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ARM Object File Format (Document A0037) Mick Jordan Release 2.1 11 June 1985

File System for the A Product Line (Document A0006) July 16 1984
Client Interfaces and Architecture
Carl Dellar
Karen Kolling
Jim Mitchell

File System for the A Product Line (Document A0008) July 18 1984
Implementation Notes
Carl Dellar
Karen Kolling
Jim Mitchell

ARM Process and Operating System Entry Mechanisms (Document A0009) Mick Jordan Draft for Discussion 16 July 1984
This document discusses how Modula-2 processes might be implemented on the ARM. It includes the related issues of a call into the operating system and callbacks to application domains.

Confidential Draft - Things to do for OAK, Glassman, 20 September 1984 (Document A0012) Version 0.0

Notes on Modula-2 Compiler Development (Document A0013) Mick Jordan 1 November 1984

Confidential Document A0014 Modula-2 Style 4 October 1984 Version 1.0 Roy Levin, John Wick

Confidential Document A0015 4 October 1984 Modula-2 Programming Conventions Roy Levin, Paul Rovner, John Wick, DEC Systems Research Center Modified for Acorn purpose by Mick Jordan

Document A0016 ARM Procedue Call Standard, Mick Jordan, 3 June 1985 Release 2.2. With Ecomailed comments

Document A0018 Noted from discussions on ARM Virtual Memory System 1 November 1984 Glassman, Dellar

Document A0019 Processes and Interrupts, Mick Jordan, 27 November 1984

Document A0020 Acorn's Prescript Encoding for Editable Documents, J Parnas, J G Mitchell 1 December 1984, Supercedes A0009 Version 1.0

Document A0021 FileSystem Design Note, Hugo Tyson

Document A0022 The PubToAspen and AspenToPub Programs

Document A0023 A review of OAK development strategy, 6 February 1985, Mick Jordan
This document provides a review of the options for development of the OAK system. It mostly reflects the discussion at the ARC meeting on January 22, but also takes into account subsequent developments which bear on the issue.

Document A0024, The Project A Keyboard, Randy Strauss, 5 February 1985
This paper proposes a keyboard layout for the new A series home machines based on discussions at Acorn Research Centre and prior research.

Document A0025, Summary of the Gem Programmer's Seminar, 14th-15th February 1985, Randy Strauss
The Gem Seminar was well-attended, between 200 and 300 people were present from 32 OEM companies, 8 publications and 108 ISVs (independent software vendors).

Document A0026, File System Design Notes For Read Write Discs, H. Tyson, B. Cockburn, Carl Dellar, 12 December 1984

Document A0027, File Archive and Backup in the OAK File System, Dellar, Mitchell, 16 October 1984 Version 0.0

Document A0028, User Interface to the (Name,Value) Pair Database, Dellar, Mitchell, 16 August 1984 Version 0.0
This document contains current thoughts on the (Name,Value) Pair Database. It is by no means a complete design. In particular a fair amount of design work is still required to detail exactly how a system should be built.
Figure 1 Database Control Window CONFIDENTIAL DRAFT February 20, 1985 DataBase User Interface

Document A0029, Response to Calling Standard Feedback, Mick Jordan, 22 February 1985
This document is a response to the feedback on the ARM procedure calling standard, release 1.0, principally that contained in the document by Peter Robertson of Lattice.

(Draft of ARM Modula-2 Implementation by Mick Jordan)

Document A0031, The OAK Virtual Memory System, Carl Dellar, 27 February 1985 Version 0.0

Document A0032, Gem Window Implementation, Randy Strauss

Document A0033 DRAFT, Graphics Editor Modules, Randy Strauss, 4 March 1985

Document A0034, The A Series User Interface, Randy Strauss, 4 March 1985

Document A0035, The Richard's benchmark on Acorn's Modula-2 Systems, Mick Jordan, 1 March 1985

Document A0036, Windows - an implementation overview, Gibbons, 1 March 1985

Document A0038, Applications Compatibility for the A500, J Dunn
Acorn is committed to producing a computer system based on a processor which is not used by anybody else, and containing a proprietary operating system not found on any other company's machines.

Document A0039, Installing Software for IO Expansion Modules (Podules) in the A500, J Dunn, 4 March 1985, Version 0.1

Document A0040, A cache-storage allocator for the editor, Jonathan Gibbons, 15 March 1985, Version 0.0
This note describes a special purpose storage allocator that provides temporary cache storage for arbitrary records.

Document A0042, Improving the Project A Software Development Environment, Mick Jordan, 28 March 1985
This document examines the software development environment for project A and considers what improvements could be made.

Document A0043, The A-Series Editor, Veronica Falcao

Document A0045, System Requirements Specification - A500, J. Mitchell, (awaiting input)

Document A0046, BirchStrings, A Representation for strings hidden within the Prescript editor, Jonathan Gibbons

Document A0047, Scatter streams - a space efficient way of writing streams, Jonathan Gibbons (awaiting input)

Document A0048, Aspen, Birch and scatter streams, Jonathan Gibbons (awaiting input)

Document A0049, Major A500 System Components, Priorities, and Work Estimates, Jim Mitchell, 11 April 1985, Revision 1.1
This is ARC's current working document describing major system components, their relative importance and our best estimates of the amount of effort remaining in each area (including design, implementation, and testing). The list only goes down one or two levels of detail.

Protection in the OAK File System by Carl Dellar
This document describes the access control protection mechanism used in the OAK file system. It covers the representation of principals[sic], authentication, and the supn port provided for access control lists. The document also defines the access rights relevant to various file system objects and comments upon an effecient[sic] implementation of the scheme.

Pomegraphics Nodes: The Prescript Structured Graphics Objects, Randy Strauss
This document discusses Pomegraphics nodes, the high-level graphics objects to be implemented in Prescript. Only objects and basic operations are defined. Implementation and user interface issues are discussed elsewhere.

Issues in Fine Tuning the A-Graphics Package, Randy Strauss
There are some subtle issues effecting the design of the A-Graphics package. This package must implement screen graphics that fit on top of both PostScript and the screen driver based on David Seale's assembly code.

Document A0055, Macintosh, GEM, MSWIN and TopView, J. Dunn
This document desribes the programming interfaces to the above window environments.

Document A0056, Applications Compatibility - Discussion Document, J. Dunn
This document summarises two ways in which we might achieve "compatibility" with the new IBM PC for the A500, and waises some of the issues involved. It was originally written at the end of May to help discussions about the Ivrea presentation.

Current Keyboard Caps Layout, Randy Strauss
This document exists to distribute current ideas for placement of the key caps (symbols) for the US design of the keyboard. The key sizes and locations have been determined and CH came up with a DIN compatible specification of key caps for the UK and Europe. They would like our feedback for the US version which will be produced later. Pleasesend opinionsand requests for change to acorn!ras.

C Compilers for Project A, J. Dunn
This document looks at what we need from a C compiler for Project A, examines some existing compilers, and suggests a description for the current Project A compiler.

Document A0059, Extending the ARM Instruction Set, Mick Jordan, 1985
This document considers the problems in extending the ARM instruction set, for example, to provide floating point operations, from the software viewpoint.

Document A0060, IBM Podule and IBM PC Emulation in Software, J. Dunn (input from ARW and JJG), revision 1.1
This document assumes that it is desirable for the A500 to be able to run applications written for the IBM PC directly from an IBM PC disc. This can be done either by building an IBM PC lookalike and attaching it to the A500 podule bus, or by emulating an IBM PC in software.

Document A0061, Applications Compatiblity - Summar, J. Dunn, 1985
This document summarises the current state of the work on compatibility.

Document A0063, Simplifying what it means to write an application for Project A, Jonathan Gibbons, 1985, Revision 1.1

Document A0064, Atoms and PLists, Jonathan Gibbons

Document A0065, Implementing Resource Files, Carl Dellar
This note attempts to capture the outcome of several discussions on how Resource Files should be built. These discussions involved Carl Dellar, Jon Gibbons, Mick Jordan, Jim Mitchell, Hugo Tyson, and Jes Wills. Carl Dellar, revision 1.1

Document A0066, Handle Administration, Carl Dellar

Document A0071, Integrating VM and Protection into the A Software System, J Dunn, 14 March 1986
This document briefly describes a series of stages for integrating VM and protection into the current A system. Each stage is intended to cause the minimum amount of change to the system to limit the debugging time for the complete integration.

Document A0072, A System Debugging - Transition, Mick Jordan, 16 March 1986

Registering and Calling "Callback" Procedures, J. Dunn
The mechanism described was dreamed up by Jim Mitchell and embellished by Mick Jordan.

Document A0074, Resource Files and Resources, J. Dunn, 27 May 1986
This document describes the major features of the interface to resources and resource files, outlines the implementation of resource files in the OAK Filing System, and suggests some conventions for storing documents and applications in resource files.

Memo from Lee Smith to AMcKernan, DLamkin, ARD-all, and A-newdocs, Subject: ARM Documentation, 26 June 1986
Please copy this memo freely to any interested parties in Acorn.
Jim Mitchell, William Stoye, Joe Dunn, Lee Smith and Dave Lamkin met this morning to discuss the structure and titles of the ARX 'kernel' documentation. We decided that the 'kernel' documentation will be structured and entitled as follows...

Acorn Business Division, ARM, Second Processor, Brazil Manual, Issue 1.00. Copyright Acorn Computers Limited 1985

Untitled Document - This document outlines the treatment of IO devices by the A operating system.

Acorn Documents Register, listing and titling docs A0001-A0074

Confidential - The Scavenger and Verifier for the A File System, 13 August 1985

Vidc Users' Manual version 1.2 5.7.85

Photocopy of 3 pages of spiralbound 'Appendix 3: Command Summaries' regarding FileStore

Leeds Polytechnic Computer Unit - Transition to Prime Basic, JM Hussain, May 1986
This document is intended for users with some experience of another implementation of BASIC who want to know how to enter and run simple BASIC programs on the Polytechnic's Prime computer. It does not assume any previous experience of using the Prime and should enable BASIC programmers to enter and run programs with a minimum of time spent in learning 'how to use the system'.

Leeds Polytechnic Computer Unit - A guide to Prime Basic, D Heathcote, May 1986
This document is a guide to Prime's BASIC/VM or virtual-memory BASIC, also known as BASICV. It is assumed that the user has some familiarity with both the PRIME system and with some other version of the BASIC language.

Leeds Polytechnic Computer Unit - Using an Apricot F1 as a Terminal to the Prime Computer, JM Hussain, March 1986
This document contains instructions on how to log on to the Prime computer from an Apricot terminal. It also describes the use of Function keys and other special keys when using the Prime editor (EDIT) from an Apricot terminal.

Leeds Polytechnic Computing Services - Using the GAB Grid Analysis Program on the Prime Computer, P. G. Higginbotham, July 1986
This document is an introduction to the use of the GAB repertory grid analysis on the Prime Computer at Leeds Polytechnic.

Leeds Polytechnic Computer Unit - Edit Command Summary Card (one A4 sheet)

Leeds Polytechnic Computing Services - Using the NAG library of numerical routines on the Prime System, PR Marchant, July 1986
This document describes the use of the Numerical Algorithms Group (NAG) Library on the Prime System. The library enables numerical computations to be easily, efficiently, and accurately made.

Leeds Polytechnic Computer Unit - Using Salford Prolog on the Prime, M. G. Ford, April 1986
This document described the PROLOG component of the Salford LISP/PROLOG system on the Prime computer.

Leeds Polytechnic Computing Services - An introduction to using the Oravle Relational Database Package on the Prime Computer, S N Bolton, Septembet 1986
This document provides an introduction to the basic functions of the ORACLE Relational Database Package and briefly describes the function of each of the main sections of the package.

Leeds Polytechnic Computing Services - Using SIMAN on the Prime Computer, P. G. Higginbotham, July 1986
This document is an introduction to the use of the SIMAN simulation package on the Prime computer at Leeds Polytechnic.

Acorn Computers ACW443 ROM Installation Guide

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