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Ferranti or Ferranti International plc was a major UK electrical engineering and equipment firm known primarily for defence electronics and power grid systems. The Company was once a constituent of the FTSE 100 Index but ceased trading in 1993.

Ferranti is also famous in the computer industry for building the first commercially available computer, the Ferranti Mark 1, which was first delivered in 1951 and started their computer business, which lasted into the 1970s. They had influential collaborations with the university computing departments at Manchester and Cambridge, which resulted in the development of the Mercury and Atlas machines (Manchester); and the Atlas 2 or Titan (Cambridge).

Ferranti 1600EFerranti Advance 86Ferranti Argus 100Ferranti Argus 700
Ferranti 1600E
Ferranti Advance 86
Ferranti Argus 100
Ferranti Argus 700
Ferranti Argus PPC-20Ferranti Atlas ComputerFerranti Data Dynamics 390 TeletypeFerranti Digi Deck
Ferranti Argus PPC-20
Ferranti Atlas Computer
Ferranti Data Dynamics 390 Teletype
Ferranti Digi Deck
Ferranti Facit 4015 Rewinder, Telegraph Tape MachineFerranti Facit Paper Tape Drive UnitFerranti Facit Rewinder, ReproducerFerranti FM1600 B
Ferranti Facit 4015 Rewinder, Telegraph Tape Machine
Ferranti Facit Paper Tape Drive Unit
Ferranti Facit Rewinder, Reproducer
Ferranti FM1600 B
Ferranti ICL Paper Tape ReaderFerranti Model No PC31Ferranti Recorder, Reproducer
Ferranti ICL Paper Tape Reader
Ferranti Model No PC31
Ferranti Recorder, Reproducer
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