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The following is a list of Computing Books published by Sybex in the Centre for Computing History collection. It is not an exhaustive list of and other books may have been published. If you have a book that you would like to donate to our collection, please view our donations page.

There are 26 Computing Books published by Sybex in our collection :
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6502 Applications Date: 1979 6502 Applications

Learn how to write practical applications programs for the 6502. This book includes more than 50 exercises designed to test your skills every step of the way.

Publisher: Sybex
Author: Rodnay Zaks


Publisher: SYBEX
Author: Rodnay Zaks

Basic Exercises for the Apple Date: 1982 Basic Exercises for the Apple

Designed to rapidly teach APPLESOFT BASIC to Apple Users.

Publisher: Sybex
Author: J P Lamoitier
Platform: Apple

Commodore 128 Date: 1987 Commodore 128

by Heino Hansen, Elmar Sonnenschein
For the Commodore 128
Publisher: Sybex, 1987
Soft-cover 176 pages
ISBN: 3-88745-422-7
German Edition

Publisher: Sybex
Author: Heino Hansen, Elmar Sonnenschein
Platform: Commodore 128

Creatures: Official Strategies and Secrets Date: 1997 Creatures: Official Strategies and Secrets

Strategy guide for 1996 computer game.

Publisher: Sybex
Author: Toby Simpson

Fifty Basic Exercises Date: 1980 Fifty Basic Exercises

Fifty Basic Exercises
by Jean-Pierre Lamoitier
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: Sybex Inc., U. S
Date Published: 1981
ISBN-13: 9780895880567 ISBN: 0895880563

Publisher: Sybex
Author: Jean-Pierre Lamoitier

Het complete Atari ST boek Date: 1989 Het complete Atari ST boek

Dutch language programming handbook

Publisher: Sybex
Author: Jankowski, Reschke, Rabich
Platform: Atari ST

Introduction to Word Processing Date: 1981 Introduction to Word Processing

Introduction to Word Processing is a book written by Hal Glatzer. It covers such topics as choosing and purchasing a word processor, managing files, formatting, and printing.

This edition was published by Sybex in 1981.

Publisher: Sybex
Author: Hal Glatzer

Java 2, J2SE 1.4 Complete Date: 2002 Java 2, J2SE 1.4 Complete

Sybex Inc. (Author), Sybex Inc. (Author)
Paperback: 1015 pages
Publisher: Sybex; 1st edition (June 15, 2002)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0782141021
ISBN-13: 978-0782141023
Product Dimensions: 8.2 x 5.9 x 2.1 inches

Publisher: Sybex
Author: Sybex
Platform: Java

Mastering CP/M Date: 1983 Mastering CP/M

This book explains techniques for using, altering and adding features to the CP/M operating system.

Publisher: Sybex
Author: Alan R Miller
Platform: None

Mastering Sound and music on the Atari ST Date: 1987 Mastering Sound and music on the Atari ST

"...Tim Knight reveals all the hard to find secrets of sound and music programming with ST BASIC, and the ST's Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI)"

Publisher: Sybex
Author: Tim Knight
Platform: Atari

Microprocessor Interfacing Techniques Date: 1979 Microprocessor Interfacing Techniques

Interfacing is no longer an art, but a set of techniques and components. This book will teach you how to interconnect a complete system, and interface it to all the usual peripherals. It covers hardware and software skills and techniques, including the use and design of model buses such as the IEEE 488 or S100.

Publisher: Sybex
Author: Rodney Zaks, Austin Lesea

Microprocessors: from chips to systems Date: 1980 Microprocessors: from chips to systems

Third Edition.

This book is a complete and detailed introduction to microprocessors and microcomputer systems. Easy to read, even for the novice, it covers the concepts, techniques and chips used to create systems. The standard design techniques presented are applicable to nearly all microprocessors. This highly acclaimed textbook is used by educational institutions worldwide. No prior electronic or computer training is necessary.

Publisher: Sybex
Author: Rodnay Zaks

Programmer's Guide to Windows Date: 1987 Programmer's Guide to Windows

Publisher: Sybex
Author: David Durant, Geta Carlson & Paul Yao

Programming the 6502 Date: September 1980 Programming the 6502

Programming the 6502 (Paperback)
by Rodnay Zaks (Author)
Paperback: 386 pages
Publisher: Sybex Inc.,U.S.; 3rd edition (September 1980)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0895880466
ISBN-13: 978-0895880468

Publisher: sybex
Author: Rodnay Zaks
Platform: 6502

Programming The 6502 - Fourth Edition Date: December 1979 Programming The 6502 - Fourth Edition


Authors: Rodnay Zaks
Publisher: Sybex Inc.,U.S.
Pages: 386
Published: 1979-12
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0895881357     ISBN-13: 9780895881359
Binding: Paperback (4th)

Donated by Julian Bryant


Publisher: Sybex
Author: Rodnay Zaks
Platform: 6502

Programming the 68000 Date: 1985 Programming the 68000

ISBN: 0895881330
by Steve Williams
Publisher     Sybex
Published    1985
540 pages
Edition    First Edition
Binding    Soft Cover

"Learn everything about assembly-language programming with the Motorola 68000. This self-contained tutorial will take you through all the necessary steps from understanding what assembly programming is, through a mastery of such advanced techniques as exception or interrupt programming, and interfacing with higher level languages and operating systems. A thorough treatment of the 68000 architecture and instruction set lays the foundation for industrial or custom applications. Beyond this, a unique feature of this book is its relevance to such essential topics as: The UNIX operating system: Version 7 System V System III Xenix. The C programming language. The CP/M 68K operating system. This book has been designed to cover the 68000, 68008, and 68010 processors. These processors are used in a wide range of products such as: The Altos, The TRS-80 Model 16 Computer, The Apple Macintosh line, The Apple Laser Printer. Steve Williams, recently Research and Development Project mananger at Digital Research, was the Operating System Manager for Tandy on the TRS-80 model. He graduated in Electrical Engineering and has a Master's degree in Computer Science, both from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville."

Publisher: Sybex

Platform: 6800

Programming the 80386 Date: 1987 Programming the 80386

Publisher: Sybex
Author: John Crawford & Patrick Gelsinger

Programming the Apple II in Assembly Language Date: 16th December 1985 Programming the Apple II in Assembly Language

Programming the Apple II in Assembley Language
by Rodnay Zaks (Author)
Paperback: 551 pages
Publisher: Longman Higher Education (16 Dec 1985)
ISBN-10: 0895882906
ISBN-13: 978-0895882905
A review by By  Glen Compton    
This book does require a little bit of previous experience in assembly, but only a little as it has a VERY extensive warm up on programming. It is a great book for dabbling in Atari or NES homebrew, and sheds light on more complicated techniques, without being overly specific of a particular hardware setup.
If you read some basics of the hardware you want to work on, this book will take your work to new heights. it even gives great techniques for reducing memory use and/or processor use (which is extremely important on legacy architectures.)
If there is one book you can buy to improve your 6502 knowledge and programming techniques, this is it!
Seriously, avoid other books on the 6502 until you've read this!!!

Publisher: Sybex
Author: Rodney Zaks
Platform: Apple II

Programming the Z80 Date: June 1981 Programming the Z80

Paperback: 620 pages
3rd edition (June 1981)
Language: English

Amazon Reviews:

"When I was first charged with the lightning bolt of the promise of software possibilities, I found this book. It helped me see how to view a microprocessor's capability in a comfortable, natural progression of understanding. It provided me what I wanted to know where I expected to find it. The references to related information, missing in most documentation, always seemed to be both appropriate and conveniently located. It was as if Zaks knew my own, unique desire to learn and how it naturally unfolded. It felt as though he had prepared each of the steps that I would need by having been where I was. It served me tirelessly as a reference until it fell apart. Books of this type are hard to find today."

"When I was first starting to program I came across this book. It was not only a well written, complete reference on the Z-80, it was a perfect reference book. Now, when I program, I generally need several reference books hanging around. Mr. Zaks said it all, cleanly, concisely. Any success I had in my later programming, I have always felt that his book was at the core."
 "Every thing about the Z80 you want to know, and more."

Publisher: Sybex
Author: Rodnay Zaks

The CP/M handbook with MP/M Date: 1980 The CP/M handbook with MP/M

Rodnay Zaks; [cover design and graphics by Daniel Le Noury, technical ill. by J. Trujillo Smith]
Publisher: [Berkeley, Calif.] : Sybex, c1980.
ISBN: 0895880482   DDC: 1.6425   LCC: QA76.6   Edition: (pbk.)
Includes index.
Dewey Class: 1.6425 -- Knowledge
LCC Number: QA76.6



Publisher: Sybex
Author: Rodnay Zaks

The Easy Guide to your Atari 600XL 800XL Date: 1984 The Easy Guide to your Atari 600XL 800XL

Back cover:
This is the book that will show you ow to use the ATARI 600XL 800XL in a matter of hours. Right away you will become familiar with the set-up, keyboard and screen display.
With step-by-step lessons that apply to any model ATARI, you'll find it easy to begin writing your own BASIC programs. Or if you prefer you can skip programming and learn how to get started with commercially available software.

Publisher: Sybex
Author: Thomas Blackadar
Platform: Atari 600XL/800XL

The IBM PC DOS Handbook Date: 1983 The IBM PC DOS Handbook

From back cover:
This complete guide to the IBM PC's Disk Operating System is designed to give you the confidence to be creative with your computer's capabilities.

Publisher: Sybex
Author: Richard Allen King
Platform: IBM PC

Totally Rad Mac Programs Date: 1992 Totally Rad Mac Programs

"... brings together the best and funniest software available to jazz up your Macintosh - over 20 entertaining programs gleaned from dozens of shareware, freeware and commercial sources"

The CD is missing from this book

Publisher: Sybex
Author: Owen W Linzmayer
Platform: Apple Macintosh

Understanding dBase II Date: 1984 Understanding dBase II

A 260 page book into dBase II. Contains programs and colour pages. Dedicated: 'To my parents, Alan W. and Catherine Rose Simpson, who made everything possible. Even probable.'.

ISBN: 0-89588-147-0

Publisher: Sybex
Author: Alan Simpson
Platform: dBase II

Your First Vic-20 Programme Date: November 1983 Your First Vic-20 Programme

by Rodnay Zaks
Explains how to use the computer language Basic to write fundamental programs for the VIC 20 computer.
Publisher    Sybex November 1983
Binding    Paperback
Number of Pages    188
ISBN-10    0895881292
ISBN-13    978-0895881298

Publisher: Sybex

Platform: Vic-20

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