Popular Computing Weekly Vol 4 No 21 - 23-30 May 1985

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Publication Date : 23rd May 1985 to 30th May 1985

Publication Contents :

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1 Atari offers 520ST in three versions [News Item]
Article setting out Atari's launch plans for the 520ST in the UK
1 Japanese turn to compact discs [News Item]
News item explaining that several major Japanese electronics companies are developing data storage versions of the audio Compact Disc format.
2 B.C. II, Grog's Revenge [Advert]
U.S. Gold Advert for game "B.C. II, Grog's Revenge" on Atari, Commodore 64, BBC Micro, Sinclair Spectrum and Amstrad
3 View [Article]
David Kelly
Editorial on the development of CD ROM format, as noted on page 1
4 Enterprise 128 vies with QL [News Item]
News item on the launch of the Enterprise 128K
4 Kempston develop QL's first mouse package [News Item]
News article covering Kempston's development of a mouse and mouse interface for the Sinclair QL.
4 CPC464 Roms released by Micro Power [News Item]
News article on the launch of a ROM card by Micro Power for the Amstrad CPC464. Micro Power were best known for BBC Micro software.
4 BBC B+ meets caution in High Street [News Item]
News item relating the "guarded reaction" on whether to stock the Acorn BBC B+ model by High Street retailers .
5 Games Workshop backs off [News Item]
News article regarding the decision of Games Workshop to pull out of software production for a second time.
5 Basic computer for Spectrum from OCS [News Item]
News item regarding the release of a Basic compiler for the Sinclair Spectrum. The compiler will "compile basic line-by-line leaving programs which will run independently of the compiler.
5 DK'tronics Popeye and Hagar out soon [News Item]
News article on the release of Popeye after being delayed and completely rewritten. It also notes the company is working on a Hagar the Horrible game.
5 The Complete Arcade Addict's Guide [Article]
A call from Popular Computing Weekly for readers to send in hints, tips, infinite lives pokes, get to any level cheats, redesign sprites and secret programmer's jokes that readers have discovered. A reward of buying a book for 2 from a list in the article was offered.
6 Letters [Article]
Reader's letters
7 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory [Advert]
Advert for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory on the Spectrum. Cassette + Book 9.95 Cassette Only 8.50. A 43 room adventure and 4 arcade games.
8 Komplex [Advert]
Advert for Complex for the 48k Spectrum. Ad features a review from popular Computing Weekly.
9 Brainpower [Advert]
10 3D Computers [Advert]
Advert for the 3D Computers chain operating in Tolworth, Sutton, Ealing, and Newbury.
10 IT'S [Advert]
Advert listing software for sale by mail order from IT'S. Platforms included: Atari, BBC Micro, Sinclair QL, Commodore 64, Amstrad and Spectrum
10 3D Starstrike [Advert]
Advert for the "Ultimate Space Shoot 'em Up" 3D Starstrike on Amstrad 6.95 and Spectrum 48k 5.95 published by Realtime Software. Available by mail order. Game received a 93% review score in Crash and Game of the Month in Computer and Video Games.
10 Mikro-Gen Recruitment Ad [Advert]
A call for applicants to join Mikro-Gen to work on "the development and programming of further projects"
11 Muddy Waters - Multi User Dungeons [Interview]
Martin Croft
Interview with Simon Dally of Century Communication about an interactive adventure being licenced by British Telecom later in 1985. The Multi User Dungeon game is already running on the Compunet database and being licensed to BT for use by "ordinary phone users". The game runs on a mini computer with players using a modem to connect using their micro as a remote terminal.
12 The Mac-buster? Atari ST review [Review]
Jeff Naylor
Review of the Atari ST, comparing it to the more expensive Apple Macintosh. The entry level 130ST was due to retail at $399. The review includes screenshots and pictures on the exterior and interior of the ST. The review covers three pages and concludes that the ST's hardware is impressive and will beat the Mac in the US, but the lowest-priced configuration in the UK was to cost 700 and was too expensive to achieve mass market success here.
15 Chuckie Egg 2 Advert [Advert]
Ad for the sequel to Chuckie Egg, Chuckie Egg 2 RRP 6.90 for the Spectrum 48k
16 MCT Screen Printer [Advert]
Advert for MCT Screen Printer software. The software extends an extra 125 commands to BASIC v3.5 for the Commodore 64. RRP 10.95 inc P&P.
16 Popular Computing Weekly Binder [Advert]
Advert for a binder for Popular Computing Weekly that would hold 13 copies 3.50 + P&P
16 Cash and Carry Computers [Advert]
Advert for the New Amstrad CPC. Now in Stock. With green screen monitor 339.95 or full colour monitor 449.95. Shop based in Croydon.
17 Automatic - Zapp Review [Review]
Jeff Naylor
Zapp machine code development tool. Score 3/5
17 Near Genius - Leonardo Review [Review]
John Minson
Review of Leonardo graphics package for Spectrum 48k. Score 4/5
17 In Language - QC C Compiler [Review]
Norman MacLeod
Review of QC a C compiler for the Sinclair QL from GST Computing Systems, based in Longstanton just outside Cambridge. GST produced the original QL operating system. Score 4/5
18 Freestyle Challenge [Type-In Listing]
Martin Mann
A game for the Spectrum. You are an Olympic Swimmer trying to beat the world record. You control the swimmer by tapping the space bar at a steady pace.
20 ZX Microfair [Advert]
Advert for the ZX Microfair taking place in 22nd June 1985 at the New Horticultural Hall near Victoria Station, London. Advanced tickets 1.25 for Adults and 80p for Children (1.50 and 1.00 on the door).
20 1541 Flash! [Advert]
An extension to Commodore BASIC to speed up disk access times to the 1541 Disk Drive. 89.95
20 Eidersoft [Advert]
Adert for several titles for the Sinclair QL: Zapper, QLART, Archiver and QDUMPS. Available via mail order.
21 Room with a View - Hex Dump Routine [Type-In Listing]
Malcolm Scorer
a Hex Dump Routine for the Sinclair QL. It allows the user to view large chunks of data at once and is ideal for checking machine code routines have been entered correctly or checking the contents of QL ROMs.
22 The Code Machine Assembler and Monitor [Advert]
Ad for the Code Machine, an assembler and monitor for the Amstrad 464/664. 19.95
22 Good Byte [Advert]
Ad listing software for sale by mail order for Spectrum, Amstrad, BBC/ Electron and Commodore 64. Based in London EC1.
23 Number Conversion [Type-In Listing]
N A Syed
A program/ routine to convert numbers into words (i.e. 1 to "one")
24 Window Framed - Smooth Scrolling Windows on the BBC or Electron [Type-In Listing]
Philip Whitehurst
The program will produce a smooth-scrolling window on a Mode 4 screen

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