Practical Computing - August 1982, Volume 5, Issue 8

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Publication Date : August 1982

Publication Contents :

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2 Cromemco System One [Advert]
24 UltraBrain...more SuperBrain for less money [Advert]
29 Rair gives you More [Advert]
33 Editorial [Article]
Peter Laurie
A new shape for the micro industry?
34 Tuscan - the all-British microcomputer [Advert]
37 Feedback [Article]
Readers' letters covering topics including BBC Basic and WordStar.
40 Marine caps a success [News Item]
Cap's Seaview work stations have successfully communicated with each other via satellite. Sea View is the world's first viewdata-based electronic office for use at sea, and has been developed by CAP in conjunction with the Department of Industry, British Telecom and Siemens.
40 Xerox pushes on [News Item]
Rank Xerox is persevering in its efforts to break into the business micro market with the Mark II version of Xerox 820, which was launched last winter. The new machine is basically a Z-80, CP/M "cooking" machine, but with a well-graduated range of disc and other options.
40 Stay-home poll [News Item]
Will the home computer bring new opportunities to those whose responsibilities keep them housebound? Or will it simply perpetuate the low wages and isolation which is commonly the lot of women working at home? These are just two of the questions which have prompted a research project, funded by the Equal Opportunities Commission, which will examine the position of the new homeworkers.
41 20K ROM module [News Item]
Just nine months after it was originally promised the 20K BBC ROM conversion for the Acorn Atom is available.
41 32-bit micros set to invade industry [News Item]
The 16-bit micro has been with us for some time now, and a number of 16-bit systems have found their way into various microcomputer installations. Now it looks as though these machines are to be upstaged by a new generation of 32-bit micros. Industry rumours say that Hewlett-Packard has a 32-bit machine on the way, to be joined by a 32-bit micro developed by Acorn in conjunction with National Semiconductor.
41 Reader survey [News Item]
The response to Practical Computing's reader survey ran into several thousands, and more replies are still turning up every day.
41 Technology films [News Item]
John Cleese stars in Video Arts' latest training film. 'What is a Word Processor?' scripted by David Nobbs, writer of the Reginald Perrin series, the film is a comedy about two boss-secretary teams, one with a word processor, one without. It is aimed at both managers and secretarial staff in companies thinking about introducing word processors, and in general emphasises the benefits technology brings.
41 Briefcase viewdata [News Item]
Briefcase Viewdata is the latest product from Tandata Marketing. It gives the user access to Prestel or private viewdata systems from any telephone in the UK.
43 Zap into music [News Item]
Zapple is a board which will turn an Apple II microcomputer into a musical instrument. The Zapple, which comes complete with its driving software, works by using sound tables, created in a similar way to the shape tables.
43 Computing holidays [News Item]
This year sees a record number of residential and non-residential courses aimed at teaching children about computers.
43 Sinclair languages [News Item]
One of the problems of using the ZX-81 is that Sinclair Basic, whatever its other merits, is slow. Writing in machine code is one answer for programmers, but this only produces fast code at the cost of much greater programming effort. Furthermore, the ZX-81 provides no machine-language monitor so the whole procedure is unnecessarily tedious.
43 Interface for Vic-20 [News Item]
An interface has been developed to connect the Commodore VIC-20 microcomputer to a radio transmitter or receiver. The Converter/Decoder costs 89 excluding VAT, and is available from Computer World, Hilversum, Holland.
45 Sinclair goes flat [Article]
Peter Laurie
Peter Laurie visits the Timex plant where Sinclair's products are assembled.
47 OEM's This is Your Board - RADER single board computer [Advert]
48 Sharp PC-1500 [Review]
Bill Bennett
Processing power which fits in the pocket, examined by Bill Bennett.
51 One Expander Card for apple leads to another...Digitek PAL Encoder Card [Advert]
53 Zenith Data Systems [Advert]
54 Televideo 802 [Review]
Chris Bidmead
Chris Bidmead takes a look at a fast new computer with hard discs.
58 The Desk Top Genius - Sharp MZ 80A [Advert]
Double-page, colour advert
61 Graphpac [Review]
Nick Laurie
CCSoft's package for driving intelligent high-resolution graphics, reviewed by Nick Laurie.
65 ACT Pulsar - Industry-standard 16-bit Business Software [Advert]
66 NewBrain - No other micro has this much power in this much size for this much money [Advert]
Double-page, colour advert.
68 The low cost high performance micro for the business professional - UKOM M-Three [Advert]
70 Oasis [Review]
David Watt
An operating system for the modern microcomputer? David Watt investigates.
73 Pearcom - the new, Apple-II compatible Euro-PAL colour microcomputer [Advert]
74 ACT Sirius 1 - The 16-bit Personal Computer [Advert]
Double-page, colour advert.
76 Vector 4 - The Versatile Computer with the features you need for today and tomorrow [Advert]
77 Basic steps towards intelligent programs [Article]
Mike Costello
The promised fifth generation of computers will be intelligent, but Mike Costello shows how you can jump the gun and use AI techniques now.
81 When you outgrow your personal computer, that's the time you'll wish you'd bought a DAI [Advert]
82 Altos Series 5-5D - Open for Business [Advert]
85 Morse code translated using pattern recognition [Article]
Christopher Dracup & Derek Wakelin
Pattern recognition is one of the most popular AI applications; Christopher Dracup and Derek Wakelin teach a Pet to tell the dots from the dashes.
91 APL - a high-level language whose time has come [Article]
Adrian Smith
Adrian Smith describes his favourite, APL - not so much a computer language, more a form of notation.
94 New ZX81 Software from Sinclair [Advert]
98 CP/M - Secrets of the password [Article]
Adrian Hill
Password security system from Adrian Hill.
105 Searching for truth [Article]
Boris Allan
Boris Allan philosophises on program correctness.
108 Putting your message across in print [Article]
Clive Wilkins
Writing documentation and brochures is an important part of selling software, and Clive Wilkins points out the rights and wrongs.
116 Alien Blaster [Type-In Listing]
Chris Histed
Chris Histead provides a version of the popular arcade game to run on CP/M micros.
119 You can't get a Home Computer from Texas Instruments under 16K RAM - TI 99/4A [Advert]
120 Fill-in-the-blanks used in structured programming [Article]
Graham Beech
Using a few standard sentences, Program Description Language can be applied to any program and translated into the relevant language. Graham Beech continues his discussion on structured programming with a look at PDL.
125 Art [Article]
Brian Reffin Smith
More points from the portfolio of Brian Reffin Smith.
127 Hello - help for stock control [Type-In Listing]
Robin Kanagasabay
Robin Kanagasabay's stock-control program Apple Stock runs on the Apple II micro.
133 Open File [Article]
14 pages of software for the more popular micros, including Pet, Apple, ZX-81 and BBC machines.
160 The Galaxy 1 Computer [Advert]
163 Book Reviews [Review]
'Using Microcomputers in Business' by Stanley S Veit, 'Starting Forth' by Leo Brodie, 'Computer Software Protection' edited by Robert Muller.
165 Puzzle [Article]
Douglas Tate
Highland mystery.
167 Buyers' Guide - Software [Article]
187 The War Machine - Hannibal [Review]
Paul Marks
More bloodthirsty deeds on the screen.

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