Retro Computer Festival 2019 - 7th & 8th September

Retro Computer Festival 2019 - 7th & 8th September
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Description :

Following the success of last years event, we'll be dedicating another entire weekend to the Retro Computing Community. The Centre for Computing History will be opening its doors on the 7th & 8th September 2019 and welcoming enthusiasts to exhibit their personal collections, retro computing mods and hacks.

This year promises to to be the largest ever, with more exhibitors and more computers than ever before! And it's a truly international event.

This year we have computers coming from all over the world - Japan, USA, Taiwan, Belgium, France, Brazil, Argentina, Czech Republic, Hungary and the former Soviet Union - as well as many classic British computers too.

The event will be free to exhibitors and entry for visitors is just standard museum entry.

Exhibitors can exhibit for 1 day or both. If required exhibitors can set-up on the Friday evening too.

Binary Dinosaurs
Fuelled by discovering a lone Enterprise64 in a field in 1998, Adrian's collection is as eclectic as it is far reaching through UK home computing history. This year he'll be showing us the Franken81 - a unique French ZX81 like none you've ever seen before - as well as many of his collection of rare and exotic machines.
[Saturday & Sunday]

David Williams
Dave will be bringing some classics of 70s computer - the Altair and Heathkit H8 as well as some surprises too!
[Saturday & Sunday]

Andy Taylor
Andy is well known in the retro computing community and will be bringing along a selection of his more unusual machines.
[Saturday & Sunday]

Roy Templeman
Roy will be be bringing us the Good, the Bad and the Ugly from his extensive collection of home computers. Expect machines that make you go "what on earth is that?".
[Saturday & Sunday]

Kris Garrein
Kris is coming all the way from Ghent to prove to us that the Dai - Belgium's most famous home grown computer - actually exists! And hopefully he'll be bringing us other surprises on the Eurostar too.
[Saturday & Sunday]

Richard Atkinson
Richard's collection includes some truly exotic machines from even more exotic locations - Brazil, Argentina, the Czech Republic, Russia and the former Soviet Union - and he'll be bringing us a selection of these rare and unusual computers.
[Saturday & Sunday]

Here be Dragons!
Tony will be bringing a range of unusual Japanese computers, as well as a handful of machines from his cabinet of curiosities! Oh, and a Dragon. Of course.
[Saturday & Sunday]

Jonn Blanchard of Re-enthused
There's a grey area between computers and consoles, and Jonn Blanchard (author of 'Gaming in the Obscure') will be showing us a range of unusual and uncommon machines that straddle that gap - computers made into consoles and consoles that want to be computers.
[Saturday & Sunday]

Vintage Computer Club
Sean Billings of the Vintage Computer Club will be bringing along a collection of computers from the 80's and 90's and helping anyone that would like to try to learn about programming on them. The Club's mission is about bringing together a community of people who enjoy our computer technology past, it is about educating, but more than that it is about fun.
[Saturday & Sunday]

ARITH-MATIC is a British computational hardware project and micro startup. They craft a range of DIY hardware kits which beautifully dissect the complex mechanisms of computation, and will be exclusively showcasing their latest products.
[Saturday & Sunday]

The Centre for Computing History
This year, we're going to have our own table, and take the opportunity to show some rare and wonderful machines that don't normally see the light of day. We'll tell more closer to the event!
[Saturday & Sunday]

Chris Carter
Chris will be bringing his Newbear 77-68s - hopefully we'll have three working examples of this rare kit computer that's arguably the first ever British home computer. He'll also be bringing one of the very first (if not, again, the first) 16bit desktop computer, the Oliveti M20, as well as a PiDP-8 and PiDP-11.
[Saturday & Sunday]

Jonathan Pallant
Jonathan will be showing off his 1980s-style homebrew ARM computer - The Monotron. With a ROM written in the Rust Programming Language, JP has squeezed into 32K of RAM: 8-colour 48x36 text mode, monochrome 80x25 text mode, 384x288 bitmap graphics mode, 3 channel wavetable synthesiser, PS/2 keyboard and mouse support, MIDI interface, Atari Joystick port, SD card slot with FAT/FAT32 support, Parallel Printer support and a Command line shell plus BASIC!
[Saturday & Sunday]

Jon Hales
Jon will be working with the museum to demonstrate a range of our more unusual and exotic machines.
[Saturday & Sunday]

David Wade
David will be demonstrating an FPGA emulation of the Manchester Baby - and showing us how to play hangman on a pen plotter!
[Saturday & Sunday]

Spencer Owen - RC2014
A selection of RC2014 retro computer kits based on the Z80, which will be demonstrating some of the things you can do with CP/M, BASIC and Z80 assembly code, along with a few kits for sale so you can build your own Z80 computer from scratch!
[Saturday & Sunday]

Neal Crook
Neal will demonstrate his FPGA-based 6809 computer running Forth, FLEX, Nitr-OS9, Fuzix and more. Neal will also be showing his NASCOM-2 running PolyDos from a solid-state disc
[Sunday ONLY]

Richard Oliver - LogicaTronics Limited
LogicaTronics has created a new Single Board Computer based on a classic microprocessor design with modern conveniences. Known as the "Yorkshire-Pud", in line with the amusing trend for electronic products named after foodstuffs, we hope it to become popular with your lovely support and interest. Richard will be on hand to respond to your questions.
[Saturday & Sunday]

Marcel van Kervinck - Gigatron
Marcel will be bringing his Gigatron TTL kit computer. A single-board computer based on simple 7400-series logic, yet powerful enough to play video games and run BASIC. Marcel will demonstrate a new feature: the ability to run 6502 programs, such as Microchess from 1976. All without a microprocessor on board, let alone a 6502!
[Saturday & Sunday]

Retro Computer Museum
Our good friends from RCM in Leicester will be bringing along a selection of retro goodies.
[Saturday  ONLY]

Jeremy Owen
Jeremy will be bringing his HP85 and HP87 systems, complete with disk drives, pen plotters and printers. The 7550 pen plotter was the fastest ever built! 
[Sunday  ONLY]

The National Museum of Computing
Our good friends from Bletchley park will also be bringing along a selection of retro goodies! More news on what as we get it.
[Saturday & Sunday] - Quang Nyugen
His enormous collection of consoles made us all so jealous at the Japanese Retro Festival, so we're very happy he's coming to this event too! The theme for this event - consoles with keyboards.
[Saturday & Sunday]

Wi-fi Sheep - Tom Williamson
Come and play with some of the distinctive projects from Tom Williamson's growing Youtube channel! Featuring the upgraded 8-Bit BBC Master 128 with Raspberry Pi co-pro and NuLA graphics card, plus kit made and Pi powered Micro 1 systems running Wi-Fi Sheeps own blend of Acorns classic RISC OS operating system... And a few more 'home brew' surprises as well over the weekend!
[Saturday & Sunday]

Tom Gilberts
The poor old SCAMP never took off - even though it was cheap and had built in multi-processor abilities. Perhaps you may not even know it was the CPU in the MK14, the pre-cursor to the Z80 based ZX80 from Science of Cambridge (Sinclair).  That wasn't the only SC/MP based system around in the 70's though, although to experience any of them you will probably have to build a replica.  That is what I did and continue to do, so you can have a play with an MK14, see the contemporary magazines and chat about options to do the same yourself; either in original hardware, more modern PIC replicas, emulation or even a VHDL version on the Spartan - the chip in the ZX Spectrum Next.  Anyone bringing a Bywood SCRUMPI? you will help a great deal with my current project...
[Saturday & Sunday]

Tom Stepleton
Tom will be bringing his IBM 5100, one of the very first portable computers, dating all the way back to 1975!
[Saturday & Sunday]

As a fundraising event for the museum, all proceeds will be used to help us run our educational services and inspire another generation in to a career in computing.

 Some of the exhibits from 2017 ...

Remember - All proceeds go to support our Computing Museum!


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