Practical Computing - February 1983, Volume 6, Issue 2

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Publication Date : February 1983

Publication Contents :

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5 Editorial [Article]
Jack Schofield
Can the British micro industry survive the Japanese invasion?
7 Feedback [Article]
Your Letters: A new career idea for Kenneth Baker, and other solutions and advice.
10 Commodore 700 - It's a picture...and it's worth a thousand words. [Advert]
Double-page, colour advert.
16 Two's company on 16-bit Televideo [News Item]
Why is the TeleSystem II named the II when it is Televideo's first micro to run Unix? Answer: because it is supplied, as standard, with two CRTs. The standard machine is a personal computer designed to be personal to two people - such as a manager and his or her secretary.
16 Profi Kit 2 [News Item]
The Profi Kit 2 is a 16-bit single-board computer using the Motorola 68000 processor. Designed by Force in Germany, the board is an upgrade of the Profi Kit 1.
16 U.K.-built micro range to start with IBM look-alike [News Item]
This nice-looking machine is the FX-20, one of a range of IBM-compatible 16-bit systems. It will retail at a low 1,800, and will be available in April 1983, according to the manufacturer, Future Computers.
16 Portable has 8MByte on disc [News Item]
The Compucase is a briefcase-sized portable micro with 8MByte of disc storage, full-sized ASCII keyboard, 80-column printer and a display screen. The Compucase uses two eight-bit Intel 8085AH-2 processors, and has 64K of RAM.
18 The small Business Computer by the Biggest in the Business - the IBM Personal [Advert]
Double-page, colour advert.
21 Card boosts Vic-20 to 80 columns [News Item]
Commodore's new Stack card provides a 40- or 80-column format with the standard VIC-20. It costs 115 including VAT, but should appeal to existing Vic owners who want to do word processing but wish they owned the Commodore 64 instead.
21 Torch now approved by BT for direct link-up to Telex [News Item]
The Torch was the first and is still the only computer to be approved by British Telecom for direct connection to the public switched phone system. Now it has also been approved for connection via a Hasler Modem to the Telex network. Torch has also developed a system for delivering software by telephone.
21 Inmos promotes new high-level language [News Item]
Chip maker Inmos has launched a new computer language which has been specially designed for the complex multi-processor systems of the future. It has been named Occam - Inmos spells it with a small "o" - after the 14th-century philosopher William of Occam, who invented Occam's Razor.
21 Anglo American Computing Services [News Item]
Anglo American Computing Services has set up a mobile computer unit which will dash to the aid of firms who face ruin as a result of a computer disaster.
23 Creative Sanyo [News Item]
Sanyo did not announce the MBC-4050 at Compec, but it was there on the stand. Called the Creative Commuter, it features an Intel 8086 microprocessor, 12K of ROM and 128K of RAM, plus two built-in floppy-disc drives with 600K if storage each.
23 Micro stands together [News Item]
At last someone has brought out a range of adaptable stands suitable for microcomputers. The standard models are 24-inch or 30-inch deep, and 26-inch or 38-inch high. An optional shelf is available for a VDU or printer. Prices start at 38 plus VAT.
23 Atari in business [News Item]
Silicon Chip of Slough claims to have produced the world's first business software package exclusively for the Atari 800 micro. The Chipsoft range is comprehensive and includes five modules: stock control, sales ledger, purchase ledger, mail shot and PAYE. They are all written in Microsoft Basic, not Atari Basic. Each module costs 150, including VAT.
24 Preparing for power failure [News Item]
Sudden surges and spikes in mains voltage can corrupt data or have worse effects on micro-computers. The Microguard EPU-1000 is a new addition to a range of units which provide constant voltages and power back-up in case of mains failure.
24 Friendly Optim [News Item]
At a time when most micros are called the SQRX-10041P or something similar, to distinguish them from home micros with names like Oric, Lynx and Spectrum, Optim Computers has given its machine a friendly name. However, the Amigo is a Z-80A micro with 64K RAM and CP/M 2.2 - an operating system not widely admired for user friendliness.
24 Microfinesse [News Item]
Microfinesse is now available for the IBM Personal Computer running under the UCSD p-system. Microfinesse is a so-called decision-support program which runs on a wide range of mini and mainframe computers. While it is principally a financial-modelling program it can be applied in a number of other areas.
24 Could anything be Finar? [News Item]
Finar is a financial-planning package used by over 100 corporations on PDP-11 and Vax minicomputers. Now a micro version has been launched, called Microfinar. It features such delights as sensitivity analysis and goal seeking, graphics and a separate report writer.
24 Haywood 9000 [News Item]
Well-proven Z-80 technology is at the heart of Haywood's new British-made computer, the 9000 Composite. It has 64K of RAM, two built-in floppy-disc drives with 320K of storage each, and a 12-inch monochrome screen.
25 ZX Spectrum [Advert]
Four-page, colour advert.
29 On Course for VisiCalc [News Item]
Jack Schofield
Training in the use of spreadsheets can increase their usefulness. We tried a Micromark one-day course.
33 The Personable Business Computer - SuperBrain II [Advert]
41 Sharp PC1500 - The Genius You Can Take To Breakfast [Advert]
Double-page, colour advert.
58 Victor 9000 - The Book Machine [Review]
Jack Schofield
DRG's version of the Sirius 1 is tested with VictorWriter and a new package that should be ideal for authors.
60 Toshiba T-100 Exclusive Test [Review]
Jack Schofield
A look at the new colour micro from Japan being launched at the Which Computer? show this week.
63 Epson QX-10 Business Micro [Review]
Ian Stobie
Ian Stobie previews Epson's office-orientated micro, which is stylish, cheap and has lots of RAM.
69 LVL Dual Disc Drives for the BBC Microcomputer [Review]
John Leach
John Leach provides an in-depth report on the dual disc drives from Leasalink which are available now.
75 NEC turns 28 years of computer experience to your personal advantage - PC-8000 [Advert]
77 Adcomp X-80SP Printer/Plotter [Review]
Chris Bidmead
Chris Bidmead tries out a German dot-matrix unit that doubles as a plotter.
79 The Casio PB100 - the best way to put 1,568 steps in your pocket [Advert]
82 BBC Graphics in Teletext Mode [Article]
Philip O^Shea
Philip O'Shea shows how to use mode 7 for multicoloured graphics displays.
88 Multiple Blocking [Article]
Frank van der Riet
Frank van der Riet explains more multiple-blocking techniques that can save memory with micro.
92 When the British make something, it's really something - Haywood 9000 Composite [Advert]
93 Getting it right with WP [Article]
Jack Schofield
What are the benefits of word processing, and how do you go about choosing hardware and software?
98 Differences in Apple words [Article]
John Dawson
John Dawson tests eight word processors, including WordStar and Letter Perfect, all running on the Apple II.
103 Perfect Writer [Article]
Chris Bidmead
Does this new American package live up to its name? Chris Bidmead finds out.
105 Market Survey: WP packages [Article]
A round-up of selected packages including some that are new and some that are well established.
108 Form Letters on WordStar [Article]
David Green
A suite of programs by David Green to help you develop your mailing list with an Osborne, or any CP/M computer.
113 Linear Regression - A Statistical Tool [Article]
John Hudson
Multiple linear regression is a powerful tool for science and statistical applications. John Hudson explains the principles and practice.
116 Just Another Day [Article]
Paul Wilson
118 Computerised Casualty [Article]
Douglas Clarkson
How the microcomputer helps out in the casualty room of a hospital by keeping patients' records.
123 Vic-20 Games [Review]
Jack Schofield
Three ROM-based games for the VIC-20 are play-tested - including a version of the popular board game Othello. Games include Renaissance, Spiders of Mars and Road Race.
125 Open File [Type-In Listing]
17 pages of free software: More programs and programming tips for the Apple, Commodore, BBC, Tandy, Research Machines and Sinclair micros.
129 When it's time to stop playing games and get down to business...Rair Business Computer [Advert]
130 Samurai means to serve. The new 16 bit Samurai is built to serve today's executive. [Advert]
Double-page, colour advert.
145 Zenith Z-120 - the 16-bit Micro with 8-bit compatibility and colour graphics [Advert]
146 Triumph Adler makes it all refreshingly simple with the arrival of the 8/16 bit Alphatronic micro [Advert]
162 Carry away the best personal business computer deal ever - The Osborne I package [Advert]
165 Book Reviews: All About Tandy [Review]
Michael Trott
With new books flooding the market, Michael Trott checks out 11 recent offerings for the Tandy computers. Books reviewed include: 'Learning TRS-80 Basic' by David A. Lien, 'Explore Computing with the TRS-80' by Richard and Josephine Andree, 'Programs for Beginners on the TRS-80' by Fred Blechman, 'Mostly Basic; Applications for Your TRS-80, Book 2' by Howard Berebon, 'The Soft Side Sampler' ed. by Jean Witham, 'Intermediate Programming for the TRS-80' by David L. Heiserman, 'TRS-80 Assembly Language Made Simple' by Earles L. McCaul, 'Circuit Design Programs for the TRS-80' by Howard M Berlin, 'Basic for Business' by Alan J. Parker, 'TRS-80 Disk Basic for Business' by Alan J. Parker, 'The TRS-80 Means Business' by Ted G. Lewis.
169 Puzzle [Article]
Douglas Tate
Gmra'ana - Douglas Tate with a message for you to sort out.
177 Last Word: AI Alchemy [Article]
Boris Allan
Boris Allan likens the search for the intelligent computer to the quest for the philosopher's stone.

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