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Popular Computing Weekly Vol 4 No 29 - 18-24 July 1985

Publication Date : 18th July 1985

Publication Contents :

Page Item
1 Sinclair QL gets 3.5" disc drive from Microperipherals in apparent "U"-turn [News Item]
Sinclair - in an apparent switch of policy - is to bring out a disc drive and interface for the QL under its own name.
1 Amstrad 128K 6128 to launch in autumn? [News Item]
It appears that Amstrad may now be planning to release its disc-based, 128K 6128 machine in the UK this autumn.
1 Sinclair looks into potential of optical technologies [News Item]
Metalab, Sinclair's research facility, has been looking at the applications of optical memory systems such as the Philips CD Rom player and the Drexon LaserCard.
2 Frank Bruno's Boxing from Elite [Advert]
Eight fiery opponents, each with their own distinctive fighting style ... Endorsed by Heavyweight Champion Frank Bruno.
3 Editorial - ongoing trouble at Sinclair Research [Article]
It is now a month since the first announcement of Robert Maxwell's proposed "take-over" of the troubled Sinclair Research.
4 Home micro software to be available on "card" from Astar International [News Item]
Software programs up to 128K in size will soon be available for all the top home micros in a convenient form, the shape and size of a credit card.
4 Writ against Sir Clive Sinclair from Hoover [News Item]
Sir Clive Sinclair's problems deepened at the weekend with news that Hoover - the company which manufacturers the C5 electric vehicle - has taken out a writ against him for non-payment of 1.5m in outstanding debts, incurred by his Sinclair Vehicles project between November 1984 and June 1985.
5 UK firms let-down as USSR goes for MSX in schools contract [News Item]
Russia has made the first moves in its scheme to equip its schools with micros - and the first order has gone to MSX, the Japanese consortium.
5 GEC plans to build 150m chip factory [News Item]
GEC, the electrical giant, has announced it is to spend 150 million on building a chip manufacturing plant in Britain.
5 MUD 2 adventure game to be launched [News Item]
British Telecom is planning a major promotional campaign for MUD 2, the new version of the multi-user play-by-modem adventure game which is to be launched at the Personal Computer World show in September.
10 Tour de France from Activision [Advert]
Guts. Strength. Speed. The will to win. You'll need 'em all.
15 Master of the Lamps from Activision [Advert]
The King is Dead. You're Next in Line. Master of the Lamps - a unique adventure in home computer software.
17 Languages - Making small talk - The end of the line for Basic? Looking at the state of languages today [Article]
Boris Allan
Whilst home computers still, stubbornly, come equipped with Basic there is every reason to believe that Basic's days are numbered. There are a number of developments in computer languages that go beyond tinkerings between different versions of Basic but fundamentally rethink how a language is used and the way it operates.
20 Street Life - The parallel dimension - Interview. "Everyone and their dog thinks they can design a new computer language," says David May, author of Occam [Interview]
John Cook
In the beginning, when mainframes were mainframes, and real programmers didn't use Pascal - simply because it hadn't been invented - there was machine code. Or, if you were lucky, assembler.
22 Star Game - Cycles - Light cycles on the Spectrum [Type-In Listing]
D. Semmens
Recently, we published a two player m/c light cycles game for the BBC B. Now, by public demand, something similar for Spectrum owners!
24 The QL Page - Quantum leaping - When is a bug not a bug - another quirk of the QL experience [Article]
Alan Turnbull
Surely, all QL owners have noticed that famous - or should it be infamous - "bug". Yes, I mean the one when you press (Ctrl), (Alt) and "7" at the same time.
26 Off at a tangent - implementation of Logo for the BBC B [Type-In Listing]
T. N. Richardson
This program is a very simple introduction to a few simple commands in the language called Logo. The program has been designed in such a way that it is fairly easy to add your own commands at leisure. The present commands are only the tip of the Logo iceberg, but they clearly show what a simple program can do.
28 Life in the fast lane - Fast saving and loading on the Amstrad CPC464 [Type-In Listing]
Brian Cadge
The CPC's cassette system is designed to save and load programs at a variety of speeds; two are available in Basic, 1000 and 2000 baud. However, even at the faster of the two speeds, saving a screen dump to tape takes nearly two minutes.
30 Go Forth - Random disc access with Forth users in mind on the Commodore 64 [Type-In Listing]
Adrian Warman
The following article and program details an introduction to the techniques of random access to disc storage.
46 Ziggurat - Comment - The IBM Crash of 1995 [Article]
Vic Lewis
If I predicted that within ten years, IBM, that mightiest of multi-nationals, would be finished as major force in computers, your reaction would probably be "This man's a complete idiot".

Creator : Sunshine Publications Ltd

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Article: Popular Computing Weekly Vol 4 No 29 - 18-24 July 1985

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