Popular Computing Weekly Vol 4 No 28 - 11-17 July 1985

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Publication Date : 11th July 1985

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1 First Philips CD Roms out this autumn for the Atari or Amstrad [News Item]
Micro users could soon be accessing databases the size of Encyclopedia Britannica - from one 12 centimetre laser-read compact disc.
1 MSX prices slashed by Dixons [News Item]
MSX Micro costs look set to plunge as Dixons, the high street chain store, announced it has cut prices by more than half.
1 Tour de France game launched by Activision for Commodore and Spectrum [News Item]
Activision's latest program is a topical one - a Tour de France cycle race simulation.
3 Editorial - Tape-to-tape copying, home piracy and compact disc players [Article]
The row Amstrad has got itself into over its twin cassette unit capable of tape-to-tape copying - described last week by one of Amsoft employee as a "fiasco" - at least serves to highlight the extent of the home taping problem.
4 Acorn projects stalled amid financial troubles [News Item]
Acorn's failure to resolve its deepening financial crisis has begun to affect progress on a number of new development projects and last week resulted in the postponement of the launch of a new range of business micros.
4 Sinclair seeks independent returns test over unreliability claims [News Item]
Sinclair Research has agreed to an independent survey on the level of returns for its products being carried out, in the hope that past allegations of the unreliability of Sinclair machines will be shown to be unfounded.
5 Atari's range to include 260XE? [News Item]
Atari is now strongly rumoured to be considering a 256K Ram capacity addition to its 8-bit XE range of micros, following the announcement of its new 256K 16-bit 260ST and 260STD models (see Popular Computing Weekly, July 4).
5 Honeywell's fastest chip in the west using gallium arsenide [News Item]
Honeywell, the American business computer giant, claims to have achieved a breakthrough in semi-conductor technology.
5 C compiler for the Commodore 64 [News Item]
Dynamite Software has introduced a full C language compiler for the Commodore 64.
7 Fairlight from The Edge [Advert]
Chronicles of the Land of Fairlight. 1. A prelude: the light revealed, by Bo Jangeborg (author of "The Artist"). The first example of the revolutionary 3D "Worldmaker" technique.
14 Star Game - A Day At The Races for the Atari [Type-In Listing]
Tom Wharton
As you might expect, this game is a horse racing simulation game - simple but fun to play. Although it is an all text game, good use is made of colour and sound. It is written in Atari Basic and uses just under 8K.
17 Hardware - Getting in on the ACT - Review of the F1e business micro [Review]
Andrew Pennell
Shortly after the release of the BBC B Plus, ACT - best known for its Apricot range of business micros - took great delight in announcing a price cut of their F1e micro, to just 225 above Acorn's price.
21 The Artist - Graphics package for the 48K Spectrum from Softechnics [Advert]
Quite simply, the ultimate graphics package for your Sinclair Spectrum.
23 All sorted out - filing program for the Spectrum [Type-In Listing]
Brian Lyle
This program, which can maintain a file of record or program titles, birthdays or telephone numbers, was one of those programs born out of a typical "I wonder if" exercise, when I was tinkering with the computer's ability to compare string values, and hence produce an alphabetical sequence.
24 Point by point - logarithmic graph drawing program for the QL [Type-In Listing]
James Cunningham
The purpose of this program is to plot two variables whose graph would be a curve under normal circumstances. By using log-grids they can be plotted as a straight line type graph and shown if they obey a law.
27 Flying the flag - unravelling the mysteries of the status register for the Commodore 64 [Type-In Listing]
Chris Cattanach
Whereas the accumulator, the x and y registers are well known to machine code enthusiasts, having addresses at 780, 781 and 782 respectively, the whereabouts of the Status Register is shrouded in mystery.
29 Memories are made of this - discover how characters are stored in memory on the Amstrad [Type-In Listing]
R. G. Bennett
Although this program could perhaps be classed as a novelty program, there are features which could be of academic interest to some readers.
41 Glass for the Spectrum 48K [Advert]
Battle your way to three enemy bases. Do you have the courage, stamina and skill to become a Game Lord?
46 Ziggurat - Comment - Untapped market [Article]
John Mawhood
Only 10% of the potential home computer market has been tapped, we have been told. So why is the remaining 90% not opening up, in fact doing the opposite if the stock exchange's attitude towards the home micro industry is anything to go by?
47 Elite goes gold on the 64 [Advert]
"The game of a lifetime" - Zzap! 64, May 1985.

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