Retro Computer Festival 2022 - Saturday 5th November

Retro Computer Festival 2022 - Saturday 5th November
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It might be Bonfire Night, but we hope none of our computers will halt and catch fire! We're very happy to announce our 2022 Retro Computer Festival - our biggest yet, with more exhibitors than ever before.

We'll be dedicating another entire weekend to the Retro Computing Community. The Centre for Computing History will be opening its doors on the 5th and 6th November 2022 and welcoming enthusiasts to exhibit their personal collections, retro computing mods and state of the art hacks.

The event will be free to exhibitors and entry for visitors is just standard museum entry.

Event runs 9am to 5pm

We are still maintaining some Covid precautions to protect our staff & visitors.
Hand sanitisers are available throughout the museum. Please wash
your hands regularly when using the machines.


Binary Dinosaurs
Fuelled by discovering a lone Enterprise64 in a field in 1998, Adrian's collection is as eclectic as it is far reaching through UK home computing history.
[Saturday & Sunday]
Dexter's Lab
Mark Nias and Garth from Dexters Tech Lab will be demonstrating a recently restored Quantel DPB-7001 Digital Paint Box. Released by Quantel in 1981 at a cost of over £100,000 it is one of the first of real-time digital painting and video manipulation systems predating Adobe Photoshop by nine years! Used by countless TV broadcasting companies from the 1980s, it had a huge impact on digital painting and TV for over thirty years. It is unmistakably Paintbox!
[Saturday & Sunday]
Tom Stepleton
Tom will be showing his Whitechapel MG-1 plus an IBM PC/AT with a bunch of Transputers inside.
[Saturday & Sunday]
Stephen Mitchell
Stephen will be bringing along Norway's answer to the BBC Micro, the Tiki Data Tiki-100 and one of his beloved Intertec Superbrains.
[Saturday & Sunday]
Retrobytes - John Brown
Modems, modems, modems, and ISDN modems to spice things up a little. A table dedicated to how we used to get on-line, and log remotely into other machines. I will also have a collection of interesting machines and terminals that will be doing the dialing up.
[Saturday & Sunday]
Spencer Owen - RC2014
A selection of RC2014 retro computer kits based on the Z80, which will be demonstrating some of the things you can do with CP/M, BASIC and Z80 assembly code, along with a few kits for sale so you can build your own Z80 computer from scratch!
[Saturday & Sunday]
Tony Jewell - Here Be Dragons
It's the Attack of the Clones! Tony will be bringing a selection of his TRS-80 machines - and some less common TRS-80 clones. Oh, and maybe a Dragon. Which isn't a clone of anything made by Tandy. Nope. No.
[Saturday & Sunday]
Pete Golding
Do you love consoles? Do you also love computers? How about consoles that become computers? Pete will be bringing in some early consoles that had optional keyboards and even basic!
[Saturday & Sunday]
Quazar - Colin Piggot
Colin has been crazily developing for the SAM Coupe for nearly three decades, doing everything possible to keep this quirky 8-bit British computer alive. On show will be the machine itself, alongside the wealth of SAM hardware, software and 'SAM Revival' magazine that he produces, plus get a sneaky peak at prototypes of upcoming new hardware! (Pssst... Colin also started moonlighting by designing ZX Spectrum and RC2014 peripherals too!)
[Saturday & Sunday]
Wi-Fi Sheep Tech - Tom Williamson
The Youtube tech channel from the Welsh Marches is back! This year showcasing modern add-ons for retro video game and 8-bit computer systems. Plus the latest from our TinyBASIC 'home brew' 8-bit computers including the new '4 Colour' system as seen on the Wi-Fi Sheep Tech channel.
[Saturday & Sunday]
John Newcombe (@glass_tty)
 John will be bringing the now infamous ZX81 based nuclear power station simulation along with the Sinclair advert that inspired it. In addition the recently acquired Nascom 2 "Pro" will be on show to help answer the question, "Is this the ultimate Nascom 2?" If that wasn't enough, check out the Altair 8800 clone supporting three users at the same time using Time Sharing Basic!
[Saturday & Sunday]
Tim Gilberts
The unusual Octal based Heathkit H8 would have been the first Home Computer you could play ADVENT (Colossal Cave) on. From restoring one to building modern replicas of other 1970’s British kit computers like the Transam Triton you will see how modern rebuilds can allow you to really experiment with them and also to preserve the history of ones that could be lost like the Bywood SCRUMPI - with its SC/MP MPU also found in the SOC MK14 – which has at least three replica VDU systems available today.
[Saturday & Sunday]
Neal Crook
Neal will be demonstrating his Nascom 2 (which he built as a teenager), his recently-acquired Nascom 1 and his own-designed "Nascom 4" (an FPGA-based Nascom-that-never-was) along with various cassette-tape and floppy-disk replacement storage systems.
[Saturday & Sunday]
Plotting without gunpowder - Jeremy Owen
A range of pre-PC computers and calculators from HP from the early 1980s will be producing elegant plots on period plotting devices. Mechanical picture drawing at its most wonderful.
[Saturday & Sunday]
Adrian Page-Mitchell
Adrian Page-Mitchell will be showing his Casio collection including his FP-1100 (if the picture stops being a knob), and may break out the NEC PC-6001 MKII and his Tomy Pyuta family. He will also be displaying his Sigma Commodore 16, and maybe a C116 or three.
[Saturday & Sunday]
Stephen Usher
Stephen started playing with computers since Christmas 1981, and still owning that original ZX81, and now tries to get old machines working again as good as new, if not better. He'll be bringing along a section of machines and some interesting modern upgrades for them.
[Saturday & Sunday]
Mack Wharton
Hoping to bring the Gigatron, an Aquarius Remake and an Acorn System 5 remake (Bare Boards), and luggage permitting a speccy 48k with VTX 5000 to show Viewdata.
[Saturday & Sunday]
@6502nerd - Dolo Miah
Dolo (6502Nerd) will be displaying a mix of old and new - but all retro! He will have his owned-from-new Oric-1 showing off games from the day of this little known British microcomputer, and his modern (albeit Heath-Robinson in appearance) homebrew computer built from breadboards as a homage to the halcyon days of microcomputing!
[Saturday & Sunday]
Sean Billings
Sean Billings will be bringing along a collection of computers from the 80's and 90's.
[Saturday & Sunday]
@LoudScotsBloke - Roy Templeman
Collector and Restorer of the weird and wonderful. The rarities, oddballs and underdogs of the 70s and 80s. The machines that time tried really hard to forget.. but Roy keeps alive! The LoudScotsBloke's theme this year is "When 16K or less was all you needed!". Bringing those tiny spec machines to the forefront and showing what could be done in just a few KB.
[Saturday & Sunday]
Dave Williams
Blinkenlights! A selection of early computers from the 1970's including various single board computers, an Altair and an original Mark-8. Plenty of switches & flashing lights!
[Saturday & Sunday]
Ben Coffer - Sharpworks
Sharpworks is a retro gaming publisher. Ben from Sharpworks will be showing off his Sharp MZ-80A and MZ-700 along with some homebrew software. Let’s see what can happen on these limited machines!
[Saturday & Sunday]
Chris Carter
Chris will be bringing a Newbear 77/68 6800 based computer or two, an Olivetti M20 Z8001 based PC from 1982 and a 2/3 scale PiDP-11, Digital PDP-11/70 replica.
[Saturday & Sunday]
Andy Toone
Andy of Feersum Technology (@lockFarm) is bringing the first production models of the new 8-bit MicroBeast, a self-contained Z80 kit in a box with a unique display. He'll also be bringing a couple of the computers that inspired it.
[Saturday & Sunday]
Simon Ullyatt - Cronosoft
Cronosoft, an independent not-for-profit software company, will be bringing a large range of brand new and recently released games for many home computers, including the Spectrum, ZX81, Vic 20, Dragon 32, Mattel Aquarius etc.
[Saturday & Sunday]

 Some videos from previous festivals

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