RM 380Z (Black Case)

The Research Machines 380Z (often called the RML 380Z or RM 380Z) was an early 8-bit microcomputer produced by Research Machines Limited in Oxford, England, from 1978 to 1985.
The 380Z used a Z80 microprocessor (hence the name) with up to 56 KiB of user RAM. When fitted with an optional floppy disk drive the system ran the CP/M operating system. The basic system came with a text-only monochrome video card, which could be enhanced with a high-resolution graphics board.
The 380Z was sold mainly to schools in the UK, with some also sold to industry. In 1979 a dual 8-inch disk system with 56 KiB of memory cost £3266, and a 16 KiB cassette-based system cost £965 (excluding VAT).
Research Machines 380Z
Personal computer
Research Machines Limited
Released 1978
Discontinued 1985
Processor Z80 at 4 MHz
Memory 64 KiB maximum (56 KiB usable)
Media 5-inch or 8-inch floppy disk
Graphics 320192 pixels, 2 bits per pixel (optional)
Operating system CP/M
The 380Z was packaged in a large, black, 19-inch wide, rectangular metal case containing the power supply, a number of printed circuit boards and the optional 5-inch floppy disk drives. Early versions were contained in a light blue metal case with a white front and only had a cassette interface; only a small number of these were made. Our unit is one those early versions. The keyboard was separate and came in a tough metal case.
The system used a passive bus architecture with no motherboard all electronics were contained on a number of cards interconnected by ribbon cable. The only microprocessor offered was a 4 MHz Z80A.

Manufacturer: Research Machines
Date: 1978

RM 380Z (Black Case) Manuals:

Item Manufacturer Date
High Resolution Graphics Reference Manual Research Machines 1980
Release Notes for Word Star 3.0 Research Machines Mar 1982

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RM 380Z (Black Case)

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