Practical Computing - October 1980, Volume 3, Issue 10

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Publication Date : October 1980

Publication Contents :

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6 Tandy TRS-80 [Advert]
TRS-80 Model I, TRS-80 Model II, Model I CPUs
8 Superbrain [Advert]
19 System 10 [Advert]
21 'Tuscan' from Transam [Advert]
29 Introducing HP-41C [Advert]
41 Editorial [Article]
Peter Laurie
Waiting for Shakespeare
42 Feedback [Article]
Reader's letters
46 ZX-80 wins extra power from latest add-ons [News Item]
Two new add-ons designed to expand the capabilities of the Sinclair ZX-80 have just been announced by Science of Cambridge - a 8K Basic RAM and a self-contained 16K RAM pack.
46 Less weight, more space [News Item]
Flexible copper-clad laminates have been introduced by 3M.
46 Why people buy micros [News Item]
A Manchester-based research group is starting a study into the reasons why people buy microcomputers.
46 Tandy begins attack on market for pocket computers with Sharp deal [News Item]
Tandy is making a new attack on the lower end of the computer market by an OEM deal with the Sharp corporation allowing Tandy to market the Sharp PC-1211 pocket computer under the name of Radio Shack.
47 MTC Pilot guides Pet to computer-aided teaching [News Item]
A 6502 machine-code program for the Commodore Pet, MTC Pilot, has been released by Mitac Publishing Ltd.
47 Vero extends Eurocard [News Item]
Vero Electronics has extended its Eurocard range to include a fully-pierced Eurocard Vero-board.
47 Recession could lead to boom in computing [News Item]
According to London stockbrokers Hoare Govett, working on figures published by the Government Central Statistics Office, capital investment is increasing and while companies are shedding their labour force, they are turning to new plant machinery and technology as ways of increasing their efficiency.
47 New low price starts Superbrain storm [News Item]
A price war has broken out among dealers of the Intertec Superbrain. Most dealers were advertising the system at 1,950 and were taken by surprise when a new company, KGB Computers, started offering to sell it for 1,495.
49 Easy software transfer [News Item]
Scientific micro-builders Research Machines of Oxford has announced that the Computer-Assisted Design Centre well-known GINO-F, GINO-2D and GINOGRAF packages will be released for the 380-Z later this year.
49 Microspeech 2 gives vocal support to progress in voice synthesis [News Item]
The latest offering in sound and voice boxed, the Microspeech 2, is a stand-alone speech-synthesising unit which converts phonetic code, or English text into speech output, via a standard RS232 interface.
49 Expansion for Superboard [News Item]
A new expansion system for the Superboard and UK101 has been developed by Zen Computer Services.
49 Users' bid to buy Nascom fails as receiver accepts another offer [News Item]
The proposed takeover of Nascom by John Margetts, head of the Nascom microcomputer club has been abandoned now that the receivers, Cork and Gully, have accepted one of the other bids for the company. The name of the purchaser has not been disclosed at this point.
49 No exit for Exidy [News Item]
The declaration by Exidy that it had sold the Sorcerer to Recortec seems to have been a little premature. Although the deal was planned, it never materialised and for the time being, the Sorcerer remains an Exidy product.
49 New LX-500 Computer [News Item]
A new version of the LX-500 computer has been released by LogAbax.
50 Monitor EPROM produced for Ohio micros [News Item]
A new monitor EPROM called CEGMON has been written for the Ohio Scientific microcomputers which use Microsoft Basic. It will be available in seperate versions to suit the C1/Superboard II, the Challenger 2 and the new C4, the enhanced, larger display C1, and the UK101.
50 Z-80 operating system [News Item]
Interface Computer Services has been awarded the UK franchise for a new commercial operating system for Z-80 and Z-80A micros.
50 Graphics is growing reveals industry report [News Item]
Computer graphics is one of the most rapidly-growing areas of computing according to the latest Infotech state-of-the-art report, Computer Graphics.
50 MUSE to receive cash support for software-transfer project [News Item]
The Department of Education and Science has agreed to finance some of the work that MUSE (Microcomputer Users in Secondary Education) has planned for the next year. One of the projects planned is a software-transfer service. MUSE hopes to appoint two research assistants, preferably school leavers, who can rewrite education programs to make them compatible for all the microcomputers used in schools.
50 First British chess computer has recording facility and 13 levels [News Item]
The first British chess computer, designed with the aid of David Levy, the well-known chess master and computer enthusiast, will be released by the Hertfordshire-based games firm Optim. The chess computer now dubbed Intelligent Chess will be aimed at the top end of the computer chess market and is expected to retail at about 295.
52 Altos ACS 8000 [Advert]
56 Corporate modelling with many uses by Desktop Plan [Review]
Mike McDonald
The corporate-modelling package from the U.S. is analysed.
60 Word-processing versatility with intelligent System B [Review]
Chris Bidmead & Andrew Stephenson
An appraisal of the Vector Graphic MZ System B, an intelligent micro priced competitively with dedicated word processors.
64 SuperPet [Review]
Vincent Tseng
The CBM 8032 is reviewed.
66 Games: U.S. Presidential Election [Type-In Listing]
Alan Bayliss
The razzle-dazzle and intrigue of the Presidential election simulated on your micro. Written in Basic for a 32K Exidy Sorcerer.
76 Chess Machine Survey [Review]
J.F. White
We look at the chess packages on the market and measure their value for the game's enthusiasts. Programs reviewed include Super System III, Chess Challenger 7 and Sargon 2.5.
80 Junior Minister outlines plans for computing in schools [Interview]
Paul Fisher
The Government view of schools computing expounded by Neil Macfarlane, Parliamentary Under-Secretary at the Department of Education and Science. Interview with Paul Fisher.
82 Making Tuscan communicate with the outside world [Article]
Mike Hughes
This month, Mike Hughes, discusses the design of the Transam Tuscan input/output circuitry.
88 Finding significant trends with the Run Test [Article]
Owen Bishop
Owen Bishop shows how the Runs Test on the micro can be used to detect clustering and significant trends in business and survey statistics.
93 Pet cultivates new role as garderner [Article]
Martin Hayman
How a Pet is used in an unexpected way at a gardening centre.
94 Winchester discs win ground in battle to lower bit prices [Article]
Practical Computing reports on the techniques behind this storage medium.
95 Thin-film technology may be key to improved capacity [Article]
In the quest for improved price performance, disc capacity has been increased almost 50-fold for the same final cost to the consumer, by improving discs, heads, electronics, servos, mechanics, codes and error-correction techniques. A further huge jump is expected if a new type of head using semiconductor thin-film technology instead of the traditional ferrite is developed successfully.
97 Latest techniques maximise floppy-disc performance [Article]
The Winchester may be poised in the wings for a take-over, but the floppy will be the standard storage medium for many years - not least for its flexibility.
100 Recreational maths: Frieze Patterns [Article]
We present Frieze Patterns.
103 Rair Black Box Microcomputer [Advert]
Colour advert.
104 Sinclair ZX80 - Britain's first complete computer kit [Advert]
Double-page, colour advert.
107 Superbrain [Advert]
109 Pet Corner [Article]
News and user's tips, queries and comments.
113 ZX-80 Line-up [Article]
Page dedicated to the ZX-80.
117 Tandy Forum [Article]
Devoted to the TRS-80 - news and user's tips, queries and comments.
119 6502 Special [Article]
The 6502 Special is dedicated to the exchange of information between 6502 users.
121 Apple Pie [Article]
Ideas, hints and comments for Apple users.
126 Subroutines and the stack [Article]
David Peckett
The sixth part of David Peckett's study of Z-80 and 6502 machine code covers subroutines and the stack.
133 Buyers' Guide - Microcomputers [Article]
144 Son of Hexadecimal Kid [Article]
Richard Forsyth
Fiction: Page 1 - front page news.
149 The Acorn Modular System [Advert]
System One, System Three
165 Sharp MZ-80 Computer System [Advert]

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