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The CPC 6128 was launched in 1985. This system contained the Z80 Processor with a clock speed of 4 MHz, System ROM of 48 KB and 128 KB of RAM. There were 3 text modes, 80 characters x 25 lines - 40 x 25 and 20 x 25. The CPC also has the following graphic Modes - 640 x 200 pixels, 320 x 200 and 160 x 200. The amount of colours available were dependent on the video mode in use.

The Amstrad CPC 6128 was the successor to the Amstrad CPC 664 which had a very short life. It had almost all the same features as the 664, except having 128k of memory. Like the 664, only 42 Kb could be accessed, the upper 64 Kb were used as a RAM disk or to store data. It was sold with quite a good quality monitor (monochrome green or colour) and a built-in 3" floppy disk drive (2 x 180 KB).

It ran under AMSDOS (the Amstrad Operating System) or CP/M 2.2 or CP/M 3.0 (CP/M +). The CP/M 2.2 OS was bundled with DR Logo and CP/M+ with GSX (the graphic extension of CP/M). Like the CPC 664, the Amstrad CPC 6128 was almost fully compatible with the CPC 464.

Our unit is complete with software and manual. The serial number is 5326604065 and this system was kindly donated by Benn Reynolds.

Manufacturer: Amstrad
Date: July 1985

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Amstrad CPC 6128 Manuals:

Item Manufacturer Date
Amstrad CPC6128 Micro Computer, CTM644 and GT65 Monitor Service Manual Amstrad 1984

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Personal Computer World - September 1985 1 Sep 1985
Practical Computing - May 1986 May 1986

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Amstrad CPC 6128

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