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Volume 1, No 6
Pilot files across the Atlantic
Minotaur - New computer game
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Tandy TRS-80
RM 380Z

Publication Date : October 1978

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2 TRS-80 - The biggest name in little computers - complete and ready to go now! [Advert]
The TRS-80 computer system is 100% wired, and tested for 240 VAC so you can put it to work immediately! It's ideal for finances, education, accounting, laboratory - even games at home.
6 The expandable general-purpose microcomputer - Research Machines 380Z [Advert]
A professional microcomputer system with excellent support for scientific and educational users.
15 The micro is a many splendoured thing [Article]
Leslie Solomon, Technical Director, Popular Electronics
Many computer types are being accosted by local radio stations, newspapers and TV stations, all asking pretty much the same question ... "what can you do with a computer?". This longish letter is a partial reply to that question.
17 Something bit me - a personal experience [Article]
Chris Howland
"But what can it do?" Colin asked. "What do you mean 'what can it do?' " I replied gruffly as I eased the keyboard out of its tightly packed box. "It's a computer - it can do anything!"
19 Pilot flies across the Atlantic [Article]
John Coll
I never cease to be amazed at the frequency of new and exciting developments in the micro-computer field. Last week a friend brought over a new language, sat me down in front of my computer and told me to play with it.
22 Computing in the primary school [Article]
Derrick R. Daines, Deputy Head of Carsic Primary School, Sutton-in-Ashfield
My class of 9, 10 and 11-year-olds were wildly excited as they lined up for their first ever personal contact with a computer. "I'm going to ask it what team it supports!" one boy said, while a little girl asked, "If I ask it how tall I am, will it tell me?" Then there was the fat girl who declared roundly, "I'm goingn to tell it to bring me sausage and beans!"
24 Submarine Chase for the TRS-80 [Type-In Listing]
A. J. Harding
This article describes a computer game written in Tandy Level 1 Basic for the TRS-80 microcomputer. As this dialect of BASIC is a very simple one, the program may easily be re-written in any version of the language.
27 Hop on a Nasbus to 32K of memory now [Advert]
The Nascom-1 is designed with expansion in mind. This is made possible by using the best products available. The Z80 microprocessor incorporated in the basic system is so powerful it can support 64K bytes of memory and 256 ports. To utilize this capability, we have designed the buffered 77-way Nasbus.
28 Minotaur - a new computer game in Basic [Type-In Listing]
John D. Lee and Timothy D. Lee
In ancient Greek mythology, the minotaur was the son of the Queen of Crete and was compelled by the King to live in a labyrinth of caves because he was so ugly. The King decreed that every five years six maidens and six warriors from conquered Athens should be sent into the labyrinth.
32 Touchdown - Lunar landing game for Casio programmable calculators [Type-In Listing]
N. Rushton
This version of the ever popular Lunar Landing game has been written to run on any of the following calculators made by Casio: FX201P, FX202P, PRO FX1. It occupies 125 programme steps and uses 8 of the calculator's 10 memories.
41 Assembly code programming for the beginner [Article]
Stephen Collins
Before I start explaining how, in my view, a beginner should go about writing assembly code programs, I would like to briefly explain why assembly code programming is sometimes necessary.
44 Binary finery - extensions to the Minmon [Article]
Neil Harrison
The MINMON is a 256 byte monitor program for Z80 based micros which was published in PCW Vol 1 No 1. It was written to provide the minimum facilities needed for machine code programming and to fit into a cheap 1702A EPROM.
48 PCW small business case study [Article]
Boris Sedacca
The Company: Brian Crank Associates The Business: Technical public relations The Background: Brian Crank Associates was formed three years ago. Growth has since been steady and the bulk of the company's turnover comes from about half a dozen large accounts.
54 Pet preening - a new art form? [Type-In Listing]
Gordon Bell, Technical Director, MSL
Readers fortunate enough to own or have access to a Commodore PET machine may like to try the very small program shown below.
55 Getting it together - a Z80 assembler [Type-In Listing]
Mike Banahan
The previous articles have taken a quite broad look at assembly language: this article becomes specific about one particular assembler later on but, before that, let's 'stand back' and have a think.
60 Buzzwords - glossary (B) [Article]
Peter Reynolds
Computing glossary covering "Backplane" to "Byte".
62 Timetabling for schools - in Basic [Type-In Listing]
Charles Sweeten
The difficulty of writing a timetable can be summed up by saying that it is only when you have written 95 per cent of the timetable that you discover that it is impossible to write the other 5 per cent.
68 Triton one-board computer [Advert]
Jointly sponsored by Transam and ETI Magazine, the Triton Computer will be available as a kit (costing about 300) from Transam while full constructional and software details will be published in Electronics Today International's November issue, on sale October 6th.
69 Comart - specialists in microcomputers [Advert]
Comart's range of S100 microcomputer systems features the SOL Terminal Computer System and the Cromenco Z2, Z2-D and System Three Computer Systems.
70 HORIZON - the complete computer - Look to the North Star HORIZON Computer [Advert]
HORIZON - a complete, high performance microprocessor system with integrated floppy disk memory. HORIZON is attractive, professionally engineered and ideal for business, educational and personal applications.

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