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Two years after the initial Amiga launch, Commodore released their replacement to the ageing Amiga 1000. The Amiga 2000 developed the 'big box' Amiga market that continued to divide users' until the mid-1990s, and formed the second part of Commodore's plans to diversify the Amiga market into high and low end systems (the low-end A500 had been launched two months previous). Like the Amiga 500, the A2000 was shipped with Kickstart/Workbench 1.2.

The machine offered several advantages over the Amiga 1000 and 500:
Seven internal expansion slots (5x  100 pin Amiga Zorro II and 2 x 16-bit ISA slots). The ISA slots were disabled by default (only power and ground pins activated), but could be used when a Commodore bridgeboard was installed (a PC-on-a-card). Inactive slots can be used for non intelligent cards like TBCs or fan cards.
One megabyte memory as standard (expandable to 9MB).
The CPU could be upgraded through the purchase of a processor card and attaching it to a 86 pin processor slot.

he A2000, also known as the Commodore Amiga 2000, was released in 1986. Although aimed at the high-end market it was technically very similar to the A500, so similar in fact that the A2000B revision was outright based on the A500 design. What the A2000 had over the A500 was a bigger case with room for five Zorro II proprietary expansion slots, two 16-bit and two 8-bit ISA slots, a CPU upgrade slot, a video slot, and a battery-backed clock.

It should also be noted that, like the Amiga 1000 and unlike the Amiga 500, the A2000 came in a desktop case with a separate keyboard. The case was more PC-like than the A1000 - taller to accommodate the expansion cards and lacking the space beneath for the keyboard.

Also like the Amiga 1000, the 2000 was sold only by specialty computer dealers.

The A2000 was eventually succeeded by the Amiga 3000 in 1990.

CPU: Motorola 68000 (7.16 MHz NTSC, 7.09 MHz PAL)

256 KB ROM for Kickstart code.
512 KB (Max) / (1 MB Max) of Chip RAM.
512 KB Fast RAM in MMU slot (in some Model As only) / Soldered on motherboard
Practical limit of 8 MB total Fast RAM memory without the use of a CPU expansion card, due to the 24-bit address bus.

3.5 inch floppy disk drive, capacity 880 KB
SCSI Hard drive in A2000HD systems.
The computer was used by film producer Roy Byrne and was very kindly donated by his wife Roberta and his daughter Jennifer Byrne.

Manufacturer: Commodore
Date: 1986

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Commodore Amiga 2000 or A2000

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