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Our learning services are led by Dr Anjali Das. 
The history of computers is the history of our modern world. A visit to the Centre will demonstrate the fascinating and often surprising connections between past innovations, people and stories, and the technologies that permeate our lives today.
Our collection has obvious ties to the Computing curriculum, as well as Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths (STEM), but we also have much to offer students and teachers in other subjects and disciplines such as History, English, Art and Design. 

Our education programmes have been developed to apply to each Key Stage through to Higher Education. Our teaching is designed to build on students´ interests, questions and discoveries. 

School Visits

We welcome school visits to the museum which is open Wednesday to Sunday from 10.00am until 5.00pm.

Admission charges are £6 per student and £8 for staff, with one free staff place for every ten students. School groups of 20 students or more are provided with a guided tour, based either on the history of computing in general or the history of video games - the choice is yours!

You can book a visit provisionally by sending an e-mail enquiry to  Please include the desired date of your visit, approximate number and age of students in the group, your name and the name of your school. 

Once the details of your visit have been agreed with us, you can confirm your booking by downloading and filling out the booking form and returning a scanned copy to 

Guided Tours

Computing History- How can a computer be programmed by a strip of paper?  Why does a huge block of old-fashioned memory have less capacity than a tiny chip in a mobile phone?  What on earth is 01100010 01101001 01101110 01100001 01110010 01111001 (or 'binary', as we humans call it)?  These questions and more will be answered by the standard guided tour of the Centre.  Students will learn about the extraordinary advance in technology over 50 years of computing history and discover how computers have not only accelerated our lives, but radically transformed them. 

Gaming - In this exciting presentation students will explore the development of games consoles, learn about game design, mechanics and narrative and witness the development of graphics from 8-bit to HD.  Every game discussed will be playable in our gallery, from Pong to the latest virtual reality demos running on our Oculus Rift Development Kit.  If you want your students to learn about the growing cultural, social and economic importance of the games they play every day, this is the tour for you.

Programming Workshops

These one hour workshops for schools are conducted in the Hauser Studio which is kitted out to resemble a 1980s classroom.  We currently offer three workshops:
  • Coding in BASIC on the BBC Micro - Using original 1980s BBC Micro computers, students will gain an understanding of computer programming. Students are taught to write and understand simple computer programs in BASIC, one of the most helpful coding languages ever created. Crucially, they learn how to break down a problem into logical steps. Cost: £150.00 
  • Introduction to Python - This workshop introduces students to Python, a versatile, modern computer language.  Python is an excellent way to get into modern computer programming and can lead into more complicated languages such as Java and C++.  The workshops are run on our suite of Raspberry Pi computers.  Cost: £150.00
  • Controlling External Objects - In this workshop, we use the Raspberry Pi to control a number of external objects - blinking LEDs, motors and more.  This workshop showcases physical computing, and demonstrates how a piece of code can affect objects outside of the computer - a vital step in understanding the function and value of computing.  We can use either Python or Scratch to run this workshop based on the school's requirements. Cost: £150.00
  • Build Your Own Adventure Game - In this workshop, students will use Twine, a free online program, to build their own text-based adventure games.  It introduces them to the basics of interactive narrative and game design, and challenges them to convert their creativity into functioning code, using both Twine's custom syntax and HTML.  As Twine runs on any simple computer, students can easily take their projects away with them to continue later.  This workshop supports the Computing curriculum as well as contributing to the creative writing aspects of the English curriculum.  Cost: £150.00

Teacher Guidelines

We have learned that visits are more successful when teachers are well prepared to supervise students, so please ensure that all accompanying staff familiarise themselves with our Teacher Guidelines before arriving at the Centre.

Discovery Boxes

Why not add a new dimension to your lesson plans with our Computing History Learning Boxes? These popular resources are packed with items that help children understand the changes in computing technology over the past 40 years. Our learning boxes are delivered by courier in a convenient case that can be easily packed away and returned at the end of the term.

If your school is too far away to make our visit cost effective our learning boxes are a great alternative. They will introduce some 'real' vintage computing items into the lesson. Each box includes a BBC Micro computer - specially modified to work with a modern LCD television - software, original magazines and more ... Learning box prices start at £160.00 depending on your location within the UK.

Please email or call us on 01223 214446 to find out more about our learning boxes.


Please note: as our learning services are vital to the running of the Centre, we may take photographs and video footage during your session here, to be used in our promotional material. If this is a problem, please contact us before your visit.

History of Computers - School Visits


Cancellations and Changes
Bookings are invoiced 7 days before the visit is to take place. Changes to your booking cannot be made 7 days prior to your visit. All prices quoted exclude VAT.

Vintage Computer - School Visits
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