Practical Computing - February 1980, Volume 3, Issue 2

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Publication Date : February 1980

Publication Contents :

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2 Cromemco System Three [Advert]
5 Cromemco Z-2H Computer System [Advert]
11 Equinox Computer Systems [Advert]
17 Butel-Comco Athena [Advert]
31 TVI-912 - The Intelligent VDU [Advert]
33 TMZ80 from TERODEC [Advert]
39 Video Genie System EG 3003 [Advert]
45 Tangerine Microtan 65 [Advert]
51 Editorial [Article]
Peter Laurie
Please Mr Editor, what computer should I buy?
53 College Software Contest [News Item]
A software competition for schools and colleges is being organised and financed by the Computing Laboratory of the University of Kent. Entrants must submit a computer program of practical use in commerce or industry, not for education.
53 Talkback Tina won't keep you waiting [News Item]
A computer system which can be programmed in plain English has made an appearance. Called TINA, it will be marketed by Unilever through its office equipment distribution chain, BEAM, and is manufactured by Logical Machine Corporation (LOMAC). Tina is aimed at the small/medium business market.
53 By Jupiter! Have no fear [News Item]
Problem with lightning? Lighting Elimination Associates (LEA) manufactures units such as the 'Kleanpower' to protect logic circuits from lightning-induced surgest which can damage logic circuits many miles from the strike.
53 Now a laser network? [News Item]
American oil giant Exxon is reportedly planning a private communications network based on laser light transmitted through fibre-optic cables. See Networks cover story, page 72
53 Beginner's guide to level II [News Item]
Dr David Lien, author of TRS-80 Level I User's Manual has unveiled his new book, Learning Level II, which covers all Level II Basic.
53 End of the line for QWERTY? [News Item]
This new ergonomic keyboard, the 'Trolley System', developed by PCD Ltd., claims to increase typing speeds by up to 40%.
54 Logitek Altos Sun Series ACS 8000 [Advert]
55 Bar code labels for hobbyists [News Item]
With a growing number of bar code products for microcomputers, we have been asked where the hobbyist, or small businessman, can print small quantities of bar code labels.
55 Expandable system [News Item]
Development of 16-bit microcomputer by Quinnebal Data Systems - the Microflex 1001.
55 High Street retailers jumps on bandwagon [News Item]
Duncan Scot
Electrical retailer Currys is to start marketing microcomputers and applications packages in 40 of its branches during 1980, as well as set up specialist retail outlets. A subsidiary has been set up to handle sales.
55 Dixons set up subsidiary [News Item]
High street retailer Dixons has set up a subsidiary, Advanced Consumer Electronics, to market and manufacture electronic equipment. Its first product is the Acetronic programmable video game and the first computers will follow later this year.
55 Industrial interfaces [News Item]
Belgian computer manufacturer, Data Applications International, have launched a new 'personal' computer with a range of over 20 industrial control interface cards. The computer is based on the Intel 8080 and can grow from 8K to 48K of ROM.
55 Heath turns on the heat [News Item]
A more aggressive line in marketing is planned for Heath Electronics by its new parent organisation, the Zenith Radio Corporation.
55 Exponential market [News Item]
The semiconductor market in Europe is expected to grow by over 10 per cent by the end of 1980, predicts a recent survey.
56 Feedback [Article]
Reader's letters and replies.
59 MSI Systems [Advert]
61 Minimax makes the most of user program space [Review]
Jim Wood
Jim Wood reviews a promising new machine
64 The ten commands: will they change your life? [Review]
John James
John James take a sceptical look at the Basic Programmer's Toolkit, an add-on machine code chip for the PET.
68 Genie's Missing Magic [Review]
Your wish is my command - up to a point. We assess the first complete micro package offered in the UK - the Video Genie System EG 3003.
72 Personal computer networks - better than the next best thing to being there [Article]
Home brewed computer networks may be changing the American way of life. As a preview of what may happen to us, we present a recent survey from the West Coast magazine CoEvolution Quarterly by Art Kleiner and Willy Davis.
78 The Randomiser [Article]
John Abbatt
Fiction. A decade after Hunter Thompson, a new menace presents itself at the portals of America's capital of gambling, Las Vegas. But this time the fear and loathing is on the side of the organisation. For the Boy who came to the casinos had the key to the machines...
82 Removing the buttons [Article]
Nick Laurie
Tomorrow's micro consumer doesn't want to know he's using a computer, so keep it simple. Today we are suffering a surfeit of combined electronic items typified by the cigarette lighter cum calculator. The future of the microprocessor lies in machines dedicated to one job and operated by people who are frightened by the word 'computer'. We already have the combined calculator top-watch, the tape-recording calculator and the calculating cigarette light. With the continuing reduction in costs, it will become possible to create ever more bizarre hybrids. But is this the real future of the micro-miniaturisation of electronics? And should it be?
87 In Space, no-one can hear you think [Type-In Listing]
D.N. Sands
Blake7: a space battle game against a simulated enemy. Written in North Star BASIC but can be easily converted to Microsoft or other BASIC.
92 Nuts and bolts fix for the learning process [Article]
J. A. M. Howe
J. A. M. Howe investigates the practical and philosophical problems of teaching children by model building.
98 What rough beast, its hour come round at last ... [Article]
Mark Witowski
... slouches towards the centre to be born? With an electronic memory, who needs a ball of twine and a female accomplice? Don't be amazed, there's no bull in our introduction to robotics. Practical Computing and Euromicro invite you to step into the 1980s and design your own robot - sixty years after Karel Capek coined the word. It's a challenge the talented do-it-yourselfer can't refuse. This background article is the first in a series on the science of robotics.
104 Acorn Microcomputer System 1 [Advert]
Also included Acorn Controller, Acorn Memory 8K, Acorn VDU and Acorn Software in ROM
105 Head up your own letters [Review]
Rex L. Tingley
Rex L. Tingley finds out what Commodore's Printer can do while using the 'Letter Writer' programme.
112 Gallery moves out of the flat earth era [Article]
Duncan Scot
The Regent Gallery, in Cheltenham, is a typical small business. Founded sixteen years ago by one man, David Bannister, it has grown slowly but profitably and with the recent international boom in 16th and 17th century maps has carved itself a valuable niche in a skilled and competitive market. This article looks at how the business embraced the use of North Star Horizon-based system and a software programme written specifically to catalogue their stock of maps.
114 Smaller, faster, quicker, slicker ... and more elegant too [Article]
C. A. Malcolm
The design of small, fast good programs is not an art of esoteric complexity. Keep it simple and code it late.
119 Start practising for the Amazing Micromouse Maze Contest [Article]
John Billingsley
The amazing Micromouse Maze contest has come to Europe, and the finals will be held in September 1980 during the Euromicro Conference.
120 Tandy Forum [Article]
Tandy Forum is devoted to users of the Tandy TRS-80.
121 Complete MK 14 micro-computer system from Science of Cambridge [Advert]
124 Pet Corner [Article]
News, tips and advice for Commodore Pet owners.
127 High-speed stepper motors and the PET [Article]
The combination of a computer and a stepper motor gives us one of the most precise methods of producing and controlling rotary and linear motion. The ease with which a stepper motor can be controlled by a microprocessor based computer like a Pet makes it an ideal subject for experimentation, especially for those interested in robotics.
132 That old clock keeps turning... [Type-In Listing]
Anthony Butcher
Program for a clock with moving hands written for the Tandy TRS-80
133 Software Buyers' Guide [Review]
Mike McDonald
First in a new, regular feature reviewing software for small business systems.
163 Glossary [Article]
A practical glossary - continuing the terminological gamut with P

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