Practical Computing - March 1982, Volume 5, Issue 3

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Publication Date : March 1982

Publication Contents :

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28 80/40 Character Machine - Research Machines 380Z [Advert]
41 Editorial [Article]
Peter Laurie
The end of history.
43 Feedback [Article]
User's letters covering topics including the NEC PC-8001B, ICL's views on its place in then micro market, Pet data transfer.
46 Twin-processor Torch may be leading light [News Item]
The new Torch Communicator is a new British computer that combines both the Z-80 and 6502 microprocessors in the same machine.
46 The Welsh connection [News Item]
Basicym is the new Welsh language version of Applesoft Basic, with all the Applesoft and DOS commands, the error messages and the relevant single-letter suffixes in Welsh.
46 Form a model balance sheet [News Item]
Multi-Plan is a new software package designed for financial modelling from which income statements, balance sheet and cash flow can be produced for given input of production units.
46 Pascal learnt by video [News Item]
A video series called Pro-programming in Pascal consists of 16 half-hour programmes which teach this structured language to users with no previous experience.
46 Building a network of Pets with multi-headed Hydra [News Item]
The Hydra is a networking system for the Commodore Pet that allows up to 255 items to be connected to the Hydra board, enabling users to share disc drives, printer devices, etc.
47 More fluent flowcharting [News Item]
Flowcharting from Data Communications is an important stage in the development of software intended for serious use.
47 Chemists' Pet prints messages on a bottle [News Item]
Prescription labelling is a task that readily lends itself to computerisation. PALS, the Prescription Automatic Labelling System, is an applications package that performs the job on the Commodore Pet microcomputer.
47 Tandy display improved [News Item]
TRS-80 Model I owners can improve their video displays with the AV-1 board from RHA (Minisystems).
47 Attractive properties for estate agents [News Item]
Alpha Estates is a new business system specially for estate agents which takes into account all aspects of this volatile market. The software runs on the Adler Alphatronic microcomputer and was developed by John Elmer in collaboration with regional estate agencies.
49 Group boosts micros in primary schools [News Item]
Microcomputers and Primary Education is a non-profitmaking association of practising teachers which provides members with specialised help. The organisation aims to co-ordinate and initiate ventures into microcomputing by teachers of younger children.
49 How to keep the 380-Z at a distance [News Item]
Using the RK-100T or RK-100R, a school can adapt the Research Machines 380-Z microcomputer to operate from a number of remote terminals.
49 Accounting to taste [News Item]
AIRS, Accountants' Incomplete Records System, is a modular package which may be expanded to meet particular requirements.
49 Speed-and-power theory of British Quantam [News Item]
Twin Z-80A processors and triple quad-density floppy drives make the new Quantam 2000 no ordinary microcomputer.
49 Free Apple II brochures [News Item]
Apple Computers UK has published a series of five glossy colour brochures for the popular Apple II microcomputer. The booklets are Apple at a Glance, Apple in Business, Apple in Industry and Science, Apple in Education, and Apple has the Answers.
50 Advanced Anadex makes its impact [News Item]
Manufacturers are understandably enthusiastic about their products, but the WP-6000 printer may well live up to claims that it is the most advanced impact matrix printer.
50 New courses of action [News Item]
A course to provide managers with training in the uses and applications of VisiCalc is just what the doctor ordered. Provided by IMCL, the course promises to acquaint executives with powerful and affordable technology.
50 Variety of formats on bi-directional Facit [News Item]
The Facit 4526 bi-directional printers costs 1050. It offers 132 characters per line and a print speed of 150 characters per second.
50 Low-cost Camp cuts surveyors' paperwork [News Item]
Quantity surveyors, consulting engineers and contractors will find Camp an attractive software package. The Contract Account and Measurement Program provides a low-cost facility for producing bills of quantity under all conditions of use.
50 Naming successor to The Last One [News Item]
It seems that The Last One was poorly named; it was in fact only one in a string of program generators. The latest one to come to our attention is an ingenious piece of software called the Program Writer/Reporter, which writes complete, running and debugged Basic programs that are fully documented and easily modified by the user.
51 First time on earth - Sharp MZ-80B [Advert]
53 Micros for business and the consumer [Article]
Bill Bennett
Bill Bennett visits a Curry's Micro-C store to look at the service agreements on offer.
54 Act Sirius [Review]
Bill Bennett
We review the 16-bit Sirius computer, designed by Chuck Peddle, the man behind the 6502 microprocessor and the Commodore Pet.
58 Announcing the new Sorcerer [Advert]
59 Pearcom Europe-PAL microcomputer frame [Advert]
61 Ricoh RP-1600 [Review]
Chris Bidmead
Chris Bidmead tests the RP-1600 daisywheel and ApTech's Flowriter, a UK product based on the Ricoh mechanism.
65 Sinclair ZX81 Personal Computer [Advert]
Four-page, colour advert.
69 Gemini Video Board [Review]
Nick Laurie
The new Intelligent Video Card from Gemini - you can use it in your Nascom.
71 Hard disc and software in Kontron's price [Review]
Mike Hughes
Mike Hughes examines the West German Kontron business micro with a built-in hard disc. Is it really worth the extra cost?
74 Seeing is Believing - ACT Sirius 1 [Advert]
Double-page, colour advert.
77 Shape Manager [Article]
Michael Thorne
We test two contrasting packages for Apple microcomputers: an investigation of Shape Manager from Sinta, and Sensible Software's Aplus, which offers you a structured Basic.
77 Aplus Basic [Article]
Kieron Leach
We test two contrasting packages for Apple microcomputers: an investigation of Shape Manager from Sinta, and Sensible Software's Aplus, which offers you a structured Basic.
78 Trust Alphatronic [Advert]
81 New Series MT100 matrix printers [Advert]
84 Sales Ledger answers the stock questions [Review]
Peter Wood
Peter Wood reviews a combined ledger, stock-control and invoicing packaging by Anagram.
89 Kings of the castle walls [Article]
Dennis Ellis
Dennis Ellis gives you the history and prospects of the ever-popular game, Adventure, along with a digest of the many versions for different machines.
93 Repeatable functions for limitless mazes [Type-In Listing]
Graham Relf
Try your hand at Graham Relf's Monster Maze.
97 Heart of the Labyrinth [Type-In Listing]
P.J. Goss
A portable Adventure-style game by P.J. Goss.
99 British Genius Microcomputer [Advert]
100 Trojan Horse [Article]
Marise Morland
103 An Atom in exile [Article]
Martin Hayman
Martin Hayman narrates the tale of an Acorn Atom's role on a geographical expedition to St Helena.
104 Satellite Tracker scans the skies [Type-In Listing]
David O^Neill
Use this program to pinpoint artificial satellites.
107 Pulling in the public [Article]
Martin Hayman
Marketing skills and Prestel combine in a powerful bait for micro buyers.
108 Patsy's gift for spotting programming skill [Article]
Michael Smith
Test your aptitude as a programmer with a program based on the infamous IBM examinations.
110 The Sharp MZ-80K has got it all [Advert]
116 Art [Article]
Brian Reffin Smith
Brian Reffin Smith's stimulating pages, with more inside tips on graphics and design. Articles include 'Systems art draws patterns to order'. 'Back to front and upside down' and 'So what's new?'.
119 Open File [Article]
A new 15-page section of your programs, incorporating Z-80 Zodiac, ZX-80/81 Line-up, 6502 Special, Pet Corner, Apple Pie and Tandy Forum.
121 "Give me one good reason why I should choose a VIC 20 home computer." [Advert]
130 We have the advantage - North Star Advantage [Advert]
132 Kontron: Look to Tomorrow and get on the road to success [Advert]
149 Micromouse: ZX-80s on the brain [Article]
Nick Smith
More news of the Micromouse contest from Nick Smith.
151 Book Reviews [Review]
'16-bit Microprocessors' by Johnathon Titus, Christopher Titus, Alan Baldwin, W.N. Hubin & Leo Scanlon, 'Programming Your Microcomputer in Basic' by Peter Gosling, 'Software Metrics' by Alan J. Perlis, Frederick G. Sayward & Mary Shaw, and 'Using the Radio Shack TRS-80 in Your Home' by Kenniston W. Lord Jr.
153 All the fun of the computing fair [Article]
Tony Roberts
155 A price list from a Pet [Type-In Listing]
Mervyn Axon
Solving the problems of a retail warehouse.
159 The Unix road to power [Article]
Donald Norman
Is this the operating system that will oust CP/M from the number-one slot?
162 Bell Labs' View [Article]
Michael Lesk
165 Buyers' Guide - Printers [Article]
179 The War Machine [Article]
Chris Dempsey
D-day - a battle simulation game.
215 Nascom 3 [Advert]

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