Practical Computing - October 1982, Volume 5, Issue 10

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Publication Date : October 1982

Publication Contents :

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10 Commodore 8000 Series - In front of you, a great system [Advert]
Double-page advert.
17 Jupiter Ace - Probably the fastest microcomputer in the universe [Advert]
33 Editorial [Article]
Peter Laurie
CP/M versus Unix.
35 Feedback [Article]
User's letters covering topics including Spectrum delays, Mathematical induction, Pet quick formatter.
40 MP/M Basic interpreter [News Item]
XBasic is the first Basic interpreter for Z-80 systems which provides a true MP/M compatibility. The real benefit of XBasic is the ability to write applications which take advantage pf MP/M's record locking and testandwrite facilities.
40 NVR-64 [News Item]
The makers of the NVR-64, a plug-in, 64K, non-volatile memory module, claims it will change the way you think about memory. The unit can retain data for 10 years, and accepts an unlimited number of read-write cycles.
40 Japanese portable has real staying power [News Item]
A truly portable, A4-sized computer weighing less than 4lb, with a full-size keyboard, built-in display and printer, is being launched in the U.K. by the Japanese company Epson. Priced at under 500, the product is aimed squarely at the business user. It is expected to be available in November under the name HX-20.
41 Acorn micros acquire lisp [News Item]
A new version of the Lisp programming language has been developed for the Acorn Atom and the BBC Micro. Developed by Owl computers in conjunction with Acornsoft the new Lisp interpreters are cassette based and come together with a specifically written introduction to the language.
41 New Z-80 based micro [News Item]
The Merlin is a new Z-80 based micro capable of running software written for the Tandy TRS-80 or Video Genie.
41 Combined database manager and word processor goes world-wide [News Item]
In its first full year on the market, Silicon Office has established itself as the premier software package for the Commodore Pet microcomputer.
41 Coming events [News Item]
Listings for a Pascal course, Unix and C courses, Science on a ZX-81, Software Expo and the Northern Computer Fair.
41 Ex-Sinclair designers lead with an Ace [News Item]
The Jupiter Ace is a new microcomputer developed by two of the designers responsible for the ZX Spectrum. Tje Jupiter costs only 89.95 and uses the Forth programming language.
43 Wider choice for Sirius [News Item]
ACT Sirius users can now use the USCD p-system to gain access to a large base of applications software already written for the Apple, IBM, DEC and other commonly available microcomputers.
43 Paragraph grabber [News Item]
Paragrab is a program which can extract key information from files and produce a new document containing those paragraphs in a specific order. It will run on any computer using CP/M or any of its derivatives, and may be used in conjunction with an existing word-processing package.
43 Now CP/M appears on multiprocessor ICL [News Item]
Microcomputer users wishing to upgrade to a larger system will be interested to hear of the CP/M implementation for the ICL Distributed Resources System, the DRS-20. The DRS-20 series consists of machines that use a number of microprocessors, each one performing a dedicated task.
43 Convert analogue to digital and back [News Item]
A low-cost solution to laboratory computing problems is provided by the Series A and Series D interfaces. The Series A range is IEEE-488 compatible, and the Series D range allows connection to any computer with a general-purpose parallel port.
43 Data display package [News Item]
Graphmagic is a new package which can display arithmetic data in a graphics format. It can be used in conjunction with VisiCalc or Mathemagic, simply using the data files as sources of data for the graphics.
45 CCS 300 [Review]
David Watt
A weighty family of micros with ample memory capacity has arrived from Sunnyvale, California. David Watt looks at a supermicro from California Computer Systems.
48 Dragon 32 [Review]
Mike Hughes
Yet another powerful colour computer for less than 200 - Mike Hughes found the Dragon to be more than a toy.
52 Acorn Atom - A bigger range than the Himalayas [Advert]
53 Hawk 6480 OEM SBC - The board you'd design yourself - if only you had the time [Advert]
54 Soundchaser [Review]
David Ellis
Electronic music is everywhere, from Switched on Back to Top of the Pops - David Ellis reviews a computer-synthesis system based on the Apple II.
58 ACT Sirius 1 - The 16-bit Personal Computer [Advert]
Double-page, colour advert.
62 Chris Curry of Acorn [Interview]
Ian Stobie
Acorn is a company to be reckoned with in computing, yet the forces behind it are not so well known. Ian Stobie meets Chris Curry, one of Acorn's founding fathers.
66 Dragon 32 [Advert]
Double-page, colour advert.
73 Torch...Puts the world at your fingertips [Advert]
74 NewBrain - No other micro has this much power in this much size for this much money [Advert]
Double-page, colour advert.
78 Monte Carlo Methods - A Beginners' guide [Article]
William Hill
Random numbers are the basis of a powerful equation-solving technique - William Hill seeks order from the chaos.
85 Compiled or interpreted Applesoft? [Article]
Roger Hill
Looked at for us by Roger Hill.
89 ZX Spectrum [Advert]
Four-page, colour advert.
93 BBC Microcomputer achieves complex graphics [Article]
T.K. Cowell
Apparently instantaneous displays, explained by T.K. Cowell.
97 Zenith Z-120 - the 16-bit Micro with 8-bit compatibility and colour graphics [Advert]
100 VIC-20 - How to make the best home computer in the world even better [Advert]
106 Decision 1 - The only machine that runs almost everything [Advert]
Double-page, colour advert.
111 Certainly not the BBC Micro [Article]
P.K. Chilvers
P.K. Chilvers weighs up the Sinclair Spectrum against its BBC rival
116 A voice emerges from the wilderness [Article]
Paul Marsden
Paul Marsden shows how a microcomputer can be made to produce natural-sounding speech.
124 Programming for a purpose [Article]
Arnold Maughan
Arnold Maughan, himself a programmer, shares his knowledge.
126 You can't get a Home Computer from Texas Instruments under 16K RAM - TI 99/4A [Advert]
129 Wordpro Revisited [Article]
Add extra routines to enhance your Pet word processor - David Osborne did it first.
132 Micromouse: How to reach the centre of the maze [Type-In Listing]
Roy Sayers
The silicon rodent makes its return with a maze-solving method from Roy Sayers.
135 Hearing Aid [Article]
David Langford
141 Data structures using pointers [Article]
David Bolton
How to make effective use of memory space.
147 Airlander [Type-In Listing]
Nicholas Lloyd
A game written for the Pet from Nicholas Lloyd which puts you in the hot seat as the plane comes in to land.
149 Trust Alphatronic because businesses have grown up with Adler [Advert]
153 Open File [Article]
14 pages of microcomputer software for the serious programmer.
170 The small Business Computer by the Biggest in the Business - the IBM Personal [Advert]
Double-page, colour advert.
178 The Galaxy 1 Computer [Advert]
189 Book Reviews [Review]
'Think Again' by Mildred L.G. Shaw and Cliff McKnight, 'Using the Unix System' by Richard Gauthier, 'Pet Graphics' by Nick Hampshire, 'How to Buy the Right Small Business Computer System' by C Roger Smolin.
190 Puzzle [Article]
Can you shoot the smak beast?
193 SuperBrain II [Advert]
195 Buyers' Guide - Microcomputers [Article]
213 Uncertain on its pins [Article]
Boris Allan
Boris Allan investigates 16-bit chips.
215 Tuscan S100 - Designed for expanding minds [Advert]
243 Quantam 2000 [Advert]

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