Practical Computing - April 1981, Volume 4, Issue 4

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Publication Date : April 1981

Publication Contents :

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5 Comart Communicator [Advert]
16 Tantel by Tangerine [Advert]
17 Sync Magazine [Advert]
31 Hewlett-Packard HP-41C [Advert]
41 Editorial [Article]
Peter Laurie
The business of education
42 Feedback [Article]
User's letters.
46 Disc-based HP-83 can run VisiCalc Plus [News Item]
A new personal computer has been introduced by Hewlett-Packard, the HP-83.
46 CAD82 call to authors [News Item]
The first call for papers has been issued for the CAD82, the Computer-Aided Design conference and Exhibition which will be held in Brighton in March 1982.
46 Consultancy centre aims to help confused business users [News Item]
Puzzled businessmen may find assistance at a new microcomputer consultancy centre, which has been opened in the heart of London under the auspices of the National Computer Centre, NCC, Manchester.
46 Cobol now for Z-8000s [News Item]
The first Cobol for Z-8000 16-bit microcomputers has been installed on the Onyx Systems C-8002 microcomputer.
46 Zork fantasy game [News Item]
The latest and biggest microcomputer fantasy game, Zork is now being sold by Personal Software in the US.
46 New Olivetti computers [News Item]
Two new business computer systems have been introduced by Olivetti. The two systems in the BCS 2000 range are similar to the existing Olivetti range of business computers but include a full-sized VDU.
47 Commercial satellite plan [News Item]
British Telecom has announced its plans for an inexpensive business satellite system which will use a geo-stationary bird and dishes 10 to 13 feet in diameter on the ground.
47 Tipping the scales in favour of accurate weight records [News Item]
Ever since the new Weights and Measures Act was introduced at the beginning of 1980, there has been a strong market for weighing systems which automatically keep records of sample product weights from, for example, manufacturers of tinned beans. Many products have been designed along these lines and the latest connects the Apple II to the Oertling electronic balances.
47 New 8080/8085 package [News Item]
A hardware and software package for development work on 8080- and 8085-based systems has been designed to run in conjunction with the Commodore 32K Pet and 3040 floppy disc systems.
47 Public-domain Comal to stop use of unstructured Basic in schools [News Item]
Commodore has announced the launch of a new structured form of Basic called Comal as public-domain software. Comal is a structured language developed to satisfy educationalists unhappy about the widespread use of unstructured Basic.
47 Superbrain's Teletype role [News Item]
The Superbrain microcomputer can now be used as a Teletype terminal thanks to a program, TTY, which has been released by the London-based software house Systematica.
49 Recipe for success [News Item]
Running a bakery should be a piece of cake if a newly-released program, called Master Baker, lives up to expectations.
49 DMS 'solves problem' for WordPro and Wordcraft [News Item]
Compsoft has linked an information storage and retrieval package, DMS, to both WordPro and Wordcraft.
49 Fully-programmable HP-41CV hs big capacity boost [News Item]
The top-of-the-line calculator from Hewlett Packard, the HP-41CV, features five times the memory of the HP-41C and accomodates up to 2,000 program lines.
49 Printers' system will tackle job costing [News Item]
Sage Systems from Newcastle-upon-Tyne are offering an estimating system based on a 64K microcomputer, with dual 5.25 inch disc for 4,750.
49 Music board from Nascom [News Item]
The BBF, a music board for Nascom owners will plug directly into the PI/O of the Nascom microcomputers and play musical notes over a range of eight octaves.
50 Dot-matrix colour printer at a competitive price [News Item]
The lowest-cost colour dot-matrix printer in the U.K. has just been released by Integrex. The CX-80 prints in seven colours, with simple code controls, and with 96 ASCII plus 64 graphics characters in ROM.
50 Intel's 16K static RAM [News Item]
A 16K static RAM, with deliveries to begin in the fourth quarter of this year, has been introduced by Intel.
50 New S-100 clock works in real time [News Item]
The CLK-24, a real-time clock/calendar board for use with S-100 bus microcomputers is now being offered by Digital Devices.
50 Versatile measurement system suits most control applications [News Item]
Analog Devices has launched the mac-4000, a single-board, micro-based measurement, control or monitoring application.
50 Speech-synthesis board designed for development engineers [News Item]
Another speech synthesis board has been released, although the VSM from General Instruments is aimed primarily designers and engineers planning the use of speech synthesis devices in future products.
53 Black Box III Microcomputer Solutions [Advert]
55 London Computer Fair preview [News Item]
Preview of the second London Computer Fair, which is being held at the Polytechnic of North London from April 14-16 1981.
55 Homeline cuts costs in property market [News Item]
A former civil engineer who designed the water distribution system for Istanbul, Turkey on a computer has turned his programming skills to an altogether different area and now claims to have grabbed more than one percent of the estate agency business in the U.K. with his Apple-based system.
56 COS from Interface avoids portability pitfalls [Review]
Nick Horgan
Commercial Operating System: Reviewer Nick Horgan looks at Interface Computer Services' route to portability.
58 Controller takes account of small-business finances [Review]
Vincent Tseng
Vincent Tseng's appraisal of the Commodore-approved Creamwood package.
60 Access to CP/M packages adds to Onyx's popular appeal [Review]
We gauge the C-8001's computing potential.
62 S-100 video card opens teletext to more micro users [Review]
Mike Hughes
Mike Hughes tests the Hi-Tech board.
66 Very nice dear,...but what does it do? [Article]
Tina Billett
Women's views: Tina Billett writes about using the Video Genie EG3003.
69 Bleak moments spent with an unsympathetic machine [Article]
Rose Deakin
Rose Deakin discusses her purchase of a Transam Triton.
72 New! Sinclair ZX81 Personal Computer [Advert]
Double-page advert.
76 Nestar local network gives micros large-computer benefits [Article]
Larry Press
A report by Larry Press on the new Model A network system.
80 Planned obsolescence [Article]
Andrew Walker
85 Computer-aided learning leads pupils into new experiments [Article]
David Walton
Education: David Walton on computer-aided learning.
87 Micros' flexibility offered best solution for PAYE system [Article]
John Butcher & Philip Virgo
How the national system should have been computerised - a paper by MPs John Butcher and Philip Virgo.
90 Striking it rich with drawn matches [Type-In Listing]
Gavin Potter
Gambling: Football pools prediction.
93 Equinox Computer Systems [Advert]
94 Black Box [Type-In Listing]
Bob Merry
Bob Merry's micro version of the Waddingtons game.
100 Even friends of the famous have to pay VAT [Article]
Cathy Lane
Applications: The impact a micro made at London Features International.
102 Clear data coding unlocks door to information analysis [Article]
Owen Bishop
Statistics on a micro.
104 Computer Programs - Art or Science? [Article]
Lawrence Perry
Software protection - copyright or patent?
108 Step-by-step approach to programming fundamentals [Type-In Listing]
Ken Smith
Basic techniques.
111 Z-80 Zodiac [Article]
For all users of systems based on the Z-80 chip.
113 ZX-80 Line-up [Article]
Page dedicated to the ZX-80.
115 Tandy Forum [Article]
Devoted to the TRS-80 - news and user's tips, queries and comments.
116 6502 Special [Article]
The 6502 Special is dedicated to the exchange of information between 6502 users.
118 Pet Corner [Article]
News and user's tips, queries and comments.
119 Apple Pie [Article]
Ideas, hints and comments for Apple users.
120 Micromouse [Article]
Page dedicated to anything that moves.
121 Book Reviews [Review]
'30 programs for the Sinclair ZX-80-1K', 'Computer graphics: Infotech state of the art report', 'Infotech state of the art report, Microcomputer Software', 'Computer consciousness: surviving the automated 80s' by H.D. Covvey & N.H. McAlister, 'Pascal programming structures: an introduction to systematic programming' by George W. Cherry.
123 Oscar [Advert]
125 ABC 24 & ABC 26 [Advert]
126 Onyx C8000 Series [Advert]
Double-page advert.
128 Solutions which reveal elegant face of recursion [Type-In Listing]
Ian Glendinning
Elegant recursive solutions.
134 Buyers' Guide - Microcomputers [Article]
149 Son of Hexadecimal Kid [Article]
Richard Forsyth
197 Adler Alphatronic [Advert]
203 'Tuscan' from Transam [Advert]

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