Practical Computing - July 1982, Volume 5, Issue 7

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Publication Date : July 1982

Publication Contents :

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2 Cromemco System One [Advert]
5 Rader Single Board Computer [Advert]
21 TI-99-4A - You can't get a Home Computer from Texas Instruments under 16K RAM [Advert]
25 Nascom 3 [Advert]
35 Tuscan - the all-British microcomputer [Advert]
41 Editorial [Article]
Peter Laurie
Fussing over 16 bits.
43 Feedback [Article]
Reader's letters covering topics including DAI users' group, WordStar on Apple, Editing Microsoft Basic.
46 Show heads for the North [News Item]
Following the success of Practical Computing's own exhibition, The Computer Fair, a similar event is to be held in the north of England towards the end of November. Called the Northern Computer Fair, the exhibition will take place at Bellevue, Manchester on November 25-28. The exhibition will provide an ideal showcase for companies wishing to demonstrate all aspects of personal computing from home computers to business systems.
46 Card that turns Pets on to CP/M [News Item]
CP/Maker is a card that fits inside the case of a Commodore Pet computer and converts it into a powerful 64K CP/M machine.
47 Cartridge memory [News Item]
You can now keep a cupboard full of 10Mb cartridges at 99 a go, while your Apple or S-100 system accesses the 8-inch removable mini-Winchester cartridge currently mounted in X-Data's new drive, the Kitten.
47 Genie micro family is extended [News Item]
Hard on the heels of Genies I and II comes the new Eaca Genie III. Unlike it predecessors, the new model is a fully expanded and integrated microcomputer system. It comes complete with 64K of RAM, a built-in screen, dual disc drives with a double-density storage facility and a full-sized keyboard with numeric keys.
47 Software hiring scheme [News Item]
From July 1 Apple users will be able to rent software on a short-tern basis when the Software Rental Bank is launched by software vendors Apple Orchard. Other machines will follow the Apple in quick succession, starting with the Horizon, Superbrain, Cromenco, ACT Sirius and IBM Personal Computer.
49 DEC takes the plunge [News Item]
Digital Equipment Corporation, currently number one in the minicomputer market, has made the long-awaited move into personal-computer field with four new systems - the Rainbow 100, the Decmate II and the Professional 325 and 350.
49 Program survey [News Item]
The Science and Engineering Research Council is funding a survey into practices and attitudes within the industry to the various legal and technical approaches regarding the steps being taken by the people who write or supply software to prevent improper copying.
49 Plug-in board for Sinclair [News Item]
The Ground Control 16K RAM and I/O board is designed to be used with the ZX-81, but is easily adapted for use with other Z-80 micros. The board gives the user 16K of dynamic RAM together with the ability to interface to a wide variety of peripherals.
50 Torch to make light of communications [News Item]
The Torch computer is the business version of the BBC Micro with a powerful technical specification, especially in the area of communication.
50 Nascom releases Pascal compiler [News Item]
Nascom Microcomputers has released a Pascal compiler available in either tape or EPROM form, comprising a complete 12K language system.
50 Schoolboys try for ZX-81 adaptor award [News Item]
Two Dutch schoolboys were among the many entrants from as far afield as Yugoslavia and the United States who titled for the 1,000 prize offered by Prestel to find an adaptor for the ZX-81.
50 Stack board enhances Vic-20 memory [News Item]
The Stack Storeboard is a printed-circuit board which plugs into the VIC-20. It it socketed to accept 27K of RAM, expanding the memory of the Vic to 32K, the maximum addressable.
53 Commodore's Arsenal [Article]
Commodore unveils a new range of microcomputers and peripherals.
54 The Sinclair Interview [Interview]
Martin Hayman
An in-depth interview with microcomputing's most prominent personality, conducted by Martin Hayman.
58 Sinclair ZX81 Personal Computer [Advert]
62 Memotech High Resolution Graphics, 16K & 64K Memory Extensions for ZX81 [Advert]
66 ZX Spectrum [Review]
Bill Bennett
Bill Bennett pulls apart the colourful new micro from Sinclair Research.
73 Pearcom - the new, Apple-II compatible Euro-PAL colour microcomputer [Advert]
74 Atari 800 graphics [Review]
Jack Schofield
At the other end of the home-computer market lies the Atari; Jack Schofield investigates.
82 Drop us a line...and we'll drop you a Panther. [Advert]
84 Sord M-23 [Article]
Ian Stobie
Ian Stobie takes a look at the latest offering from Japan's second-in-line equipment manufacturer, and some software supplied with it.
91 Qume Sprint 9 [Article]
Chris Bidmead
Those clever little Americans take on the Japanese at their own game with this high-quality daisywheel.
94 New ZX81 Software from Sinclair [Advert]
96 Virtuoso compiler thrives on Basic's lack of structure [Article]
Chris Bidmead
Concluding Chris Bidmead's appraisal of the compiled version of microcomputing's lingua franca.
99 Power for the Pet [Review]
Peter Wood
A programmers' utility package for the Pet examined by Peter Wood.
104 Take it from the top for tidier Basic structures [Article]
Graham Beech
Graham Beech shows how a logical approach to program planning provides structured Basic routines.
106 Art [Article]
Brian Reffin Smith
Brian Reffin Smith continues his series on graphics applications.
109 OK Petrax: Your Time Is Up [Article]
Charles Chambers
110 The Interlink by Karadawn [Advert]
114 ACT Sirius 1 - The 16-bit Personal Computer [Advert]
116 The Galaxy 1 Computer [Advert]
117 CP/M file copier [Type-In Listing]
David Meeks
A file-copying utility for CP/M 2.0 systems from David Meeks.
122 Osborne 1 [Advert]
Double-page, colour advertisement.
124 DAI Personal Computer [Advert]
125 Promotion in hand [Article]
Martin Hayman
Martin Hayman assesses Prestel's prospect as a software transmission medium and a networking proposal for ITECs.
126 Computing can damage your health [Article]
Philip Latey
Computing can damage your health - a survival guide by Philip Latey.
130 NewBrain - No other micro has this much power in this much size for this much money [Advert]
133 Open File [Article]
A 14-page section of readers' programs for BBC, Sinclair, Tandy, Apple, Pet, Z-80, 6502-based and CP/M machines.
150 Everything but the kitchen sink - Digital's MXV11 [Advert]
156 Another Triumph from Adler - the Alphatronic [Advert]
157 Book Reviews [Review]
'The Home Computer Handbook' by Frank Herbert and Max Barnard, 'From Chips to Systems' by Rodnay Zaks, 'Pet Basic: Training Your Pet Computer' by Zamora, Albrecht and Scarvie.
158 From today, life is going to be very unfair for other personal computers - the ICL Personal Computer [Advert]
159 Micromouse: Winner of the contest [Article]
John Billingsley
How the crown was lost and won: John Billingsley reports on the winners of the British finals of the Euromouse Maze Contest.
160 Puzzle [Article]
Treble cross.
162 Understanding Pet subroutines [Article]
P.H. Richards
More powerful machine-code routines from the depths of the Pet.
165 Buyers' Guide - Microcomputers [Article]
181 User your Superbrain [Advert]
183 The War Machine - Battle of Midway [Article]
Tony Dinsdale
Midway - a naval-warfare simulation game.
193 Personal PEARL - Turns people into programmers [Advert]
196 The new Transtec BC2 [Advert]
215 80/40 Character Machine - Research Machines 380Z [Advert]
219 The low cost high performance micro for the business professional - UKOM M-Three [Advert]

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