Practical Computing - November 1981, Volume 4, Issue 11

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Publication Date : November 1981

Publication Contents :

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4 Put some colour into your personal computing with the new OKI if800 [Advert]
6 Hewlett-Packard Personal Computers [Advert]
7 Adler Alphatronic [Advert]
14 Merit Computers KD700 [Advert]
23 Sinclair ZX81 available at W.H. Smith [Advert]
34 HP-41C [Advert]
41 Program generators or programmers? [Article]
Peter Laurie
43 Feedback [Article]
User's letters covering topics including legal judgements, easy 380-Z hard copy and cruelty to Pets.
46 IBM's 'fun machine' for work and play [News Item]
IBM has entered the personal computer market. Although available in the US and Canada at the moment, the IBM personal computer is set to become a major competitor in the personal and microcomputer markets.
46 Criticism for package that copies protected software [News Item]
Apple Orchard of Milton Keynes has begun marketing a controversial new software package, Copy II Plus. The device is designed to copy most currently available diskettes, including protected software packages, in less than 60 seconds.
47 WH Smith to sell ZX-81 [News Item]
The high-street newsagent chain WH Smith is to enter the microcomputer market. For a trial period more than 100 of the stores will be selling the popular Sinclair ZX-81 microcomputer.
47 Casio programmable puts more power in hand [News Item]
Casio has developed a remarkable little Basic computer, the FX-702P, which should neatly fill that gap between programmable calculators and microcomputers.
47 Hard choice becomes soft option [News Item]
Off-the-shelf Winchester technology at a price which will not break the bank is now available from British company Comart. Its CP-100 Communicator now sports an integral 5-inch Winchester hard-disc option from Californian-based company Seagate.
47 Apple takes control with IEEE-488 card [News Item]
With the addition of the Apple IEEE-488 card, an Apple computer can be used to program and operate virtually any test, measurement or control instrument which is bus-compatible with the IEEE interface standard.
49 New S-100 colour card [News Item]
Hi-Tech Electronics of Southampton has announced the latest addition to its range of S-100 boards, a high-definition, colour graphics board, the SID1.
49 NEC micro aims to lead the European market [News Item]
The NEC microcomputer system, the PC-8000 series, has been launched in the UK.
49 Schools' programs now available for the TRS-80 [News Item]
The Schools Council computers in the curriculum project has broadened the potential user base of its educational software packages. The economics and geography programs are now available on cassette for the Tandy TRS-80 level I computer.
49 BBC machine offered as top prize in building competition [News Item]
A competition designed to stimulate interest in the use of microcomputers among the future generation of managers in the building industry is offering a BBC Microcomputer as first prize.
50 Universal interface opens new doors for Pet [News Item]
The ICI Pet Interface System, a new universal interface for the Pet microcomputer means that the Pet, or the VIC-20, can be used to control, monitor, test, sequence, experiment or perform any one of hundreds of tasks in the real world.
50 Conference for Pets [News Item]
Peted 1 is a conference for Pet users in the educational environment. The conference dates are November 27 to 29.
50 Expanding network of bulletin boards [News Item]
There are now six Forum 80 bulletin boards in operation in Europe, five of them in the UK. A bulletin board is an American idea, whereby computer owners can contact each other via the telephone network and a central computer.
50 First UK export for States-side Apples [News Item]
The first applications program to be imported by Apple to the US from Britain is the Apple Project Manager, APM.
50 Now Sinclair can print [News Item]
The new Sinclair printer. which is designed to complement the best-selling ZX range of microcomputers, is now available.
50 Greater data security is MP/M II's strong point [News Item]
Digital Research, instigator of the industry standard CP/M microcomputer operating system has released MP/M II.
51 Pear II [Advert]
53 Waiting for 'The Rocket'. [Article]
Martin Hayman
Update on 'Practical Telesoftware'.
54 Transam ME3 64K Static S100 memory board [Advert]
55 Compec '81 Preview [News Item]
A brief look at some of the new equipment which is being shown in the UK for the first time at this year's Compec, which is being held on November 17-20 in the Grand Hall, Olympia.
56 Genasys [Review]
David Watt
The program-generation package that vies with The Last One is put through its paces by David Watt.
61 Silicon Office [Review]
Mike McDonald
An evaluation of the all-purpose business system.
65 Sinclair ZX81 Personal Computer [Advert]
Four-page, colour advert.
69 Commodore Printers [Review]
Peter Wood
As Pet use in offices increases, so new dot-matrix and daisywheel printers appear: Peter Wood tests four of the latest.
73 The future in your hands [Article]
Peter Laurie
Peter Laurie simulates this market's mechanisms with a Basic program and produces a model of its future.
77 Climbing the Family Tree [Article]
Bob Merry
Trace your ancestry with Bob Merry's program.
80 On-line Apple brings help to premature babies [Article]
Martin Hayman
How London's Hammersmith Hospital uses an Apple to help premature babies.
83 Message in a bottle [Article]
Geraint Day
84 Unscrambling Rubik's Cube [Type-In Listing]
Andre Whitfield
Cut the Gordian knot of logical puzzles with our Basic solution.
91 Closed procedures in Comal-80 [Article]
Mogens Christiansen
Mogens Christiansen looks again at Comal-80.
96 Displaying the goods [Article]
Raymond Franks
Mounting a successful systems demonstration.
99 Sinclair ZX software on cassette [Advert]
100 Choose Atom Power [Advert]
101 Sprechen Sie Apfeldeutsch? [Article]
Hugh Dobbs
Apfeldeutsch, the German-teaching software package.
107 Business software: formatting for printed output [Article]
Charles Somerville
Part five of Charles Somerville's series.
112 Practical systems for speech synthesis [Article]
M. Lancaster
Voice simulation in theory and practice.
120 Making the most of virtual storage systems [Article]
Michael Bloor
Our second article in improved storage.
129 Rader Single Board Computer [Advert]
131 Z-80 Zodiac [Article]
For all users of systems based on the Z-80 chip.
132 ITT 2020 [Advert]
135 ZX-80/81 Line-up [Article]
Page dedicated to the ZX-80 and ZX-81.
141 Tandy Forum [Article]
Devoted to the TRS-80 - news and user's tips, queries and comments.
145 6502 Special [Article]
The 6502 Special is dedicated to the exchange of information between 6502 users.
149 Pet Corner [Article]
News and user's tips, queries and comments.
152 Tuscan - the all-British microcomputer [Advert]
153 Apple Pie [Article]
Ideas, hints and comments for Apple users.
155 Digital's MXVII will change your ideas about micro packaging [Advert]
157 Figure ring [Article]
161 Head-on Collision [Type-In Listing]
Wynford & Jane James
A portable game which uses graphics.
166 Colour from the Apple [Article]
Roger Cullis
The first of three articles on colour display.
174 Buyers' Guide - Software [Article]
187 Son of Hexadecimal Kid [Article]
Richard Forsyth

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Creator : IPC Electrical Electronic Press

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