested in the latest issue of Scottish Educational Review. Subtititled "Microelectronics in Education", it is edited by Jim Howe of Edinburgh University's Artificial Intelligence department, and includes articles covering applications of the micro in education from primary level to university.
47 Accountants' competition [News Item]
Accountants should blot those balance sheets and hurry down to their nearest Commodore/CSM dealer to enter a competition for which the prizes are 6,000 worth of computer goodies.
47 Dutch transmit software to serve more micros [News Item]
Radio Netherlands is to broadcast another series of software suitable for a wide range of micros. This time it will be using its own communications protocol, the Hobbyscope code, which it hopes will become an Esperanto for communication between microcomputers as well as improving the capture rate of programs broadcast on both AM and FM radio.
49 Word processing for the first-timer [News Item]
The 3007 system word processor is styled like an electronic typewriter to provide first-timers with a low-cost word processor, according to its makers the Dictaphone Company.
49 ZX users taste real world with RD range [News Item]
Sinclair owners wanting to experience the delights of computing in the real world will welcome the RD-8100 series. The range includes two motherboards and five interface modules.
49 Holding data for 100 years [News Item]
A Bristol firm has announced a new rival for paper. The SGS M-120 is a nonvolatile RAM device that can retain data without a power supply for 100 years. The device has a 256 by four-bit configuration, and uses a special n-channel, silicon-gate, double-polysilicon, MOS technology. This allows the contents of the memory to be written, erased, and rewritten electrically with maximum reliability and data retention.
50 HP 32-bit system may overtake its rival [News Item]
Hewlett-Packard's 32-bit system could leap-frog 16-bit microcomputers. Strictly speaking the 32-bit computer would come within the mini end of the computer market, but its price might well place such a machine in direct competition with the largest micro systems.
50 New launch by Lifeboat [News Item]
Lifeboat Associates has launched a new business-graphics package for micro computer users. The software publishers claim that Graftalk has simple commands but can still produce a variety of bar charts, vertical or horizontal, with legends and axis labels, and pie charts.
50 EPROM in kit form [News Item]
The MSC/A2 EPROM programmer can also be used as an EPROM memory board. This easy-to-build kit is suitable for most microcomputers, and directly fits the UK 101 or Superboard machines through a 40-way ribbon and plug arrangement.
50 Floppy disc, stiff mailer [News Item]
Although at first sight the Mailsafe floppy mailers might make you reach for the origami manual they are in practice remarkably simple to use. The 5.25-inch and 8-inch disc mailers are each capable of protecting up to four discs.
50 Star of file transfer [News Item]
Filestar is a software package for transferring text files from one type of computer to another. Used with the wide range of compilers, assemblers, cross assemblers, text editors and so on that are available from CP/M systems, it is a very powerful software-development system.
50 U-A/D is complete Apple interface pack [News Item]
The U-A/D complete interfacing system for the Apple II microcomputer includes an eight-channel, high-speed 12-bit A/D converter, 16-digital I/O lines and timer functions, complete documentation and example programs.
52 Superbrain HD [Advert]
53 Automate or die [Article]
Bill Bennett
What is the Government doing to encourage the use of computers in British manufacturing industry?
54 PBM-1000 [Review]
Chris Bidmead
Chris Bidmead reviews the new small business system with a combination of hard and floppy discs.
58 Seeing is Believing - New Act Sirius 1 [Advert]
Double-page, colour advert.
60 "Give me one good reason why I should choose a VIC 20 home computer." [Advert]
61 Genie I and II [Review]
Martin Eccles
Martin Eccles reviews the Genie I home computer and compares it to the Video Genie and the Genie II business computer.
66 Sinclair ZX81 Personal Computer [Advert]
Double-page, colour advert.
69 Arfon light-pen [Review]
Nick Laurie
Nick Laurie tests the new light pen from Arfon: the hardware works, but is your software good enough?
71 Grown-up MBasic [Article]
Chris Bidmead
MBasic has become the de facto standard for many personal-computer users. Chris Bidmead reveals the features which have kept it so popular with amateurs and professionals alike.
76 The Vector Graphic 5005 and 5032 [Advert]
77 SuperCalc [Article]
Kevin Caley
VisiCalc proved such a success for 6502-based systems that a number of CP/M look-alike versions have been spawned. Kevin Caley assesses one of them.
81 Pearcom - the new, Apple-II compatible Euro-PAL colour microcomputer [Advert]
82 Hi-Tech VDU 4080 [Advert]
84 How will the giants react to the micro? [Article]
Clare Gooding
Will the new personal-computer companies oust the established giants in computing giants such IBM?
93 Whitehall and the corridors of power [Type-In Listing]
Simon Goodwin
A game of skill, intrigue and a little chance, written for the Pet by Simon Goodwin.
98 Fair Repair [Article]
Brian Williams
101 Micros can help the handicapped [Article]
Martin Hayman
Martin Hayman visits Dr Ranjit Gill at Brighton Polytechnic, who is developing computer systems to aid the handicapped.
104 Putting life into sketches [Article]
John Lewell
The latest developments in computerised film animation.
107 Torch Computer [Advert]
109 Making it fun to learn tables [Type-In Listing]
John Craig
John Craig presents some programs to help teach multiplication tables in school.
114 Osborne 1 [Advert]
117 Machine-code subroutines on the Pet [Article]
P.H. Richards
Make the most of the powerful machine-code routines hidden in the Pet.
125 Correlation [Type-In Listing]
Malcolm Mountford
Malcolm Mountford gives the correct procedure and algorithms for Fisher's randomisation test for statistical significance.
127 All-purpose graphics routines from Gino [Article]
Brian Reffin Smith
Brian Reffin Smith continues his series on design, graphics and sound.
130 BBC: sky is the limit [Article]
Martin Hayman
Is Acorn bidding to become the IBM of 1984? Martin Hayman looks at the progress being made by BBC and Acorn engineers towards software-programmable "data grabbers".
133 Reader survey [Article]
Tell us about yourself and you could win 50 in our lucky draw.
136 Open File [Article]
A 16-page section of your programs, including ZX-80/81 Line-up, Z-80 Zodiac, 6502 Special, Pet Corner, Apple Pie, Disc Dialogue and Tandy Forum.
137 Dynabyte 5000 - The System That Grows With You [Advert]
138 The Ricoh 1600S Printer [Advert]
143 Tuscan - the all-British microcomputer [Advert]
160 British Genius Microcomputer [Advert]
161 Micromouse: Heavy Metal Mickeys [Article]
Bill Bennett
Bill Bennett anticipates this year's final of the Micromouse contest at the Computer Fair, Earls Court.
163 Book Reviews [Review]
'Computers in Farming, Milestone or Millstone?' by T. Rehman and R.J. Esslemont, 'Simple Pascal' by James J. McGregor and Alan H. Watt, 'The Joys of Minis and Micros' by P.G. Stein, 'A Primer on Pascal' by Richard Conway, David Gries and E. Carl Zimmerman.
164 Beating the betting levy [Article]
Tony Roberts
167 Atom assembler: More basic than Basic [Article]
Norman Kirkby
Norman Kirkby illuminates some of the mysteries of op codes and assembler.
171 Buyers' Guide - Software [Article]
187 The War Machine - Starfighter [Article]
Bob Collman
Starfighter - an advanced arcade-style game for the TRS-80.

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