Acorn RISC PC Product Launch - 16th April 1994
Acornsoft Elite - Promotional Video 1984
Andrew Oliver - The Early Days of The Oliver Twins
Andy Hopper - The Cambridge Ring and the Computer Lab
Atari Jaguar Commercial - Tempest 2000
Bubbles Whiting - Using Punch Cards - Hollerith and IBM
Chris Turner - Acorn and the BBC Micro
Chris Turner - The BBC Domesday System and Laserdiscs
Chris, Colin & Paul - Viva Computer Drop In Shop - "Its a privileged thing to be a programmer."
Christopher Curry - "It was always enthusiasm, growth and opportunity"
Commodore Amiga - Cyborg TV Advert - 1992
Commodore Amiga 600 - CDTV Packs - 1992
Computer Club - The Computer and the TV Producer - BBC2 - 1983
Dagmar - Viva Computer Drop In Shop - Berlin School of Economics
Dan Crow - Working at Apple and with Steve Jobs
David Allen and Steve Lowry - The BBC Micro and Computer Literacy Project
David Skinner - "Computers could have been different"
Discover Atari Video Games - 80s TV Advert
Domesday System - Promo Disc
Eben Upton - Life Before Raspberry Pi
Eben Upton - The Story of Raspberry Pi
Ferranti Orion II Mainframe - Music Recording
Ian Williamson - My Life and the MK14
Institute of Astronomy - Scientific computing in the 60s
Interview with Andy Hopper
Interview with Ryan Hart: Street Fighter Champion
Introducing the IBM Personal Computer
Is Understanding Beyond Computation? HP Video
John Hare - Sensible Software - The Video Games Industry in the 80s
John Romero - How to Start Developing Video Games
John Steele - Ferranti and the Argus 100 Computer
Jonathan - Viva Computer Drop In Shop - Coding as an Art Form
Messages from the Markets: Financial Mathematics and Economic Policy HP Video
Modelling Communications Networks HP Video
Nadine and Lilia - Viva Computer Drop In Shop - Intergenerational interview about computing past and present
Natasa Milic-Fayling - Digital Preservation
Natasa Milic-Frayling - Privacy in the Digital Age
Nintendo Color TV Game 6
Nintendo GameCube Game Play 2002 - Electronics Boutique Promo Video
Nonlinear Problems in Immunology and Epidemiology HP Video
Origins DVD Hewlett-Packard - In the beginning...
Patrick - Viva Computer Drop in Shop - Watching technology grow and humanity reacting to it
Paul and Henry - Viva Computer Drop In Shop - X-boxes, iPads and Computers
Peter Cunningham - Early Computers in Education
Peter Cunningham - The BBC Domesday System in School
Phenomenal Phenomena HP Video
Philips Laserdisc Promotional Video
Rachel Jones - "I'm not a geek but I love technology."
Richard - Viva Computer Drop In Shop
Rodney Dale on Cambridge Consultants
Ruth Bramley - "Cutting edge and very exciting."
Smash Brothers - Talking to the Players
SpaceX - Educational Game for the BBC Micro 1983
Steve Furber Interview - 17-08-2009
Steve Furber Talk - Acorn World - 13-09-2009
Steve Lockwood - A traditional, analogue musician who relies on technology
Stunt Racer 2000 - Game Play
The Home Brew Club - Altair 8800 - The Screensavers
The Oliver Twins - 80s Game Development
Tools for Brains: how Technology Created Human Conciousness  HP Video
Torch: We were "bright young things who didn't know what was impossible."
Walter Herriot - "I was in an interesting place and I did interesting things."
ZX Spectrum Plus TV Advert - 80s
C60 Buckminsterfullerene: Not Just a Pretty Molecule HP Video
Computing is Interaction HP Video
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