Retro Computer Festival 2021 - 9th & 10th October

Retro Computer Festival 2021 - 9th & 10th October
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*Advance tickets for Saturday are sold out - but please phone ahead on the day if you would like to visit and haven't booked.*

It was with much sadness we had to cancel our 2020 Retro Computer Festival - but it does mean our exhibitors have had another year to collect more computers, design more add-ons, create more kits, expand more machines - and that means in 2021, we can bring you our best ever Festival!

We'll be dedicating another entire weekend to the Retro Computing Community. The Centre for Computing History will be opening its doors on the 9th & 10th October 2021 and welcoming enthusiasts to exhibit their personal collections, retro computing mods and state of the art hacks.

The event will be free to exhibitors and entry for visitors is just standard museum entry.

We are still maintaining Covid precautions to protect our staff & visitors.
You must wear a face covering to enter, unless you are exempt.
By booking for this event you are agreeing to comply with our guidelines.

Please click here to read our current Covid-19 guidelines.

Exhibitors can exhibit for 1 day or both. If required exhibitors can set-up on the Friday evening too.

Binary Dinosaurs
Fuelled by discovering a lone Enterprise64 in a field in 1998, Adrian's collection is as eclectic as it is far reaching through UK home computing history. 
[Saturday & Sunday]
David Williams
Dave will be bringing a talking IMSAI with the aim of not starting WW3, Reproduction KIM-1 in case somebody fancies a nice game of MicroChess and the 'Love Machine', a Transam Triton that ran a dating program in disco's during the late 70's. Oh and a GRiD Compass 1101
[Saturday & Sunday]
Roy Templeman
Roy (aka @LoudScotsBloke) is a lover of underdogs and oddballs, and has spent the last 25 years collecting and restoring the most bizarre and wonderful home computers from the 80s that most people have never even heard of!! Come and see some rare and exotic examples from his eclectic ever growing collection, then you too can say that you have seen a Radionics R1001 (see! never heard of it, have you!?)
[Saturday & Sunday]
Here be Dragons!
Tony will be presenting "What I did in the Lockdown" - a selection of projects from the last year including a modem emulator, his first ever PCB project and a few machines brought back from the grave. Oh, and a Dragon. Of course.
[Saturday & Sunday]
Jonn Blanchard of Re-enthused
Johnny is the author of Gaming in the Obscure and owner of the RE:Enthused retro channel, he’ll be showcasing some lesser seen computers and consoles.
[Saturday & Sunday]
Sean Billings
Sean Billings will be bringing along a collection of computers from the 80's and 90's and helping anyone that would like to try to learn about programming on them. 
[Saturday & Sunday]
Chris & Dave Carter
Chris & Dave will bring a Newbear 77-68 or two (arguably the first ever British home computer). They'll also be bringing one of the very first (if not, again, the first) 16bit desktop computer, the Olivetti M20, as well as a PiDP-8 and PiDP-11 and possibly more !
[Saturday & Sunday]
Wi-Fi Sheep - Tom Williamson
Tom's theme is "Modern Retro" -

TinyBASIC Computers real programmable own-build 8bit BASIC computers that anyone can make.

RISC OS Direct : A modern 32-bit, free Acorn Archimedes OS for the Raspberry Pi able to run classic Archimedes, BBC Micro, ZX Spectrum and DOSPC software and games, as well as modern native Acorn software.

[Saturday & Sunday]

Dexter's Lab
Mark will detailing the use and restoration of their Quantel DPB-7001 Digital Paint Box. The original 'Classic' Quantel Paintbox graphics workstation lauched by Quantel in 1981. On show will be what is believed to be one of only two known to exist worldwide in it's 40th anniversary year.
[Saturday & Sunday]
Adrian Page-Mitchell
The museum's Adrian Page-Mitchell will be bringing his Casio PV-2000 and near complete cart collection, as well as his Tomy Pyuta, some of his rarer 264 machines may also make an appearance.
[Saturday & Sunday]
Stephen Usher
Stephen started playing with computers since Christmas 1981, and still owning that original ZX81, and now tries to get old machines working again as good as new, if not better. He'll be bringing along a section of machines and some interesting modern upgrades for them.
[Saturday & Sunday]
Pete Golding
Always feeling the place to start is at the beginning, Pete will be bringing in some milestones firsts to get hands on with, from what is arguably the first computer game from 1958 ‘Tennis for two’ to a replica of the Altair 8800 and Science of Cambridge MK14. He will also be showing one or two big surprise machines on each day.
[Saturday & Sunday]
Andy Toone
Andy will be demonstrating the new 8-bit Cerberus 2080, a retro computer featuring both a Z80 and 6502 CPU that runs BBC BASIC. He has built an online development environment so anyone can experiment with Cerberus, and will show off his version of Manic Miner written for the machine.
[Saturday & Sunday]
Jeremy Owen
Jeremy will be demonstrating Hewlett Packard scientific computers from the early 1980s. Desktop and handheld programmable computers controlling printers, plotters, disk drives and test equipment. See what a 1980s “calculator” can really do!
[Saturday & Sunday]
Spencer Owen - RC2014
A selection of RC2014 retro computer kits based on the Z80, which will be demonstrating some of the things you can do with CP/M, BASIC and Z80 assembly code, along with a few kits for sale so you can build your own Z80 computer from scratch!
[Saturday ONLY]
The National Museum of Computing
Our friends from Bletchley will be showing some examples from their 1960s collection, including an Argus 400 and a unique accessory for the ICT 1900
[Saturday & Sunday]
More exhibitors are always being added - keep checking back for the latest list!
As a fundraising event for the museum, all proceeds will be used to help us run our educational services and inspire another generation in to a career in computing.
Many thanks to Vampireslug on DeviantArt for the great 8 bit pixel art imagery!

 Some videos from previous festivals

Remember - All proceeds go to support our Computing Museum!


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