Practical Computing - June 1982, Volume 5, Issue 6

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Publication Date : June 1982

Publication Contents :

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41 Editorial [Article]
Peter Laurie
A question of band-width
43 Feedback [Article]
Readers letters covering topics including Input or Get, 16-bit CP/M, Adventures.
46 Triple guide to software products [News Item]
For every professional involved in computing, the International Directory of Software is a must. The 1,360-page book is packed with information about systems available in both Europe and the US. A total of 4,026 products are listed.
46 Bureau link boosts Pets [News Item]
The Commodore Pet computer can now be used as a terminal on-line to a mainframe computer bureau. The Pet requires the addition of a 900 terminal emulator, but is still cheaper than a dedicated terminal. The new service has been established by the Midlands-based ACT.
46 T-Pert's way along the critical path [News Item]
Pert is a well-known technique used by planners to help arrange work in progress in such a way that wasted time is minimised. Also known as critical path analysis, the methods employed are well-suited to microcomputer application. In the past there has been a lack of appropriate software, but this has now been changed with the introduction of T-Pert written by the Leatherhead-based software house, Thorncroft Manor Services.
46 Ricoh-based daisywheel to mimic Diablo [News Item]
The Ricoh printer mechanism reviewed in the March issue of Practical Computing appears on the market in several guises. One widely advertised incarnation, the Ricoh RP-1600S, seems from the specifications to merit separate coverage.
47 Matsushita's hot graphics [News Item]
A versatile 40-column bi-directional thermal printer, the Matsushita EUY-3T, is now available in the UK.
47 Spectrum will carry the Sinclair colours [News Item]
Amid a crush of photographers to rival a Hollywood premiere, the Sinclair ZX Spectrum was launched at Practical Computing/Your Computer Fair. As expected, the Spectrum is a colour machine, with eight available colours all of which may appear on the screen at the same time.
47 Self-contained stock system [News Item]
A comprehensive stock-management system incorporating sales and order processing has been designed for the first-time computer user by Winchester-based Inchico Business Systems.
49 ICL advances into the microcomputer market [News Item]
For several months now there have been rumours that ICL is going into the microcomputer business in a big way. First came the news that the British computer giant was going to market the Rair Black Box range of microcomputers under an ICL label. Now the company's plans are brought into perspective its Trader Point scheme.
49 Another three for Apple III [News Item]
Access III is a data communications program, which Apple has introduced for its series III machine to transform it into a conversational terminal.
49 HP-125 prices falling as hard disc arrives [News Item]
The new HP-125 Model 30 is based on a 5.25-inch Winchester hard-disc drive, coupled with a 5.25-inch floppy in a dual-drive enclosure. Also included in the basic machine are two Z-80 microprocessors, 64K of RAM, 16K display memory, keyboard, and the display unit. The system is the third in the HP-125 range and costs 5,473.60.
49 Magic spells with CP/M [News Item]
British Spellguard is the first truly Anglicised spelling checker for CP/M machines. It will run alongside all the popular CP/M word-processing packages such as Wordstar, Magic Wand and Electric Pencil. The program is available on either 8-inch or 5.25-inch floppy discs formatted for most popular microcomputers, and comes together with a 116-page instruction book.
50 Daisywheel typewriter is Canon's new venture [News Item]
Already ranking among the world leaders in plain-paper copiers, Canon is preparing to tackle the market for electronic typewriters with its AP-500 and AP-400 machines, which are now available in the UK.
50 Twin Z-80s and 64K RAM stars of Galaxy I [News Item]
Gemini Microcomputers has introduced the Galaxy 1, a microcomputer built around Gemini's Multiboard system.
50 Polydos runs Gemini discs on Nascom [News Item]
Polydos is a complete disc operating system specifically designed for the Nascom 1, 2 and 3 family of microcomputers.
52 "Give me one good reason why I should choose a VIC 20 home computer." [Advert]
53 Prestel all at seas [Article]
Bill Bennett
Bill Bennett reports on Seaview 82's ship-board tele-computing experiment.
55 Advantage of graphics [Article]
Mike Hughes
Mike Hughes takes a look at the North Star Advantage, a versatile desk-top machine with a business graphics capability.
58 Pearcom [Review]
Simon Rushbrook Williams
We compare the Dutch-built Apple look-alike with the American original.
61 Superbrain prepared for hard times ahead [Review]
Peter Laurie
The popular business micro can now be bought with a built-in hard disc - Peter Laurie investigates.
62 Compelling virtues of MBasic's compiler [Review]
Chris Bidmead
Continuing our re-evaluation of this important dialect, Chris Bidmead highlights Microsoft's new compile.
66 Sinclair ZX81 Personal Computer [Advert]
69 From simple arithmetic to A-level chemistry [Article]
Michael Trott
Longman is venturing into educational software - can micros really be taking over from textbooks?
70 Famous first words [Article]
Chris Naylor
Computers learn to recognise natural language with Chris Naylor's program.
74 Osborne 1 [Advert]
79 Watch this space [Type-In Listing]
Chris Harrison
Chris Harrison's Cloze test program measures students' abilities in native and second languages.
84 Keeping track of spare parts - they managed it on a micro [Article]
Grahame Blackwell
By the time British Leyland said it couldn't be done, Ivybridge Motors had already done it: Grahame Blackwell tells the tale of how one small business automated its stock list.
86 Keeping Income Tax in Check [Article]
Elizabeth Acraman
Assess your annual liability with Elizabeth Acraman's program.
90 The secret life of CP/M [Article]
Adrian Hill
We reveal the mysteries of Digital Research's operating system and show how you can link it into your own programs.
96 Crashing the System [Article]
Chris Waugh
102 Rat Maze [Type-In Listing]
Bob Merry
Bob Merry explains how he programmed this underground Adventure game.
107 The Vector Graphic 5005 and 5032 [Advert]
109 Developing heads for more figures [Article]
Dave Brodsky
The latest improvements to hard-disc reliability, by Dave Brodsky of Shugart.
110 Art: Beginning Graphics [Article]
Brian Reffin Smith
Brian Reffin Smith's regular feature includes competition winners, and how one computer-graphics artist manages to stay sane.
114 Seeing is Believing - New Act Sirius 1 [Advert]
117 Ink-jet: a revolution in printing that will make no impact [Article]
John Lewell
John Lewell looks at the possibilities.
119 How structured is BBC Basic? [Article]
John Gordon, Tony Shaw
BBC Basic's unusual features outlined by John Gordon and Tony Shaw.
122 Pearcom - the new, Apple-II compatible Euro-PAL colour microcomputer [Advert]
124 The Galaxy 1 Computer [Advert]
125 Get down to the root of the problem [Article]
Patrick Howden, Noel Kantaris
A subroutine for solving polynomial equations by Patrick Howden and Noel Kantaris.
133 Save memory space - dump your assembler [Article]
Norman Kirkby
Save memory space with this economical extension of 6502 assembler programming.
139 Open File [Article]
A 16-page section of your programs.
163 Book Reviews [Review]
'Data Structures using Pascal' by A.M. Tenenbaum and M.J. Augenstein, 'Pet Interfacing' by James M. Downey and Steven M. Rogers, 'Writing Interactive Compilers and Interpreters' by P.J. Brown.
165 Puzzle [Article]
Word Search.
167 What chance 1984? [Article]
Boris Allan
Boris Allan's sceptical view of computer-controlled Utopia.
169 Buyers' Guide - Printers [Article]
183 The War Machine - Eastern Front [Article]
Eastern Front - a war game for Atari machines.
201 Everything but the kitchen sink - Digital's MXV11 [Advert]
219 Comart Communicator - Efficiency you'll never outgrow [Advert]

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