Retro Computer Festival - 1982 Edition - 21st & 22nd May 2022

Retro Computer Festival - 1982 Edition - 21st & 22nd May 2022
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Adult (Sunday 22nd May) £10.00
Child (Sunday 22nd May) £7.00
Concession (Sunday 22nd May) £8.00
Family (Sunday 22nd May) £28.00

Description :

This year it’s the 40th birthday of some of our favourite computers - and 40 years since the explosion in home computing. We’d like you to help us celebrate! 

1982 saw the launch of the best selling computer of all time - the Commodore 64 - as well as many of the UK’s most popular computers - the ZX Spectrum, the BBC Micro, the Dragon 32 and the Oric 1. It also saw an explosion in home computing across the world.

To celebrate this momentous year, the museum will be kicking off with a festival devoted to the machines of 1982 on the 21st and 22nd May.

We’re looking for exhibitors!

Would you like to exhibit at this event? We’re looking for a range of exhibitors, so let us know how you could get involved. Read here for more details!

Exhibitors confirmed so far - check back for more

Roy Templeman
Roy (aka @LoudScotsBloke) is a lover of underdogs and oddballs, and has spent the last 25 years collecting and restoring the most bizarre and wonderful home computers from the 80s that most people have never even heard of! He'll be bringing a wide selection of machines whose birthday it is this year - and showing how some of these machines have been developed, cloned and are still being built today.
[Saturday & Sunday]
Pete Golding
Pete will be demonstrating the joys of using 40 year old computers with his rogue's gallery of rubber keyboard beauties. Definitely not a table for the touch typists!
[Saturday & Sunday]
Binary Dinosaurs
Fuelled by discovering a lone Enterprise64 in a field in 1998, Adrian's collection is as eclectic as it is far reaching through UK home computing history. He'll be bringing the wonderful Positron 9000 to the celebrations, as well as a selection of the works of Chuck Peddle - some 40yr old PETs and Act Sirius.
[Saturday & Sunday]
David Williams
From Dave's collection we have a number of machines celebrating their 40th birthday this year - the GRiD Compass 1101, Sanyo MBC-555 and the Multitech MPF-11.
[Saturday & Sunday]
Here be Dragons!
Tony will be show that just because you're 40, it doesn't mean there's not life in the old dog (dragon?) yet. His Dragons have VGA graphics, WiFi, SD cards, sprites and multi-channel audio - but don't worry, there'll still be plenty of green backgrounds too.
[Saturday & Sunday]
Jonn Blanchard of Re-enthused
Johnny Blanchard is a self-styled technology archeologist, with a penchant for discovering lesser known computers and consoles. He’s also the author of Gaming in the Obscure.
[Saturday & Sunday]
Wi-Fi Sheep - Tom Williamson
Tom will be back with two of his iconic BBC Micro Model B's as featured regularly on the Wi-Fi Sheep Youtube Tech Channel. Showcasing all kinds of modern upgrades, such as upscaled HD output, advanced colour and graphics modes, USB and SD card support and 32-bit Raspberry Pi powered ARM second processors along with a mixture of classic & modern games and software for the veteran 40+ year old 8-bit platform!
[Saturday & Sunday]
Dexter's Lab
Mark will detailing the use and restoration of their Quantel DPB-7001 Digital Paint Box. The original 'Classic' Quantel Paintbox graphics workstation lauched by Quantel in 1981. On show will be what is believed to be one of only two known to exist worldwide in it's 40th anniversary year.
[Saturday & Sunday]
Dolo Miah (@6502nerd)
Dolo's love is the Oric 1 - and he'll be showing us that it's still being developed for, 40 years on from its launch.
Andy Taylor
Andy will be showing us those three most famous birthday machines - the BBC Micro, the Commodore 64 and the ZX Spectrum - and be demonstrating what can be done with those machines with add-ons new and retro.
[Saturday & Sunday]
Cronosoft started in 2002 as a not-for-profit software house, to release games for many different 8-bit home computers, at a time when there was little interest. Myself (Simon) and my wife Anita have now released around 150 different titles for the Spectrum, ZX81, ZX80, Vic 20, Commodore 64, Amstrad CPC, Dragon 32, Commodore 16, Jupiter Ace, and Mattel Aquarius, and 2022 is now our 20th anniversary of Cronosoft. We have also have reissued some games for other existing companies such as Software Farm, and have released games from people such as Roy Templeman, Jonathan Cauldwell, Bob Smith, Andy Remic and Clive Townsend.
John Newcombe
John will be demonstrating what became the UK's answer to the S100 bus. In 1982 Gemini Computers launched their 80-Bus modular machine as a way to provide continued support for the Nascom home computer system. See if you can spot the Amesham manufacturer's multi-disk format machine which supports over 700 disk formats. So if you have your Curriculum Vitae on an 8 inch IBM 3740 disk and you want it copying to a DEC RX50 5.25 inch disk, bring it along! Don't be suprised if you also see a Spectrum connected to Micronet!
[Saturday & Sunday]
Pixel Addict magazine
Pixel Addict - the digital culture magazine for classic computing and retro gaming enthusiasts! Pixel Addict will take you back to the era of dial-up modems, floppy disks and dot matrix printers as we reflect on the history of personal computing and its legacy today. Each issue will focus on the cultural impact of home computing with hardware profiles, interviews, vintage software and game reviews. Whether it's the Apple II, ZX Spectrum, Commodore 64 or MS-DOS; Pixel Addict will share in your love of pioneering digital technology.
[Saturday only]
More exhibitors are always being added - keep checking back for the latest list!
As a fundraising event for the museum, all proceeds will be used to help us run our educational services and inspire another generation in to a career in computing.

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