IBM RS/6000 Model 7043 604e

The RISC System/6000, or RS/6000 for short, is a family of RISC and UNIX based servers, workstations and supercomputers made by IBM in the 1990s. The RS/6000 family replaced the IBM RT computer platform in February 1990 and was the first computer line to see the use of IBM's POWER and PowerPC based microprocessors. RS/6000 was renamed eServer pSeries in October 2000.

Our model is the 7043 604e 233MHz Ref: 7043 44-Z 4229
Workstation/Entry-Level Workgroup Server
233MHZ PowerPC 604e processor
Upgradeable to 2-way SMP
64MB/1GB ECC memory
512KB Level 2 cache per processor
32KB/32KB data/instruction cache
8 memory slots
5 disk/media bays (1 disk and 1 media available)
5 expansion slots (2 32-bit PCI, 1 64-bit PCI and 2 ISA slots)
2.1GB SCSI-2/22.7GB SCSI-2 internal disk
Expandable to 1.08TB SCSI-2 or 873GB SSA disk
Integrated SCSI-2 Fast/Wide controller
Integrated ethernet port (thick and twisted pair)
Integrated keyboard, mouse, and tablet ports
3.5-inch diskette drive
20X max SCSI-2 CD-ROM
Stereo audio
2 serial ports and 1 parallel port
1-2 user full-function AIX V4.1.5, V4.2.1 or V4.3 server license

Our working model complete with keyboard and software was very kindly donated by Iain Simpson

Manufacturer: IBM
Date: 1998

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IBM RS/6000 Model 7043 604e

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