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Sirius Systems Technology was a personal computer manufacturer in Scotts Valley, California. It was founded by Chuck Peddle and Chris Fish, formerly of MOS Technology. In 1982 Sirius bought Victor Business Systems, known for its calculators and cash registers, and changed its name to Victor Technologies. It made the Victor/Sirius series of personal computers. Victor itself was a subsidiary of Walter Kidde Inc. The company made a public offering in the first half of 1983, but went into Chapter 11 protection before the end of 1984. The company's assets were acquired by Datatronic, a Swedish software company headed by Mats Gabrielsson. The latter signed a distribution deal with Kyocera, who began to supply PC clones to Victor. 
Sirius Model 457Sirius Model 504Sirius Model 506Sirius Model 510
Sirius Model 457
Sirius Model 504
Sirius Model 506
Sirius Model 510
Sirius Model 511
Sirius Model 511
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