Wierd Wired World - Hack Day - Sunday 9th April ** Fully Booked **

Wierd Wired World - Hack Day - Sunday 9th April ** Fully Booked **
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Description :


The Internet of Things ... What is it? 

Devices that are connected to the internet and can report information or be controlled via the internet are part of the internet of things. They are commonly referred to as 'Smart Devices'. From the heating system in your house to entire security systems in office blocks, our world is becoming more connected everyday.

This entire hack day is devoted to understanding how it works, and how to make web controlled devices!

Why do we call it a hack day? Because we're going to make cool stuff with whatever we have to hand. The original use of the word hacking was to create something from used parts, or modify something to get it to do more or even something it wasn't designed to do. That's where the real fun lies!

Arduino Stuff!We'll be using a device called the Arduino to be the heart of your project and connecting it to other weird and wonderful devices to make them web connected. 

We'll have a soldering station available to make those more complicated circuits, and an oscilloscope to find those pesky faults!

You do not need any previous knowledge of Arduino, but a basic understanding of computing and electricity would help you along.

The workshop is open to children over 10 and adults. For children under 14 a parent or guardian must accompany the child (at no extra cost). We recommend the adult does have some knowledge in this area to support their child. 

Bring your own laptop or borrow one of ours for free! If you bring your own laptop you'll have the Arduino IDE software and your code from the day to take home with you, otherwise you can borrow one of our laptops at no extra cost simply by adding it to the basket above.

Supporting the School Curriculum
The Wierd Wired World day offers young people an opportunity to develop their understanding at Key Stage 2, 3 and GCSE Computing of;

  • Computing - Coding and communicating with devices over the internet,
  • Design and Technology - Monitoring and controlling of devices,
  • Science - The properties and usefulness of electricity.

 Click on the PDF icon for full details
of how our hack day meets the
school curriculum.




The day will be broken split into 1 hour sessions with short refreshment breaks :

Hello World - 11AM
A short introduction to the world of IoT and the Arduino. We'll be starting with outputs and connecting up an LED and writing the code to make it flash. We'll then move on to inputs and reading a switch to control the LED. From there you can experiment and try out your own ideas with the support of our tame hacker!

Getting Online - 12PM
We'll introduce the network shield for the Arduino and show you how to create a web server and host a simple control web page. With the knowledge gained from the morning session we'll control the LEDs and read the switches over an internet connection, or even from your smart phone! 

Lunch & Munch - 1PM
We'll be taking a break at 1pm so bring a pack lunch and an apple for the teacher, but feel free to carry on hacking or take a look around the museum and see the history of computing that has lead us to where we are today.

Power & Control - 2PM
Turning on and off LEDs is all well and good but to make the internet of things really work for you we need to control actual useful things! We'll be showing you how to use relays and solid state switches to control motors, lights and even a couple of weirder things!

Analogue in a Digital World - 3PM
Now you know how to sense digital inputs and turn on and off outputs via the web, we'll introduce you to the world of analogue ... Read potentiometers and temperature sensors, and control the speed of a fan or the brightness of a lamp using PWM control. 

Bringing it all Together - 4PM
You will have learned an awful lot in today's hack spectacular! In the last hour we'll go over any areas that you are unsure of, discuss the potential of IoT and your particular projects and generally bring all the aspects that we have covered together. You can try out your own ideas, build on what you have learned and ask any questions.

Clear Up & Clear Off! - 5PM
Not only do we teach you how to create amazing IoT things, but we also teach you how to clear up and keep your workshop tidy! At no extra cost, you can help us clear up ready for the schools workshop on Monday!


IoT kitCarry on Hacking ...
If you'd like to continue after the hack day has finished, why not buy our Arduino IoT Kit? The kit includes the Arduino, Network Shield, Movement Sensor, Switches, LEDs and wires for you to carry on hacking at home. It costs just £30 for all the parts pictured. All you need is a PC to run the programming software (which can be downloaded for free!).

Simply select the kit from the booking options above.

Price is for one full day workshop - online booking in advance is essential.




Unfortunately we are unable to offer refunds for any cancellations within 7 days of the event as we are unlikely to find other participants at short notice. 

Oh! and by the way ...
No we haven't spelled the word 'Wierd' incorrectly! We've spelled it this way in honour of the Wierd Programming Language - Google it ;) 

Remember - All proceeds go to support our Computing Museum!


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