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The Computerized Society Book  1970 
The Design of the UNIX Operating System Book  1986 
100 Programs for the Acorn Electron Book  1984 
100 Programs for the BBC Microcomputer Book  1983 
A SNOBOL4 Primer Book  1973 
Advanced Computer Design Book  1982 
Advanced Machine Code Programming for the Commodore 64 Book  Apr 1983 
Adventures with the BBC Microcomputer Book  1985 
AIX for Breakfast Book  1996 
APL: The Language and its Useage Book  1975 
Applied assembly language on the BBC microcomputer Book  1984 
Archimedes and RISC OS Book  1990 
Assembly Language Programming for the IBM PC AT Book  1986 
Basic Programming on the Acorn Electron Book  1984 
Basic Programming On The BBC Microcomputer Book  1982 
BASIC Programming on the Q. L. Book  Unknown 
BBC Micro Advanced Programming Book  1985 
Box 504 Storage Box  Unknown 
Business Data Systems: A Practical Guide to Systems Analysis and Data Processing Book  1 Feb 1978 
C programming guidelines Book  1984 
C: Problem Solving and Programming Book  1989 
Commodore 64 Advanced User Guide Book  1982 
Computer Evaluation of Mathematical Functions Book  Unknown 
Computer Power for Small Business Book  Nov 1979 
Computer Programming Book  1966 
Computer Programming System 360 Book  1971 
Computer Science: A Modern Introduction Book  1 Jan 1988 
Computer Sorting Book  Unknown 
Computer Studies for GCSE Book  1989 
Computers and Commonsense Book  1979 
Data Structures and Programme Design in Modula C. Book  1990 
Design of on-Line Computer Systems Book  1972 
Design of real-time computer systems. Book  1967 
Developing microcomputer-based business systems Book  1982 
Disk Programming Techniques for the BBC Microcomputer Book  1984 
Dynamic information and library processing Book  Oct 1975 
Etudes for Programmers Book  Jan 1978 
Exploring BBC BASIC Book  1985 
File techniques for data base organization in COBOL Book  1986 
FORTH: A Text and Reference Book  1986 
Forth: The New Model Program  1984 
Functional Programming Application and Implementation Book  Jun 1980 
Fuzzy Logic & NeuroFuzzy Applications In Business & Finance Book  1997 
Graphics on the BBC Microcomputer Book  1983 
How to Solve It by Computer Book  Jul 1982 
Human/Computer Interaction Book  1 Jan 1990 
Ian Bruce: Interview Article  5 Jul 2017 
IBM PC Assembler Language and Programming Book  1987 
INMOS Limited occam 2 Reference Manual Book  Unknown 
Inmos OCCAM Programming Manual Manual  1984 
Inmos OCCAM Programming Manual Manual  1984 
Inside The IBM PC Book  1986 
Inside the IBM PC and PS/2 Book  1990 
Interfacing Your BBC Microcomputer Book  1985 
Internal Sorting Methods Illustrated with PL/1 Programs Book  Unknown 
Internetworking with TCP/IP Vol. I: Principles, Protocols, and Architecture Book  1991 
Internetworking with TCP/IP Volume II Book  1991 
Introduction To Microprocessors Book  1978 
Learning LOGO on the BBC Micro Book  Unknown 
M68000 8-/16-/32-Bit Microprocessors: Programmer's Reference Manual Book  Mar 1986 
Machine and Assembly Language Programming of the PDP-11 Book  1978 
Mathematical Programs in BBC Basic Book  1985 
Matrix Iterative Analysis Book  1962 
MC68020 Thirty-two Bit Micro User's Manual Book  1985 
MC68881/MC68882 Floating-Point Coprocessor User's Manual Book  1987 
MC88200 Cache-Memory Management Unit User's Manual Manual  Oct 1989 
Micro PROLOG Programming in Logic Book  1984 
MIPS RISC Architecture Book  1992 
Modula-3 Book  1992 
Networking with the BBC Microcomputer Book  1984 
Object Oriented Analysis Book  1990 
Object Oriented Design Book  1991 
PILOT - The Language and how to use it Book  1984 
Pocket Guide to BASIC (Pitman programming pocket guides) Book  Oct 1981 
Principles Of Programming Languages Book  1981 
Program Construction and Verification Book  Jun 1986 
Programmer's Guide to MS-DOS Book  1987 
Programming a personal computer Book  1982 
Programming Languages: History and Fundementals Book  1974 
Programming Real-Time Computer Systems Book  1965 
Quantitative System Performance Book  1984 
Quantitative System Performance, Computer System Analysis Using Queuing Network Models Book  Feb 1984 
Realizing the Object-Oriented Lifecycle Book  Apr 1996 
Reconfigurable massively parallel computers Book  1991 
SCEPTRE: a computer program for circuit and systems analysis Book  1971 
Software Engineering - A Programming Approach Book  1987 
Software Maintenance - The Problem and its Solutions Book  1983 
Stan Holwill: My LEO Involvement & Memories Article  Unknown 
Starting FORTH Book  1986 
Starting Forth (1981) Book  1981 
String and List Processing in SNOBOL 4 Book  1975 
Structured programming and problem-solving with PASCAL Book  1978 
Structured programming and problem-solving with PASCAL Book  1978 
System Simulation Book  1969 
Systems Programming with Modula-3 Book  1 Jul 1991 
Ten Statement Fortran Plus Fortran IV for the IBM 360 Book  1970 
The ACT Sirius 1 Computer Book  1985 

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