Practical Computing - December 1982, Volume 5, Issue 12

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Publication Date : December 1982

Publication Contents :

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17 Hawk 6480 OEM SBC - The board you'd design yourself - if only you had the time [Advert]
27 HX-20 Portable Computer [Advert]
Four-page colour advert.
39 Editorial [Article]
Jack Schofield
Software piracy.
41 Feedback [Article]
User's letters covering topics including benchmarks, small software firms, schools computing.
47 Manchester Fair [News Item]
Readers living in the Merseyside or Greater Manchester area may be interested in visiting the Northern Computer Fair running from November 25-27.
47 New disc technology [News Item]
Considerable technical innovation lies behind Sparrow Computer's 10 Mbyte 8-inch floppy-disc cartridge system which provides easily-exchangeable mass storage and performance similar to a hard disc. The Bernoulli technology employed may come to challenge the current dominance of Winchester hard-disc systems in the microcomputer sector of the disc market.
47 Plug-in card gives Apple 16-bit power [News Item]
The ALF AD-8088 is a 16-bit add-on processor card for the Apple II, and is available now for 229. It is based around the Intel 8088, and CP/M 86 and MSDOS will be released for it soon.
47 Letter stationery [News Item]
Kleen Edge lets you print on to neat A4-size sheets of paper which do not look like they have come out of a computer printer. The sprocket-holed margins of the continuous paper detach cleanly because the perforations are extremely fine.
47 MicroAPL Scorpion [News Item]
With a specification that would have seemed incredible scarcely a year ago, London-based manufacturer MicroAPL Ltd has announced a 16-bit portable APL machine. Based around the Motorola 6800 chip, the Scorpion uses the S-100 bus, and can accommodate 1 Mbyte of RAM and a 10 Mbytes hard disc inside its 20-inch by 8-inch by 16-inch.
49 ZX-Spectrum interface [News Item]
The DCP Interspect is a total interfacing unit which plugs neatly into the rear socket on the Sinclair Spectrum computer. It provides a wide range of interfaces and on its own rear is the DCP Bus, an expansion system using a 15-way connector, which can control up to four more accessories or, with the addition of just a few components, a total of 255 devices.
49 Full accounts package runs on Apple II [News Item]
The Accountant is a complete accounting system for the Apple II. The package comes in a briefcase which contains the main system disc and a small rectangular box as wall as the relevant documentation. It is ideal for the small businessman and is also useful for accountants themselves.
49 CP/M3 due by New Year [News Item]
Version 3 of CP/M, the dominant eight-bit operating system, should be available from dealers in December. CP/M 3.0, renamed CP/M Plus, is a major revision but it will support applications running on CP/M 2.2 and earlier releases according to authors Digital Research.
49 Expanding Japanese in attack on U.K. market [News Item]
Sord, the microcomputer manufacturer that is the fastest-growing company in Japan, has started selling directly into the UK. The Sord range of eight and 16-bit microcomputers, costing from 100 to 10,000 is available now from the UK headquarters in London and from the country-wide dealer network Sord is currently recruiting.
49 Tandy Show [News Item]
The Leeds TRS-80 users group is holding a show from 9.30am till 4.00pm at Pudsey Civic Centre, Leeds on November 20.
50 Sage, the first of a new generation [News Item]
The Sage II is the most powerful low-price microcomputer available today. The secret of the computer's incredible power is its processor, the highly acclaimed Motorola 68000.
50 Rival for ACT Sirius [News Item]
The ACT Sirius has a rival in the race to become established as the top-selling 16-bit machine in the UK market. The Victor 9000, now being distributed in the UK by DRG Business Machines, is identical to the Sirius except for the external casing and keyboard.
50 PC-1024 [News Item]
The PC-1024 is a high-resolution graphics terminal based on the IBM Personal Computer. It is aimed at professionals in design, architecture and similar fields providing them with both a highly powerful graphics systems and a useful personal computer as well.
52 Altos Computer Systems - Executive Benefits [Advert]
53 Expert Replacement? [News Item]
Bill Bennett
Can you tell the difference between human and artificial intelligence? Bill Bennett becomes an expert on systems.
54 Eagle II [Review]
Simon Rushbrook Williams
Simon Rushbrook Williams looks at the Eagle II Complete Business System - a CP/M, Z-80 based system.
62 TMK 330 [Review]
The Japanese invasion continues, with the first of a series of business micros from Nippon.
66 GraForth [Review]
Pete Naisbitt
Pete Naisbitt investigates this special implementation of the Forth language, developed to handle graphics on the Apple II.
68 TI's Home Computer: Unbeatable value. Unrivalled software. [Advert]
71 Micro-Simplex [Review]
Peter Wood
A cashbook program for the Commodore Pet which can be used in conjunction with a point-of-sale terminal. Peter Wood evaluates.
73 ZX Spectrum [Advert]
Four-page colour advert.
77 Vic-20 Wordcraft [Review]
Jack Schofield
Wordcraft 20 - A word-processor system for the Vic at a very low prices impresses Jack Schofield.
80 Micros under 200 [Article]
Thinking of buying a machine for Christmas? We compare the main contenders for space in the nation's stockings. Guide includes Sinclair ZX-81, Oric, Sinclair Spectrum, Sanyo PHC-25, TI-99/4A, VIC-20, Colour Genie EG-2000, Dragon 32, and Atari 400.
84 The Acorn Atom - A bigger range than the Himalayas [Advert]
85 BBC Memory Secrets [Article]
Ian Copestake
Learn how to keep your BBC Micro's memory under control. Ian Copestake explains the techniques.
88 Commodore - 3 great deals [Advert]
Commodore 700 series, Commodore 500 series and Commodore 64.
93 SuperBrain II - Passed with honors! [Advert]
94 The new Dragon 32. So well designed, you'll even understand this ad. [Advert]
97 Submarine [Article]
David Haynes
99 Zenith Z-120 - the 16-bit Micro with 8-bit compatibility and colour graphics [Advert]
100 The small Business Computer by the Biggest in the Business - the IBM Personal [Advert]
103 From teapots to technology [Article]
Bill Bennett
Bill Bennett discovers that a metalworking company in Brighton can compute and survive.
106 The Galaxy 1 Computer [Advert]
110 ACT Sirius 1 - The 16-bit Personal Computer [Advert]
Double-page, colour advert.
114 Monopoly [Type-In Listing]
Mark Calloway [Callaway]
Take a trip to Marylebone Station with Pet Monopoly, written by Mark Calloway.
118 ORIC-1 - The Computer Challenge [Advert]
Double-page, colour advert.
126 The iotec 'iona' [Advert]
Double-page, colour advert.
130 Micromouse: Mighty mice battle in Europe [Article]
John Billingsley
A report from the European finals held in Finland by our "man on the spot" John Billingsley.
133 Atari Arcade Games [Review]
Jack Schofield
On test: three fast-action games for the Atari 400 and 80 micros. Jack Schofield has been trying them out.
134 Jumbo Jet Pilot from THORN EMI [Advert]
Double-page, colour advert.
137 Revolution in Education [Article]
Richard Ennals
Richard Ennals shows how the Russian Revolution can be simulated using the Prolog language.
140 Torch The World Beater [Advert]
141 IT - ideology and reality [Article]
Boris Allan
Boris Allan on IT - ideology and reality.
149 Open File [Article]
17 pages of software for the Tandy, Commodore, Apple, Sinclair and other micros.
155 Quantam 2000 [Advert]
185 Book Reviews [Review]
Michael Trott
Michael Trott looks at a selection of books relating to the Pet: 'The Pet Personal Computer for Beginners' by Seamus Dunn and Valerie Morgan, 'Pet CBM Basic' by Richard Haskell, 'The Pet Index' by Michael A.F. Ryan, 'The Basic Conversions Handbook' by David Brain, Philip Oviate, Paul Paquin and Chandler Stone, 'Pet Interfacing' by James Downey and Steven Rogers.
187 Season's greetings [Article]
Tony Roberts
188 Buyers' Guide - Printers [Article]
205 Coming next month [Article]
207 Last Word: From editor to entrepeneur [Article]
Peter Laurie
Peter Laurie on the joys of the micro software market.

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