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CMLEO/PB/CS LEO Computers Ltd Company Secretary's Papers


Description: Files of correspondence and other documents relating to the development of the LEO Computer, initially kept by LEO Computers Ltd Company Secretary, Michael A. Holmyard, and later acquired and sorted by Peter Bird.

Dates: 1949-1967

Archive Reference: CMLEO/PB/CS (PJB/2/7-8)

Conservation note: Once collected by Peter Bird, the papers were then bound in the 1990s by a non-specialist bookbinder. Many of the documents were cut to size to fit a particular chosen standard size, and many sustained further damage from over-enthusiastic gluing during the binding process. As part of the current cataloguing and digitisation project, the archivist and the LEO Computers Society agreed that the documents should be removed from the bindings to allow digitisation. The papers have now been stored loose in acid-free archive folders.


Merger with English Electric Computers, 1963
Formation of English Electric Leo Marconi, 1964
62309  Programme for Mr Lenaerts, 8 Aug 1949
62310 Terms on which LEO Calculations are Carried Out, 30 Nov 1954
62444  Draft Terms on which LEO Calculations are Carried Out, 22 Dec 1954
62445  Memo regarding Lyons subsidiary company accounts, 3 May 1955
62446  Memo regarding Annual Reports and Accounts submitted for Lyons subsidiary company accounts, 3 Oct 1955
62447  Termination of Public Relations services, 11 June 1956
62448  Memo regarding Annual Reports and Accounts submitted for Lyons subsidiary company accounts, 26 Oct 1956
62449  Arrangements for research visit to US by John Pinkerton and David Caminer, Feb-Mar 1958
62450  Statement to Press on Computer Delivery, 5 June 1958
62451  LEO clerical work move to Minerva Road, 23 June 1958 or 1959
62452  LEO management appointments, 16 Sep 1958
62453  Correspondence with Lord Halsbury, National Research Development Corporation, 29-30 Oct 1958
62454  Tender Submissions for Automatic Data Processing Systems for Admiralty and Air Ministry, 11 Nov 1958
62459  Correspondence with M.A. Horta Severino, Roiz Limitada, Jan-Feb 1959
62460  Correspondence with the Board of Trade concerning waiving of 'Imperial Preference' for IBM equipment imported into Australia, Jan 1959
62461  Announcement of Powers-Samas and British Tabulating Machine Company merger, 30 Jan 1959
62462  LEO Computers Ltd Increase in Nominal Capital, Apr 1959
62463  Correspondence regarding Share Certificates for LEO Computers Ltd, June 1959
62464  Progress Meetings and Policy Meetings, 12 June 1959
62465  Schedule of Equipment Costs (Quotation) for LEO II installation at CAV, 16 Dec 1959
62466  LEO Computers Staff and Disabled Staff, 27 Jan 1960
62839 Maintenance Agreement Transfer, 3rd Feb 1960
62840 Appointment of J.S. Garner, Apr-June 1960
62841 South Africa telex, 18th May [1960?]
62842 Importing Anelex Synchro Printer, May 1960-1961
62843 Draft Budget Statement for an Australian Computer Service Bureau, 20th May 1960
62844 Draft Recommended Environmental Conditions for LEO III, 25th May 1960
62846 Rental Quotation for Dunlop, 7th Jul 1960
62847 Change of Registered Address for LEO Computers Ltd, 25th Aug 1960
62848 Legal Opinion on Copyright in Programming Languages, Jan-Feb 1961
62849 Timetable for Consolidated Accounts, 23rd Feb 1961
62850 Reference for Arthur Payman, Feb-Mar 1961
62852 Report on Visit to Anelex Corporation, Jul 1961
62855 Hire of Kimball Calculating Equipment for South Africa, Sep 1961
62851 ECMA Technical Committee Report, Oct 1961
62853 Accountant Office Move, Oct 1961
62854 Lease of Minerva Road Offices, Oct 1961
62856 Chartering a Flight to South Africa, Dec 1961-Feb 1962
62857 Rank Xerox Demonstration, 18th Jan 1962
62858 US Visa request for T.R. Thompson, 9th Feb 1962
62859 Quotation for LEO III, Varimex, Poland
62860 Tenancy agreements for premises in London, 8-19th May 1962
62861 Subvention payments to Lyons subsidiary companies, Apr-Jul 1962
62862 LEO Computers Training, 23rd-27th Apr 1962
62863 Form M.2: Amendment to Authorised Specifications
62864 LEO and the Managers assignment of rights, 5th June 1962
62865 Xerox Copier hire, 13th June 1962
62866 USSR Directory, June-July 1962
62867 IBM Equipment Hire Agreement, July 1962
62868 Bekhor correspondence regarding LEO Computers accounts, July 1962
62869 Telegraph Address for LEO Computers Ltd, August 1962-January 1963
62870 Draft quotation for LEO III, Redinacoes de Milho Brasil, 16th August 1962
62876 Additions to Marketing Progress Report, September 1962
62871 J.A. Wetton job application, October 1962
62872 Digitek 100 Optical Reader Specification
62873 Quotation for LEO III, Arnhold & Co Ltd, Hong Kong, 8th November 1962
62874 Appointment of C.W.L. Wright, 9th November 1962
62875 Customs Duty on First Anelex Printer, 23rd November 1962
64206 Insurance for Cerebos installation, 20th February 1963
64209 Legal Companies Act forms for LEO Computers Ltd, March 1963
64207 Tote Investors Authorised Specification, 1st April 1963
64208 Xeronic printer correspondence
64211 Mercantile Credit Company installation, 1964

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