Popular Computing Weekly Vol 2 No 23 - 9-15 June 1983

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Publication Date : 9th June 1982 to 15th June 1983

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5 ZX microfair [News Item]
Maze, Colour Clash, Galactic Trooper and Spectra Smash. Nearly all of the established houses presented new titles for the Spectrum.
5 Descent into the valley! [News Item]
A ROW has broken out be tween two software com panies, both selling games cal led The Valley.
5 98K Lynx [News Item]
The,drive comes with its own Lynx operating system. The single disc unit plus operating system and controller card will cost £343.85.
5 Commodore goes for broke [News Item]
THE price of the Commodore 64 computer will come down substantially in July.
5 Electron goes bl-iingual [News Item]
ACORN now has a version of BBC Forth running on its new Electron machine.
7 A vested Interest [Article]
M Howard
Following your editorial concerning Top 10 Charts (12-18 May edition) I really feel you are being incredibly naive in expecting anybody to compile (or believe in) a chart based on manufacturers' actual sales figures. Can you imagine that any of the big software houses would admit that their multi-page, megacolour advertisements had not each sold a million? Or con versely, after 20 full-colour pages of hype that they have yet to write a program? Manu facturers have a vested interest in promoting their own image and so their figures cannot be relied upon.
10 Muneher [Advert]
This games program for the 16K ZX81 is called Muncher. You control the Muncher with the cursor keys, eating the dots and dodging the two ghosts which do their utmost to eat you. This game has an added twist which makes it more difficult, because you cannot go back on the trail of black squares you leave behind.
13 First of a family! [Article]
David Kelly
Mattel is one of the world's bigger toy companies. Last year the company— based in Hawthrone, Los Angeles — showed a turn-over of just over $1.5bn. Like other toy manufacturers, Mattel has had to increase the technical complexity of its products to keep pace with young consumers of ever-increasing sophistication.
14 Keep hitting the keys! [Review]
Mike Grace
Software for the Vic is definitely getting harder. Let's start with what is (for me) an absoluteiy impossible game to master — Traxx from Llamasoft. This cassette costs £6.00, needs at least 8K expansion, and is infuriating. Why do I say this? Because I cannot do it, that's why. The game sets up a series of grids on the screen, which you need to colour red by moving the joystick (supposedly moving a spaceship which is all the while being pursued by Bugs that will destroy you if they catch you). So by moving your ship along, up, along and down, forming a box, you capture that segment of space. But, it isn't as easy as it sounds, for if you backtrack or move along too far (excep tionallyeasy withmyjoystick), then all your hard-earned effort at tracing red in that particular square is lost.
17 Speaks for itself! [Article]
Mark Martin
O peaking of Is a quick and easy way to Omake communication with the user more interesting, especially in a program, like an adventure, where many comments or messages need to be printed on the screen. It takes up little memory space, just over one kilobyte, and does not Poke the screen so it will work on unexpectded or expanded VIC20 machines.
20 Paint it black! [Article]
Ian Logan
This article contains aseries of Basic programs that explore the 'filling-in' of triangles, rectangles and circles. These programs will be of greatest Interest to Spectrum owners but, nevertheless, own ers of other microcomputers should find much of interest.
37 Volcanic catacombs [Article]
Tony Bridge
Camel Software of Slough has had considerable and well-earned success with its Volcanic Dungeon program for the ZX81. The company has recently released versions for the 48K Spectrum and the Dragon.
47 For whom the poll tolls [Article]
Boris Allan
The opinion polls clearly show that the trend of opinion is away from the Consen/ative Party, towards greater uncertainty in the electo rate. With the latest poll I have been able to examine, the Conservative possible vote varies from 39V2 percent to 56 percent, the Labour vote varies from ZSVzpercent to 46 percent, and the Alliance vote varies from 15 percent to 32 percent {Sunday Mirror, 22 May, poll on Friday, 20 May, by Marplan).

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