Irlam Instruments 24i16

The Irlam Instruments 24i16 is a 24 Bit Real-Time Video Digitiser & 16 Bit Sound Sampler.

Video is accepted from any composite or S-Video source including Video Recorders, Camcorders, Video Cameras, VideoDisc players and Still Video Cameras.

The standard digitiser allows a full television field to be captured in real-time(20 milliseconds). This can be extended to allow still images to be obtained up to fullTV frame size, which is useful for capturing really impressive stills fromcameras such as Sony Mavica, Canon ION RC-560 or Video Visualizer.

Built-in scaling hardware allows image sizes smaller than fields or frames to be captured. Filtering circuits anti-alias the scaled images in two-dimensions so that smooth images are produced. Moving sequences can be saved direct to disc at up to 25 images per second (ips). Note that image size and rate of capture is limited only by disc and system bandwidths, whichmeans that movies can be obtained at a wide range of sizes, rates and aspect ratios.

24i16 boasts a 16 bit stereo sound sampler which records (and plays back) at Compact Disc and Digital Audio Tape frequencies. Samples are recorded direct-to-disc giving virtually unlimited duration. A special resource allows the audio tracks from Replay movies to be played through the 16 bit output of 24i16 which dramatically improves their audio quality. Raw audio from the Acorn sound system can be filtered and mixed in with the 16 bit output to give improved sound quality.

A sophisticated RISC OS application supplied allows 24i16's features to be accessed quickly and easily. Image size, capture rate, audio sampling frequency and file format can all be controlled from the desktop. Video is monitored on-screen (and displayed in true colour on 16/32 bit desktops). Contrast, brightness, saturation and hue are software adjustable. Audio may be monitored using an oscilloscope display and/or VU meters. You can also hear the audio using the 16 bit output from 24i16 or via the speaker of your A5000, RISC PC etc.

The recording process works just like a cassette recorder; connect the audio/video source and press the record button, then press stop when you have captured the desired amount (or set a pre-defined duration). You can even perform time-lapse capture so that movies can be made of flowers opening or clouds forming etc. Documentation supplied includes details and examples of how to operate 24i16 simply from your own software written in BASIC, C or Assembler.


24 bit Video

The features of the video system:

  • Contrast, Brightness, Saturation & Hue adjustment.
  • Variable Size Movies.
  • 1 Mbyte VRAM to store frames.
  • Composite or S-Video inputs.
  • 2D video filtering & scaling.

16 bit Audio

  • CD and DAT sampling rates.
  • Low-Pass Filters existing audio system.
  • Direct-to-disc record and playback.
  • Enhances existing Replay Movie sound playback.

Manufacturer: Irlam Instruments
Date: 1994

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Irlam Instruments 24i16

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